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Facts About Mu Variant

By Alejandra Pousa, 03/09/21

CNN Turk, echoing an article that appeared in The Guardian, unnecessarily set off an alarm on Mu variant. So far, known facts are as follows:

  • The Who declared Mu variant of interest on August 30th (that is, different enough to be systematically monitored) not a variant of concern.
  • Mu appeared in Colombia in January this year. The prevalence is 31% when compared to the number of Delta cases in that country.
  • Even though it is also responsible for cases in Ecuador, the prevalence in that country has now declined to 0.1% versus Delta.
  • 2,000 cases have been reported in the U.S. but Delta is responsible for 99% of cases - ''not even close to being dominant'' according to Dr. Fauci from the CDC.
  • There isn't enough information yet to draw conclusions about its ability to evade the immunologic resistance created by the vaccines. Pfizer has launched a study on it and preliminary data show no evidence it can escape vaccine-induced protection.
  • Data from a study by the University of Quito, Ecuador, would indicate that, just like the Kent variant, this mutation is likely to be one of rapid transmission when compared to the original coronavirus strain.
  • Cases have also been reported in South Korea and parts of Europe.

Sources: The Washington Post/WHO



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