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  2. Haha, no not this one! We found the name interesting as well
  3. Great post and really handy informations thanks a lot
  4. I think you're right. I'm gonna following your advice. Thank you so much and have a nice day!
  5. JustinM: One of our friends comes from Ciplak Koy. It is a nice typical Turkish village. Also Yeni Koy nearby is pretty cool and near to the sea. We live in Tavakli near Ezine. www.tavakli.net which you might have passed through. Good luck with your search and if you need any help re: Canakkale and the local area just contact me. IbrahimAbi: A naturist beach in Canakkale? Now that would be a first for Turkey :-)
  6. It would be much safer if you could meet him in your own town with family and friends close by. if he is not willing to do this you should be suspicious of him. He should want you to be comfortable.
  7. Hi, I finally received the Residence Permit Card that was rectified by DGMM. Now I am seeing my real date of birth and everything is fine. Thank you @Ken Grubb
  8. My Indian friend purchased a cellphone from aliexpress. It is kept in custom in Turkey for around 50 days. The do not turn it back and he can't understand why?! The due date for turning back is also over and even if they turn back he does not know whether the seller refund or not around 1000 $ ! Does anybody hav same experience. He is disappointed! It seems that custom keeps it forever!
  9. Hello, My wife is a student and her rp is going to be expired after two months. She wants to apply for renew next month in order to avoid any excessive fee. The thing is that I forget where should I pay that 72 tl? We paid something like this and do I need to pay it again? How about the rp card fee? University said that just around 200 for insurance and 72 tl for ...!? I don't know whether they are correct or not. Rules in Turkey are somewhat vague!
  10. Thank you so much for your advice IbrahimAbi ! That's always come to my mind too. We're planning to meet in Malaysia because he's actually works there and before met him I was planning to go there only for traveling (I had visited Malaysia couple times but only for works, never had chance to travel). I want to meet him in public area. But second plan, I'm going to ask him to just meet me in Indonesia. I don't know should I trust him or not, he's really being nice to me (keep worrying and checking on me when I got sick, etc). He did wait me until I likes him back, but when I said I liked him, he became so aggressive and talk about kiss, etc so intense.
  11. oh, that would work? Great! thanks for the advice
  12. I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. We fell in love with a small area near the ruins of Troy called Ciplak koy. The people, the town center, the natural beauty of the land and the closenes of the sea and canakkale made it an ideal place for us to look for a summer home. We are still searching, but hope to finalize something to be able to enjoy next summer. These small villages and the countryside in this part of the country are untouched and downright beautiful. Food and local products are amazing! Great post.
  13. Where will you meet him for the first time? Personally I am suspicious about him. Often Turkish men do not behave well on dating sites, I have heard some horrific stories from a female friend who registered with one. i would advise that you arrange that other people are with you when you meet him for the first time if this is possible.
  14. How is the internet connectivity in Instanbul cause I need the internet to remain online. A friend of mine recommended rent n connect and Skyroam pocket WiFis let me know if anyone has had an experience with the two companies
  15. Hi, I'm Tami from Indonesia. Glad to found this site. I met my Turkish boyfriend via online dating site and it's been 5 months. I am having hard time trusting my boyfriend at first (He's good looking and has a good job. And he still online in dating app and there's some girls keep comment on his social media). But everytime we fight, he said there's no other girls and always make me believe that he will not hurt or make me sad (he always said wallahi, etc). He always want me to introduced himself to my family and my friends but he's still not doing the same thing for me. And he keep being jealous and asking everytime I go out with my friend (asking my friend is male or female). He's always being nice and said sweet things, but recently he always keep talking about kiss. Everytime we have chat/video calls, he always mentioned about hug and passionate kiss. I'm a bit confused because he seems really religious, kind, and being honest about his previous relationship and tell that I'm the last one for him. He said I need to accept his behaviour and he really want to kiss me passionately when we meet up (which is next month). He's my first boyfriend and he know that I'm conservative type but he said he want to do it because he loves me so much. Should I believe him? Or he just want to playing with me? I'm a bit afraid to meet him in person. Thank you in advance.
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  17. Simon,instead of applying here for a Work Permit,you can leave Turkey & apply for a Work Visa from your home country via the Turkish Consulate/Embassy there. This is a passport sticky visa which allows a single entry [altho' not needed in your case] and permission to start working for your employer immediately upon arrival to Turkey, with your Work Permit card usually arriving within a few weeks.
  18. The trıck is not to eat the soya on its own but to soak it (very small amount of water) for 15 mins, then add to Kofte mix. I guarantee you wıll not know ıt ıs ın there. Afiyet olsun
  19. Hello, So I have a residency card that expires on Feb 5th. And currently waiting for my interview date to change the address, The process will almost certainly end after August 5th. Which means I'll have a residence card that expires in less than 6 months. How do I apply for a work permit in this situation? My future employer tried to apply for me, but my address isn't showing up in their online portal. I asked one of those private offices that help with that process, and they told me, I can still apply in the turkish embassy back home, even if I'm a resident of Turkey. Thanks,
  20. I have a similar question. My wife and I came to Turkey to visit her family (my wife is Turkish). It was a time when we were relocating anyways and we had just sold our home in America and we had everything in storage while we were planing to travel the summer in Turkey then return to America and relocate. Well we loved it in Turkey and just decided to stay in Turkey. It was not planned and we have returned to the USA a few time since but I would like to ship our items to Turkey. How will this effect our ability to send items through customs? We have been in Turkey for two years now already.
