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    Not to mention the constant mood music... if somebody walks across the room it requires mood music. I had a theory that the better I understood written Turkish, that is, if I could read and understand Turkish writing, it would help me to compute the spoken language and thereby speed up my comprehension. I was completely wrong. Reading Turkish is one thing, hearing it is another. And nobody sounds like the hundreds of recordings I have listened to. While I seem to have a more advanced understanding of vocabulary and grammar, my comprehension of the spoken language is still near the beginner level. My teacher will be working with me on this. He's going to give me a few Turkish serials to watch. He also introduced me to a rather cool learning tool. www.lyricstraining.com It features Turkish music (and music in other languages), based on category. It has subtitles in Turkish. It also has a "game mode" where the music plays a line, but in the subtitles it has a blank for one of the words in the line. It gives you four multiple-choice answers for what the word is. The object is to sharpen the ear for listening to spoken (or in this case, sung) Turkish. It is an app which can be downloaded for smart phones, but can also be viewed on the web at the URL above.
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