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    You get it from your home country. The police should be able to tell you how.
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    There are many Turkish teachers in Kușadası and the local authority also runs courses.
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    Turks are known for their friendliness and close relationships, as well as their politeness and consideration of others. So they have certain "set phrases," which are used to express good wishes to you in various circumstances. Usually, the reply would be "teşekkür ederim" (teh-shek-kyur eh-deh-reem), which means "thank you," or "sağol" (sah-ol), which is a wish for life, but is also used to say "thank you." If a different reply is called for, it will be noted below. 1. When you sneeze, a Turk will say... "Çok yaşa!" (choke yah-shah), Meaning "a long life to you!" You would reply "sen de gör!" (sen deh-goor), Meaning "may you live to see it!" 2. When you are about to eat something, a Turk will say... "Afiyet olsun!" (ah-fee-yet ol-soon), Meaning "good appetite!" Or they may say "Beraber Olsun!" (beh-rah-behr ol-soon), meaning "may it be so, together!" and insist you join them and share their meal. 3. When you are feeling ill, or going through a difficult time, a Turk will say... "Geçmiş Olsun" (gech-mish ol-soon)! Meaning "may it pass quickly!" 4. When you have just taken a shower, a Turk will say... "Sıhhatlar olsun!" Meaning "may it bring you health!" 5. When you have just bought a new article of clothing, a Turk will say... "Güle güle giyin!" (goo-leh goo-leh gee-yeen)! Meaning "wear it with a smile!" 6. When you have just bought a new computer, smart phone, appliance, etc, a Turk will say... "Güle güle kullanın!" Meaning "use it with a smile!" 7. When you have just bought a new house, started a business, or started your business day, a Turk will say... "Hayırlı olsun!" Meaning "may it have a good result!" 8. When you have bought a new pair of glasses, or jewelry, a Turk will say... "Güle güle takın!" Meaning "wear it with a smile!" 9. When you are working, a Turk will say... "Kolay gelsin!" Meaning "may it (your work) come easily!" Or they may say "Hayırlı olsun!" meaning "may it have a good result!" 10. When you are departing, a Turk will say... "Hoşça kal!" Meaning "stay well!" He or she may also say "kendini iyi bak!" Meaning "take good care of yourself!"
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    preferred neighborhood in Mersin?

    hi, I think Mezitli is the best, very lively, close to the see, very nice compounds and the people living there are educated and talented, noisy if you are living at the main road, very calm if you are at the shore side.! Sam...
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    preferred neighborhood in Mersin?

    Hi, My family live in Mezitli, I already stay some days there. It's probably not the best place, but it's really near to the sea, not noisy (on the hill), but not beauty (only big tours). I think it's an expenseive place, all building are new. Down of the hill there is Bim, carrefour, and other market. The most drawback is probably the distance with the center. I like this place, because I need silence, and beach near. During summer it's probably not so quite beacause each building have a swiming pool... Esther.
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