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Support for Quiz Masters

Basic Guidelines

Quiz Logo Image Size: 125 pixels maximum height or width. While you are able to upload a large image which will be resized to 125x125, an alert is generated when a new quiz is launched, and the original larger image will display there, which looks kind of sloppy.

Question Image Sizes (One Image Per Question): 400 pixels maximum height or width. Reduce the photo quality to around 50% or less for JPEGs. Use similar image quality settings for other image types. While the image is downloading over the internet from a server, the time clock is running on the user's computer. So the user doesn't get credit for the time he or she has to wait for the image to download.

Number of questions a quiz can have: Minimum five, maximum 50.

Number of answers a question can have: Minimum two (for true/false), maximum five.

All questions must have images: This makes the question more visually appealing. If you can't find a directly corresponding image, like for a question with a concept, use a conceptual image. You can also create an image which serves as part of the test question, for example, showing four or five different images in the same image, with corresponding letters. See below for more information.

Numbering questions and images: When developing a quiz, it's useful to number the test questions, then use the same number as an image name for the corresponding image. However, don't number the questions when you enter them into the quiz system. The quiz system will automatically do that for you.

Write "fat" questions wherever possible: This is best explained with an example.

Thin question:

Q. For whom was the monumental gate built?
A. Hadrian

Fat question:

Q. In 130 AD, a VIP visited Antalya with his family and entourage, as part of a "world tour" to see every place under his control. A triumphal gate was constructed in his honor. Who was this VIP?
A. Roman Emperor Hadrian

With the fat question, even if a quiz taker has no idea what the answer is and is guessing, they still learn something, and their curiosity is piqued.

Add Images to All Questions

You can upload an image from your computer, or import it from a URL if it's on a server somewhere. Typically, you'll just find a suitable photo and download it to your computer, then upload the image.

To do so, just click "Choose Single File." then navigate to the photo on your computer and double-click it. That will upload it. Then click "Save," and the photo will go live.


Hide Your Quiz Until You're Finished With It

Once you create a quiz, even if there are no questions, it will go live. So if you want to create a quiz over time, for example, come back over a few days and add more questions until you're finished with it, you will need to hide it. This will prevent other members from seeing your quiz or taking it while it is under construction (once someone takes the quiz, you can't add more questions).

You can hide your quiz by clicking on the "Quiz Actions" button near the lower left. Then click "Hide." Then, only you and the moderators can see it. Then when you want to make it visible to everyone so they can take your quiz, do the same thing again, only this time the button will say "Unhide." Click "Unhide" to allow people to start taking it.


Only Registered Members Can Play

The quizzes don't allow guests to play because they can't record their score. Score needs a member ID to be recorded.

Taking Your Own Quiz

You can take your own quiz, to test it. Your score will not be counted in the rankings, though. That wouldn't be fair. :)

Adding Images to a Question

Add an image to each question, to, even if it's just to make the question look more interesting. If you want, you can have an image of a building or person, or thing, and ask the quiz taker what it is, who made it, how it got there, or whatever.

If you are good with an image editor, you can create and add an image like this (a single image with five people depicted):


Then have your text question and answers like this:

"Which portrait depicts the Ottoman Sultan "Suleyman the Magnificent?"


Happy Quizzing!


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