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    Ken Grubb


    What I would suggest is buying a local guide to Istanbul, if you want a complete list. There are many places to see. The Eyewitness Guide to Istanbul is an excellent one. Or you can go to the tourism information office and get a brochure for Istanbul, which would be free, and would also give you a list of things to see.
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    Ken Grubb


    I haven't heard of this before, it sounds great though. I am wondering if the tours are being done by students studying to be tour guides. Some tour companies do tours for less than the price at which they would make a profit, but these tours always include a stop at a carpet shop or some other shop where they get a commission if the tourists buy something. But that may not be the case here since they don't seem to mention shopping. This is a good find, Star.
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    What are you praying about?

    It is an old tradition that still stands today that the women must be separated from the men during times of prayer. Here's a silly joke about this sort of thing that I am hoping will make you smile ... There was an American journalist from the New York Times who went to Jerusalem to seek out whoever it was who had been putting prayer notes into the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem for the longest time. When he got to Jerusalem he asked several people who they thought that might be and, unanimously, they all said Old Joseph. So the next day he went to the wall and found this Old Joseph putting a note into the wall as the others had told him he did every day for years and years. He approached Joseph and asked him how long he had been doing this. Joseph was in his late 80s and told the journalist he had been putting prayer notes into the Wailing Wall since he was a teenager and that before him his parents did so. So, the journalist asked Joseph ... what do you pray for? what type of things? Joseph replied... oh the usual things ... good health for me and all of my family and friends ... peace in this world and no more wars ... a cure for cancer ... that everybody would be happy with their lot. So the journalist asks Joseph another question ... Are your prayers answered Joseph? Joseph replies: No of course not ... it is like talking to a fu..ing brick wall ... x Angela x
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    Matthew G

    Turkish men versus his friends

    Dear Loszka; You don't need to apologize for your English mistakes, we all make them, even us native speakers. This is a friendly community, We are here to help, not judge, not to criticize, nor hurt anyone's feelings. I appreciate your bravery! for making the attempt and that is what is important. I assure you though I'm learning Turkish I make far more mistakes than you. I wish my Turkish was as good as your English. The only thing I can say about your situation is that you are not alone! My wife of almost 15 years does the same thing. We used to spend almost every minute together when I wasn't working. SOmetimes we would take trips together to visit fellow Turkish friends who lived in a Turkish community. I figured she was lonely after all she was in MY country and I know she loved to get a taste of home every once in awhile. But in the last 2 years we had to do the long distance relationship. I had to stay in the U.S.A. because I was selling our house, She came back to Turkey to help take care of her father who is sick. We skyped or What'sapp'ed every day. Every few months she would fly back for a visit. I couldn't leave until the house was sold, and I had to tie up a few loose ends before I moved here. I thought she was seeing her friends every days for comfort because she was alone, Now i'm here and she still visits her friends and / or family every day. Sometimes I'm invited, Sometimes it is Women only. My thoughts is that perhaps we were separated too long and this is the new lifestyle she got used to it. It does seem crazy but it is what it is, I would rather be here and stay her and my son, and see her part time than be alone in the USA without either of them. I don't know if time will change, but I have accepted it as the new norm.
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