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  3. Hi Ken, I asked about the military clearance in TAPU ve KADASTRO in EYUPSULTAN in Istanbul on abril 2nd 2019 and I went back again on abril 18th and I re-asked and I had the same answer, the military clearance is not asked any more. That it what they told me. It is not only for foreigners who want to get the citizenship, cause I dont need the citizenship now and if I wanted to have it, I can have it through my husband, who is turkish. It is just because Im foreigner. We bought an apartment lately and to add my name to the deed they asked this report. It has to be in colour and has to be signed by the person who made it. I have done this procedure this past thrusday. It took us all day in the TAPU ve KADASTRO office but we manage to do it. We got the property deed and went to the municipality to suscribe it for the property taxation. The amount to be paid will come half to each of the owners. On my first post, I added the link of the new circular from the oficial TAPU and KADASTRO web page that mentions about this "porperty valuation report" that must be presented. Below you can also find in english the explaination made by one of the agencies that makes these reports. https://www.tapueksperi.com/en/property-valuation-report-became-mandatory-for-foreigners/ Unfortunately, the adding of a name is shown like a "selling" in Turkey, that is the rule. I dont pay, in my case, my husband 1/2 of the property, I just paid a percentage of the 50% which till end of this year is 3%, normaly is 4%, plus administrative expenses.
  4. You will have to ask at the PTT. In the past you could send things to any post office, anywhere, poste restante. The item would be held by the post office and you would have to go and pick it up. With this method they don't tell you when it arrives, you just have to guess and ask them. Poste restante is postrestant in Turkish. If you have enough Turkish you can go and ask them Postrestant var mi? and if they say yes ask, Postrestant adres beni yazabilir mi? (Can you write the poste restante address for me). However the most secure way is to give your home or work address.
  5. Thanks Could my friend send an item to the ptt branch near my home? I mean give that address and I take from there.
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  7. 22 April is not a holiday in Turkey so the PTT and Banks will be open. Please note that 23 April is a holiday. At the PTT you can send items like letters and envelopes by normal mail or boxes and larger things by cargo. How much it costs depends on the weight and dimensions of the item and who fast you want it delivered.
  8. Ken, Have you heard of this changing? I went to my local town hall in Bakirkoy and they stated they have no agreement with the US and I would have to complete the course with both written and practical exam. Looking for alternatives here. Thank you Justin
  9. Ken, Sounds great, I'll DM my cell. All the best! Justin
  10. As a UK passport holder the cost for a 2year RP is $80 USD for the 1st year, $60USD for year two ,both converted to Turkish Lira on the day you pay the fees + 89Lira for the RP card. As for the special private health policy,this will depend on your age.,but will be anything from around 360tl 40years of age to 1000tl for 61-64 years.
  11. I will be returning to Turkey at the end of this month. My wife is a Turkish citizen, I am a UK citizen, how much will I have to pay for my residence permit and health insurance.
  12. Ohhh I see I did not register my phone and don't want to register. I have another phone bought inside Turkey. So It is about sim and nothing to do with cellphone registration that should be done 3 months from the time we come Turkey It is free right?
  13. Like Redders said, if you are a foreigner in Turkey and you want to use a phone, wherever it's from, you need to register your yabanci kimlik number with the service provider.
  14. It's nothing to do with the handset, registered or not, this is in relation to the sim card. So if it's a Turkish one & was registered by a foreigner, then you must re-register yourself with the service provider of the sim card.
  15. I have an old cell phone bought from Turkey. Could I continue with that or my sim number will be blocked at the end?
  16. Guys The problem I have is that: I did not register my phone from 3 months starting from the time I came Turkey. Therefore, I just use it as one-line. I m ean just get sms and call. Cannot call and send. Now, this message means my cell number completely will be inactive? I hope not! Also, for turktelekom HOME INTERNET could I just use nearby shopping center? do they all know about it? Thanks
  17. I wanted to revisit this post as for the 1st time since i fell in love here i feel hope again and this emotion inspires me...Hope for Turkey & hope for the future generations in Turkey that they can read anything, write anything & share anything without fear. When i originally thought about the books i may or may not have read while being in the UK i guess i didnt realise how reading/writing really means personal freedom...just the fact i could dream i would be a writer or an Artist or act in films about anything or anyone...the open possibility of my future i took for granted as a given. Now i have a small son i wonder while being here in Turkey can he feel the freedom i felt /have the same opportunites or express himself the way i could in writen /spoken or artistic format. As parents we can do our best to share/teach/inform/warn but if the system is at odds with your thinking this is a very confusing existence. I love Turkey & i wish its creative minds a long open road to success :-)
  18. 2+1 semi furnished garen flat with pool for sale in Calis/Fethiye 1 block/only 4 flats / shared pool. 400.000tl pls pm for pics & info as i am not online often :-)
  19. You also have to register if you have a pay as you go SIM card. I successfully added my TC Kimlik number using the Digital Operator link provided by Turkcell.
