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  1. Turkish Ministry of Health - Vaccination Certificate

    By Alejandra Pousa, 12/05/21

    The Ministry of Health has reminded both foreigners and nationals that they can get their vaccination certificates in English through the HES application, by completing the following steps:
    Make sure the Bluetooth and location on your phone are on. To get the app running, enter your phone number and press ''send code''. You will get an SMS message with a number to insert a ''Verification Code'' At the bottom of the screen go to ''My Account Section''. Once in, choose the option ''Add Passport'' and fill in the data either manually or scanning it with your phone camera. Go to the ''My Covid 19 Vaccine'' option and there choose ''My vaccine certificate'' (2nd dose) and then press ''View the Certificate'' option. This will direct you to a blue screen, the certificate itself,  with the legend ''Turkish Ministry of Health'', your personal data and passport number, kind of vaccine, date and Q.R. Code that can be scanned by the authorities of the country of destination. Source: Haber Turk

  2. Update on Immigration Offices - May 10 - 11 - 12

    By Alejandra Pousa, 10/05/21

    The Immigration Offices (Göç Idaresi) will remain open during these dates in spite of the administrative leave of other public offices.
    Only foreigners with an already assigned appointment will be served.
    This was confirmed by 157 and 0850 532 5883 (Immigration Office)

  3. May 10 - 11 - 12 Public Offices - Administrative Leave

    By Alejandra Pousa, 08/05/21

    On May 10, 11th and half a day on May 12th, the employees of public offices-organizations are granted administrative leave.
    Both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education have announced the following:
    There will be no online classes neither from private nor state schools from May 10th until May 14th Doctors who administer family practices in each neighborhood will use their own initiative to decide whether to remain open or not during May 10th, May 11th and half a day on May 12th. Vaccination appointments at such centers may be postponed or changed to be done at hospitals. In order to change vaccination dates for after the holiday or to be redirected to a hospital, you can use the application MHRS (Merkez Hekim Randevu Sistemi - ''Değiştirme Ekrani''). The last announcement of the Ministry of Interior - Immigration Office made before the curfew, said that people with residence permit appointments falling during the lock down would be served. At present, their internet site does not show any new notices with regards to the administrative leave.
    Source: Hürriyet

  4. Turkish Guide for Digital Currencies Market

    By Alejandra Pousa, 07/05/21

    MASAK, the Financial Crimes Investigation Board, has issued operation guidelines for the digital currencies market.
    The almost 40 Turkish companies operating with cryptocurrencies will have to abide by the Guide for Crypto Asset Service Providers and will be held responsible, as follows:
    Verification of the identity of all subscribers Non subscribers: identity verification for transactions of more than TL 75,000 and for suspicious operations.  Failure to comply with identity procedures is fined with at least 30,000 TL as well as 50,000 TL for failure to report suspicious movements. Non collection of files is penalized with up to 3 years jail time.  
    Source: Hürriyet

  5. Turkish Covid Panorama - Minister Koca - Dr M. Ceyhan

    By Alejandra Pousa, 06/05/21

    Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement after the Cabinet meeting finished yesterday. He pointed out that the effects of the curfew would be evaluated later in this month but, for the time being, when looking at these last 10 days, the number of hospitalizations was going down and that he could say this trend would go on: ''we hope to see the same effect in the number of severe cases and deaths''.
    He also added that the number of already administered vaccines was some 24 million: two doses, administered to 10 million people,  and 14,352,956 for those who had had their first dose.
    Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan, pediatric infectologist of the Hacettepe Hospital, evaluated the current situation for CNNTurk TV, interview which has also been reproduced by Hürriyet newspaper.
    He said that in a context where so may countries have had problems with vaccine suppliers, ordering more than needed to secure the doses was common practice, like the case of Canada ordering an amount four times greater than their population. ''Vaccinating is definitely the way to end the pandemic.'' When asked about local versions of vaccines he estimated we would have a locally produced shot viable for use at the beginning of the autumn.
    Ceyhan made a point out of being careful when interpreting the different trends in terms of numbers of cases. He said that a total lock down had never been implemented yet; the present curfew is referred to by the Health Minister as a ''tight'' lock down. ''Before the curfew, we saw massive population movements. Between the 16-17/05 people will return home. Some will be able to extend their stay for some days. Then we will see how this goes. We must be organized. We will go on verifying fluctuations in the number of cases until we reach complete vaccination.''
    ''As for a total re-opening, it will have to be done in stages: once we lift a regulation, a week has to go by to be able to re-evaluate. These days, practically 100% of the infections can be attributed to the Kent variant. Since more than an eighty per cent of +65 people have been immunized, now we are seeing a higher incidence in youngsters and children. The number of cases in children is incredibly high and they constitute a high transmission factor. If schools were re-opened, we would have to keep all the other preventive measures in place.''
    Source: Hürriyet

