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  2. We have our marriage certificate apostilled and translated into Turkish, will they want it notarized by someone in Turkey as well? Will our passports have to be apostilled as well?
  3. Yes. You will both need residence permits. The marriage certificate will allow her to use your income as her income as well. Your income must be at least the minimum wage for Turkey. For 2019, that is 2,020 Lira per month. Then you must have at least one third of that amount more for each family member. So you would need to prove that you have 2,707 TL per month in income. You'll need, at minimum, to show the last six months of your bank account statements to prove this. In Istanbul and sometimes in other provinces, they may want a letter from the provider of your income or a letter from the bank showing the last six months deposits and withdrawals. One thing that wasn't mentioned. Any public document from a foreign country must be legalized for use in Turkey. This is done with an apostille, or through the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country. After that, you need to go to a yemenli tercüman or yemenli çevirmen, both mean "sworn translator." That means they are government-authorized translators. The translator will then have the translation, of both the document and the apostille or other legalizing document translated into Turkish. Then the translation will be notarized. The translator will take care of this. After it is legalized and translated, you can submit the notarized translation with your application. Before you submit it with your application package, get the notary's document number from the stamp they will put on the back of the notarized translation. That way, if you ever need it again, you can go to the notary with the document number and they will give you another copy of it, and you won't need to get it translated again. See this about legalizing foreign public documents.
  4. Redders is right, if officer demands the birth certificate it should be translated and notary approved.
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  6. We have our marriage certificate apostilled and translated into Turkish, will they want it notarized by someone in Turkey as well? Also would a joint Turkish bank account will do? Do credit card limits count as well?
  7. Nour, BC's are not required providing they are with their parents or legal guardians. BUT the GOC officer is at liberty to ask for any extra documentation if he feels it's necessary.
  8. Wife will have to go through the same process. you will need to get your marriage certificate translated (if not in Turkish) and notarised. then she will be recognised as a dependent. personally I would put enough money in the bank for a few months (I would still work on 1000USD per month for two persons). I think the bank account will need to be a joint account or separate accounts for each of you.
  9. Hey all, I would like to know if anyone has information on obtaining a RP for a spouse (both are not Turkish citizens). Or will my spouse have to go through the same process as me? What if I'm the sole income person that can sustain both of us, how will my spouse be able to prove that she can live off of the RP requirements. As I know there isn't a set rule on income requirements for the RP, what is a good rule of thumb? Just above the minimum wage in Turkey? Thanks everyone!
  10. Yes you are right ken sir, so children's birth certificates are required or not required in Turkey for any purpose
  11. There are about 42 IBO schools in Turkey, a few in Istanbul, one in Izmir, Bursa and some in the East of Turkey. They will all be private and rather expensive I am afraid.
  12. I just want to make sure I understand. Are you saying that, for a short-term residence permit, for a child, you are not seeing a requirement for a birth certificate? Are you trying to find out if a birth certificate is required or not required?
  13. Hello everyone It's very urgent and I didn't understand anywhere that children birth certificate also required for short term residence permit Actually I am from Pakistan but as living in KSA from longtime my children birth certificate are issued from Riyadh and still not attested from foreign office. So it could be a big problem for us in Turkey, for getting residence permit or school admission. Thanks
  14. In the directory are two schools in Antalya that teach at least some of their subjects in English. They are the ICCA schools. I don't know of any others. https://www.turkeycentral.com/companies/category/15-education/
  15. hi all i am behnood.and im from iran .is there any schools that speak English at all and learn other languages and have IBO education system. thank you
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  17. Since you don't have a degree from a Turkish university, then according to their website, the answer is no. I assume you are wondering if they will make an exception because you are Turkish. There is no way for any of us to know that. Why don't you call their human resources department and ask them?
  18. Thank you guys for your replies . I asked this question because as you know Aselsan is a state-owned company and I read on their website that I need to have a degree from turkish uni .
  19. If you speak/read/write Turkish fluently, then your foreign education could be seen as a benefit, especially if you have English language and other language skills.
  20. Yes, there are restrictions for certain nationalities. The only two I know of that work with some of these nationalities is Kuveyt Turk and Al Baraka.
  21. Being educated in Turkey is not a requirement for working in Turkey. There are thousands of foreigners employed in Turkey with diplomas from universities outside of Turkey. In fact, very few of them (if any) would have a Turkish diploma. So it is definitely possible to get the job. Good luck!
  22. Hello there I created this topic because I didn't find the exact topic to post this. I'm a Turkish and at the same time I have a second passport . I raised and born in my second country and I took my bachelor in computer science also there. I'm looking to work at Aselsan but I wondering if they will hire someone who graduated from a university outside of turkey . Please can someone tell me if possible to get the job even if I have the conditions above
  23. IbrahimAbi


    Great photos Dona, thanks for posting. We were last there in 1987!
  24. Dona Timani


    Nice small town on the Black Sea, very close to Safranbolu
  25. I lived here for a long time just using bank machines. At least with my US account, I could pull out 4,000 TL at a time (in two transactions) per day. Of course there's the bank machine fee, and any international fees, but at least it's doable even if you can't open a Turkish bank account. I was reading in the law that banks are allowed to operate as private businesses in that they are able to decide for themselves who they open accounts for and who they don't. I hope you get it sorted out, if you find a solution, it will probably help somebody else as well.
  26. Hello, It surely a matter of budget, my opinion is Besiktas, Kadıköy and Sarıyer is safer but rather expensive areas.
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