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    Life Has Its Ups And Downs!

    I don't know many people on here still remember the ups and downs saga and how we got fired from a job in the carpet place that at least one of us, Mr P,was doing very well, but we finally found out why we were fired although he/we were doing so well. Anyone interested?
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    Mr.Shah, As I am told, getting a job in Turkey isn't that easy, unless you have a standing offer. A Turk would normally be given preference over a foreigner. Your wife or your children will not be entitled to any free education even after getting a resident permit. I guess 2000$ per month should be sufficient for a family to live a basic life.Wishing you good luck .
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    Grandma's Stone Soup

    Reminds me of one of my first visits to a Turkish 'lokanta' I asked for what I (thought that I) saw on the board outside Taş kebabı. One of my many errors in learning the language.
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    Ken Grubb

    Two Year Residence Permits

    They're issuing them in Antalya too. But this situation lets us know how disconnected things can be between provinces. While I would think it would require only one centralized modification to their online system, apparently that isn't the case. Apparently even their online system works differently depending on the province. Which also explains why the system requires appointments for extensions in some provinces and not in others.
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