  20. I hope you don't object Ken, to save lots of typing,i've just copied & pasted relevant info direct from my files website...Please delete if inappropriate.. MILITARY SEARCH REQUIREMENTS COMING TO AN END IN MANY PROVINCES…. This at present only applies to property purchases in , All of the Mugla Province as of August 2018. Aydın… Aksaray, Adıyaman, Çankırı, Çorum, Isparta, Kahramanmaraş, Karabük, Kastamonu, Kırşehir, Nevşehir, Niğde, Samsun, Sinop, Usak and Yozgat . [ excluding land in Dilek Peninsula] . This means property purchases & sales can be concluded within 24 hours in these areas. This does NOT include properties in any Military Zones .................................................... HOW TO ADD/REMOVE ANOTHER NAME ON A TAPU To add/remove a person or spouse to a Tapu (title deed) you will need to ‘buy/sell a share’ of the property to/from the person. Please visit your local land registry office (Tapu Sicil Müdürlükleri) and inform them you want to sell a percentage of your property and add a new name to the tapu. You will need to pay a sales transfer fee of 4 % – plus some additional administrative taxes. Example; If you sell 50% of your property, you will have to pay 4% of this amount in taxes. Please note; You can not sell a percentage of your property for any amount. There is a minimum amount you have to sell your share for, and your local land registry office will instruct you about the this.
  21. It appears that the Turkish Telecommunications Authority are having an update of all Internet & mobile phone details for all foreigners. ALL foreigners with a contract with these companies must re-register so the system can be updated. Other providers of home internet/phone & mobile phone will follow suit over the next few days, so keep an eye out for a text message from your Turkish home internet & mobile phone service providers. TURK TELECOM This morning i went to my area Turk Telecom office and re-registered my account for home internet & phone. The documents required are: Passport Residence Permit Customer (Abone) number I wrote my name & signed a new form of registration & that's it all done. Also regarding Turk Telecom & the text many subscribers received. The date of 2nd May to re-register by is just a ''hurry up'' date so you don't drag your heels. As with many Turkish Citizens, if they don't give a date & also threaten restrictions to their service, then many TC's would probably not bother or forget to do this. So as long as it's within May /early June there should be no problems. VODAFONE Just fill in the form from the link given in the mobile phone text message sent. TURKCELL Are the latest to send messages (my wife received hers this morning). Again stating that re registration is required. Passport & Residence Permit needing to be shown by 2nd May 2019. This can be done either by calling into a MAIN Turkcell phone shop or via the "Digital Operator" via the link shown in the text. Now Turkcell actually states in their text that if you do not have a Foreign National Identification Number (99****) your sim will effectively be closed, allowing for just emergency calls. Again, as with Turk Telecom giving this date may be for the same reason stated above, but you definitely have to have a Yabanci Kimlik Number to keep your sim open. It appears that anyone who originally bought a sim solely with their passport & no Residence Permit, may lose their sim & phone number, unless a Yabanci Kimlik Number (99****) can now be shown. The Digital Operator link given in the all texts seems to be causing problems for many folks ,so it's suggested that you simply go into your local service providers shop or office and complete the re registration there. I see by scrolling around some expat pages that some main service provider phone shops are trying to charge for this service. Please be aware THIS SERVICE IS OFFICIALLY FREE. Always use the service providers MAIN shop or area office.
  22. I've also been hearing this from various expats, that the mobile phone companies are asking foreigners to re-register their mobile phones. No explanation is being given. I haven't received any message like that from Turkcell. If you want to be sure about it, you could just go to a Vodafone shop and ask them.
  23. That's great... they asked for a lot less than they do for a lot of people. I've seen some posts here where they have sent an SMS message and asked for the person to bring additional documents, but I think they sent the message before the appointment, and not after. The only other time I have ever heard of them asking for additional documents was during the appointment. Since you successfully completed your appointment, you should now have temporary residence permits, so as far as I have ever heard from feedback on the process, you'll now get your residence permits in the mail, with no further documentation required. I'm glad to hear everything went well for you!
  24. May I ask where you heard the military clearance was no longer required? I haven't heard this before. As far as I have heard, this valuation report is only necessary if one is buying property in order to become a Turkish citizen, to make sure the property meets the minimum value of investment in property for Turkish citizenship. It is not required for routine property purchases. Are you getting information different from this? And if so, from where? I'm assuming you're talking about the capital gains tax for capital gains on property less than five years after the purchase. Why would putting your name on the tapu be a sale of the property? You are just adding your name to tha tapu, not buying it outright from your husband.
  25. I’ll find out tomorrow. Was give a letter when I submitted my application. Will let you know what it’s all about when I find out.
  26. Hi, As of march 2019 a foreigner that would like to buy a property must present a "Değerleme Raporu" (Property valuation report) which is done by some agencies, it takes around 2 or 3 weeks, it costs 1.500-2.500TL and is valid for 3 months since the issue date. https://www.tkgm.gov.tr/tr/icerik/20191-sayili-genelge-yabancilarin-tasinmaz-ediniminde-degerleme-raporu-alinmasi-hakkinda At begining of february we bought an apartment. I told the "emlakcı" that I was foreigner and I wanted my name in the deed. The "day" came and when all the papers were presented, the TAPU couldnt include my name cause the 'emlakcı' didnt advice me that I needed the military clearance. I agreed not to cancel the procedure (which I regret now) and to continue with the transaction and the TAPU is under my husband´s name. At the begining of abril 2019 I went to the TAPU to start the military clearance and they informed me what I posted before. The military clearance is no needed any more. Question: Adding my name is like a "buy-sell" operation, does that mean my husband will have to pay taxes because he is "selling" 50% before 5 years since the purchase? What about me and the taxes? Would it be better to wait and do it after 5 years passed?
  27. I wasn't aware a PIN number was required. Did they tell you anything about it?
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