  21. You failed to mention those countries were part of the Ottoman Empire (Islamic Empire) before they were forced to become Secular nations. Iran was forced to become secular in 1918 then in 1951 USA & UK forced a coup and destroyed their democracy and put in place a dictator until 1979 when they had the revolution to take their country back. Why is it so bad if a country want's to be a Islamic country? I know a lot of westerners living in Islamic countries very freely and love the safety and lifestyle.
  22. Muslims pray to worship Allah. It is a form of gratitude for creating us and giving us guidance through his prophets and messengers i.e. (Moses, Jesus, Mohammad peace and blessings be upon all of them). Muslims believe in all the prophets and pray to the same God that Moses and Jesus prayed to. This is why you will never hear a Muslim talking bad about Moses, Jesus or any other prophet even when the people claiming to follow them speak very badly about Muhammad(swt). It is a requirement that men go to the Masque for Friday prayer and its not a requirement for women. This is one example of where women have more freedom than men in Islam. But women can go to the Masque and pray if they like, it's just not required for them. Muslim men do not discriminate and its permissible for Muslim men to Marry non-Muslim women. Anyways, prophet Muhammad gave the same message to the people that Moses and Jesus gave to the people and that is to worship one God. It's that simple. People fear Muslims because of the mass propaganda that was needed to enter into the war in the early 2000's and to keep the war going to this day. They found zero evidence of why America and its buddies invaded and killed over a million people. The easy was to keep the war going is to make people hate/fear these people for no reason other than to make a profit for the rich. You can ask all the people in the group if all the Muslims in Turkey want to kill them just because they are not Muslims. It's really a joke. Also, there is no compulsion in Islam. You cannot force anyone to become a Muslim so I'm not sure why you think people feel forced in Islam.
  23. Last week
  24. Please do... the gist I get is that going through the Turkish courts is a very lengthy process. And the rental laws tend to favor the tenant more than the landlord anyway. So first of all, your landlord will be highly unlikely to take you to court. And if he or she does, the court, from what you have said, would likely rule in your favor. So I, in my non-lawyer opinion, think that if you just pay the price for the repairs and send the receipts and a reduced amount of rent according to your expenses, your landlord will just have to, as we used to say in the military, "eat it, and live." Let us know what happens. You have friends here.
  25. Ibrahim! What a good idea! I brought Soya with myself two years ago from my country, It was 3 tl that time!! Maybe the quality is different. I could not eat that actually. The picture you sent is the same as I brought but I don't know the quality. The problem is just not a price. If the quality is good at least I pay it P.S. My problem is with this people. Most of them want to deceive you!
  26. Hi Hamdi,] You are welcome to Baku, Of course they understand you no problem The price of meat is generally the one I told you. This is the price I got from the Migros. There are cheaper meats which I think is not meat! I am not saying the cheaper the meat the worse. however, I saw A101 and BIM they are really in low quality. I think from now on I should go to Migros and let the butcher know I do not want any brown meat or so. I should look at them carefully. This time I made a mistake. normally in middle east if your are going to be a routine customer of any avm or so and if they understand that they are the first choice you select they are going to decrease their quality, Specifically the stores which sell those things! Thanks anyway
  27. The Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM is, in Turkish, called the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlügü. Most Turks just call it the "Göç İdaresi." Apply Online First You must apply for your residence (residency) permit online, at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/. At the end of your application, the online system will give you an appointment date (or you will receive one by E-mail or SMS message) for you to bring a signed printout of your application, the required documents, and your passport to the Tokat office of the DGMM. During your appointment, an immigration specialist will go over your application package. If it is approved, he or she will give you a temporary residence permit which will keep you legally in Turkey until your residence permit card is printed and sent to your address by registered mail. How to Get There Besides viewing the map above, you can also click on the "Plan my route" button. This will take you to Google Maps, where you can enter your starting location and submit it for directions and the route you need to take. If you take a taxi, tell the taxi driver "Göç Idaresi" (guhch ee-dah-reh-see). You can also show the taxi driver your completed online application, which will have the address on it. Assistance and Support Turkey's Residence Permit Helpline Turkey has a national helpline for foreigners called YİMER (Yabancılar İletişim Merkezi), or in English, the Foreigner's Communication Center. You can call this helpline with any questions you have about the residence permit process or about what documents you need, or if a long time has passed (at least 40 days), you can check on your application status. Be sure to have your passport, your application number, and/or your current residence permit with you when you call. You can reach YİMER from any landline or mobile phone in Turkey, for by calling 157. The call is free. If you are calling from another country, call 90 312 157 1122. How-to Articles Here is a collection of articles about the different types of residence permits you can get in Turkey, with instructions to help you get one. Turkey Residence Permits Residence Permits Community Forum Most Turkey Central members have already gone through the whole residence permit process, and are happy to share their experiences with you or give you advice. Chances are, someone has already asked the question you have, so be sure to search the forums first to see if your questions have already been answered. If they haven't, you can open a new topic. Residence Permit Support Forum Need to buy the required health insurance coverage for your residence permit? You can buy it online, or just get a free quote, by using our Expat Health Insurance Inquiry Form.
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