  6. Open Air Markets - Government's Circular

    By Alejandra Pousa, 05/05/21

    Open air farmer markets (pazarlar) in each neighborhood will be open on Saturdays from 10.00 to 17.00 hs., that is to say, Sat 8 and 15 of May, during the lock down, being allowed to sell vegetables, fruits and plants (fide) only. The stalls will be 3 meters apart. No packaged goods, clothes or other items will be sold. The entrances and permits will be under the supervision of Zabita (municipal police).
    Source: NTV

  7. Europe Reviews Chinese Sinovac

    By Alejandra Pousa, 05/05/21

    With a view to introducing the vaccine in Europe, the Chinese producer of Sinovac is looking for a marketing license from EMA (Europe Medicines Agency). On the other hand, the European Commission is discussing the regulations for re-opening and accepting tourists. A proposed list of approved vaccine certificates for travelers, which does not currently include Sinovac, is on the way.If recommended by EMA, this could have a big impact on Chinese tourism in the EU.
    The agency said that studying the vaccine on a real-time basis would accelerate the process but has not set a deadline for completing the assessment since it ''can't predict the overall timelines as research will continue until enough evidence is available for a formal marketing authorization application''.
    EMA's recommendation does not necessarily mean that the European Commission will place an order. Other vaccines being evaluated are Germany's CureVac, NovaVax  and Sputnik V.
    Source: Fortune

  8. New Categories of Products Banned for Sale during Curfew

    By Alejandra Pousa, 04/05/21

    The Ministry of Interior published an addendum to the curfew circular on what markets and supermarkets can sell:
    Essential products that can be sold:
    Food Cleaning products Animal feed Personal Hygiene  Non essential products forbidden for sale are added to the previous ban on alcoholic beverages as of May 7th:
    Electronics Toys Clothes and accessories Gardening supplies Products for vehicles Textiles for the home Stationary Hardware-Home Improvement Cosmetics, perfumes, colognes Glassware-Cookware The aim of this ban is to avoid crowds in the shops. Markets and supermarkets will be open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 to 17.00 hs., remaining closed for the day on Sundays.
    Source: Ministry of Interior

  9. Turkish Science Board Member: More Respite by October 29th

    By Alejandra Pousa, 04/05/21

    In an interview with NTV Dr Mustafa Ilhan, Member of the Science Board of Turkey, said that provided people observed the prevention guidelines and the quarantine rules, as well as the government being able to meet the immunization campaign goals, October 29th (Republic Day) would mark some respite.
    He pointed out that ''as a doctor, it makes me sad to see that so many people in the 65 year old group that got infected, had not attended their vaccination appointment. If we compare the number of cases in this segment for the month of January to the cases in April, we can see figures went down by a 50%.
    ''Another important number'', he added, ''would be that of health workers, with a range of ages that goes from 20 years old to 80. The number of cases in January versus the figures for April, (after vaccination) show they became infected four times less. So that is why being reluctant to get the vaccine is incomprehensible.''
    He also commented on the need for having different suppliers to avoid problems brought about by non compliance. The targets would be ''people in the -40 group will be getting their shots until the end of June and once the +20's are inoculated during the academic year, then we may start thinking the Republic Day will be a good day. That does not mean mass reunions will be possible or social distancing and masking will end but, at least, we would be able to see our extended families and children would be able to go back to school''.
    Source: NTV

  10. Denmark Ditches Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

    By Alejandra Pousa, 03/05/21

    On Monday Denmark became the first country to leave Jansen's vaccine out of their immunization program on account of the potential link to patients developing blood clots. Earlier this year this country also stopped using Astra Zeneca altogether citing similar concerns.This will delay their vaccination calendar by four weeks.
    Lawmakers agreed to allow voluntary use of both brands.
    Source: Reuters

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