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    Tax Free Car Buying

    Thank you for the information Ibrahim Abi. We are looking at the Hyundai i20 (as we have no children and won't need a lot of cargo space) or other similar models which come in around 1400 cc. I will continue to explore all options and luckily I know a Türk who is well-versed in cars and knows someone at a local dealership. I will update as the process unfolds.
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    don't worry, they don't ask for it anymore. also the criminal report is not necessary anymore.
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    You must apply once you are in Turkey. Your visa can even expire the day after you applied from the goç idaresi web site, you can stay in Turkey with an expired visa while you are waiting for your request to be approved. For the bank statement i don't know for sure, but i have friends they presented financial documents from their original countries and that was accepted
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    Things are changed in Istanbul. Now you can have an appointment within 1 month and the residence permit within another month. So if you apply from the web site tomorrow you will receive the residence permit on 9 december or early
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    Tax Free Car Buying

    In my opinion it is more trouble than it is worth. You have to leave a large sum as deposit in a no interest earning account for the duration. If you buy a Turkish car (and pay the taxes) it will retain a high value on resale. Bite the bullet and save all the stress. I cannot find the road tax details off hand, i will post later if i can find it. The real jump comes if you go over 2000cc, and tax is cheaper on cars over 3 years old. there is also a threshold between 1800cc and 2000cc. In my opinion you will need 1800cc or more to carry your family and use air con in the summer.
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    Apostille for Birth Certificate

    I see, thank you for your explanation and support ken. Enjoy your Sunday!
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    ROI rental

    Many thanks buddy for your reply. Yes I am in contact with some real estate agents and am not impressed as their main purpose is to sell what ever is in their portfolio and some times exaggerate the ROI. I am looking to find some investors here to know their experience on this matter. Website is very useful. thanks cheers
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    I see, thank you so much!
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    Maria Maria

    birth certificate kktc

    Thank you Ken, we decided to take it from an easier road, since the father of the child hs is Turkish Cypriot we will do it to the south part of Cyprus that it’s easy. Thanks anyway
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    Yup, I'm desperate to find someone that speaks english aswell. Any expats are free to PM me I'd be more than glad to meet up, hell, first rounds on me. For some reason I can't edit my profile but I'm a dual national of the US and TR, my girlfriend lives in Mersin and I'm more often in Adana than I'm in Mersin but I usually visit Mersin about once a week, yeah, hit me up.
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    Today i received a message from goç idaresi, my residence permit request has been evaluated positively. I had my interview in Istanbul Pendik on 29 august and i applied and payed for 2 years. I wait for the card to come to know how many months or years they gave me.
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    At the airport, they should have the form you need there. I hope they are sympathetic to you and let you come back. Let us know how things work out... and best of luck to you.
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    Yes, of course... read these articles: Turkey Residence Permits I don't think anything has really changed, it is just that Istanbul has a big problem with foreigners coming in and getting residence permits and then working illegally, and also with fake documents. But the rules are the same. You will need a short-term residence permit, and the articles linked to above are about that.
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    If you're going to live in Istanbul, you must apply for residence in Istanbul. Regarding citizenship, here is everything I know about the process from my research and interviews with people who have done it: Obtaining Turkish Citizenship
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    Short term RP

    This from my files Karen...I believe the info is still current,but you could check with a lawyer. TAKING YOUR TURKISH CHILD OUT OF TURKEY. In a mixed marriage where the foreigner either the wife or husband may wish to take a minor out of Turkey for a holiday abroad. Q..Do i need to get written permission from my husband to be able to visit the UK with our son but without him [husband]? A..It is recommended…everyone has a different opinion about it but some folk have been asked a few times randomly and have a notarized letter , its easy to get. Its called a MUVAFAKATNAME ( letter of permission) and your husband can declare consent for you to take your son anywhere out of Turkey. The muvafakatname is only valid for 6 months (so you need to get it re-done every 6 months if you’re going to be travelling a lot!) Any Noter will do this for you but you both must be there and both must sign.
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    Short term RP

    Hi Karen, although now you just make a declaration by ticking a box on your online STRP application form that you have the finances to support yourself for the duration of the RP validity, officially the requirements for Short Term RP applicants are that you can show [if asked] finances in savings or income to the sum of at least the Turkish minimum wage,which at present is 1608tl a month & again should they ask,they can ask to see a bank statement of up to 6 months prior of the savings/income.
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