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    I'm in Karaduvar. I've got sheep stealing washing of our clothesline every chance they get!
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    I imagine it gets pretty quiet after Kurban Bayramı.
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    Hi nathanielr, Sorry I don't have a link to anything specific. There is a really good website for this kind of thing called DocMartin's surgery for Expats which has a whole host of important info although in this instance you just need to take a trip to the local tax office with your accountant if you have one. Web: https://docmartinssurgeryforexpatsinturkeyblog.wordpress.com Like you I already had a tax file number from having previously lived in Turkey. This makes things a lot easier for you. If you speak Turkish then all you need to do is to go to your local tax office ( Vergi Dairesi ) and complete a declaration form ( beyaname ) applying for tax status. The certificate then takes about a week or so to arrive. It isn't difficult and you might get lucky and find someone in the tax office that speaks English or German if you don't have anyone to help you. It will help if your employer writes a letter explaining that you are applying for tax status in Turkey and confirming that they are employing you from their base in Germany. Also take any pay slips, end of year returns about your last income. For me it was quite straight forward once the local tax office had checked up what they needed to do.
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    Liila Torabi

    Driving Furniture To Turkey

    I just moved on Monday March. 22 and when I was looking around for a mover a very good friend of mine told me that a good friend of hers had used Mcs Lojistik and felt that they were excellent. They are more expensive than some of the other movers that I had gotten quotes from but as the old adage says, 'You get what you pay for'. I had to change a few things after the original booking but the office handled all my changes smoothly and always followed up with me - especially a couple of days before the actual move just to make sure that they had all the information correctly. My 2 movers Ahmet and Tahir were stellar. They worked tirelessly and made sure that everything was wrapped well and brought without any damage to my new place. They unwrapped furniture and put back any drawers or shelving that had been taken out initially to make carting these pieces more manageable. They even took a number of packed boxes down to my locker for me. They were great! I would definitely use Mcs Logistics again if (God Forbid!) I had to move again. I most definitely would HIGHLY recommend them to friends and family.
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