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    I've lived in several areas of Izmir including Bostanlı, Alsancak and Konak, and one area called Kahramanlar. That came to mind when I read your topic. There are two or three hospitals around Kahramanlar as well as various doctors offices, clinics, and businesses that serve the hospitals. Kahramanlar is in easy walking distance to the shopping and social life places around Alsancak like the walking street of Kıbrıs Şehitler Caddesi. As I recall the rent prices are cheaper there also. It's a back neighborhood and there are some quiet streets there, and at night it should be quiet because there aren't any bars or night clubs there. I don't know what it's like today, but you might visit the neighborhood and see if it's what you're looking for.
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    Hi ME it's good to see you in Turkey Central, I missed your posts on the other forum (madhouse). I can't offer you any real help as I am still living in the Bodrum area but Izmir is one of out target areas. As far as health care in that area is concerned you have made a good choice as the area has a myriad of hospitals and clinics both private and public. I have visited several over the last few years and can recommend all of them. I hope you don't have to use their services too often though and stay in good health. Having a Turkish spouse does help to fast track you through life here. I send my best wishes to you and your wife and hope you get settled in quick time, Pete.
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