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    Stray dogs

    We live in a rural area of Urla and there are a number of dogs that roam free - they are rather large and although we have never heard of anyone being attacked, they are nevertheles intimidating. My wife and son are anxious about going out of the complex especially when taking our (cocker spaniel) for a walk - he would be considered a snack by some of them!!! Other than carrying a large stick when out for a walk - we did some research and came across an 'ultrasonic deterrent' that claimed to drive agressive dogs away. I searched the internet for this and found a Dazer II on Amazon, as there is no Amazon (other than Gittigidiyor) in Turkey I got one when I was in Germany. The Dazer works - I tried it on a dog which was barking and came a bit near - the dog stopped, turned around and ran away. The unit is about the size of a cigarette packet and weighs about 100 grams - it is effective at about 20 feet and is powered by a 9v battery. A neat piece of equipment if you are concerned about stray dogs. P.S. It does not harm the dogs - it just produces a high pitched sound that dogs do not like.
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    Good Doctor or hospital in Mersin

    Thanks Mercer and Saeed! Saeed I will send you a PM as someone told me that you know a lot about schools and residency requirements in Mersin, thanks.... Sam
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