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Reduce the File Size of Your Photos

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Since Microsoft Paint comes on all Microsoft computers, we'll use that to reduce the file size of your photos. If you use a Mac, there should be a comparable photo editor which works mostly the same way.

1. Using Windows Explorer or the Mac equivalent, navigate to your photo. The original photo we're working with has these dimensions and file size:

Dimensions: 4608 pixels wide, 3456 pixels high

File size: 6.40 Megabytes (much too large for the Web)


2. Double click on the photo and it should open in Windows Photo Viewer.

3. In the top menu bar, Click "Open," then "Paint."


4. At the top left, click "Resize."


5. Select "Pixels." If your photo is in the landscape format (wider than it is taller), enter 800 for "Horizontal" and "600" for vertical. If it is taller than it is wide, enter 600 for "Horizontal" and 800 for "Vertical."

Click "Okay." *


If you make a mistake, click the "Undo" icon at the top left and try again.

6. Save the photo to a different folder than your original photo, using "Save As" instead of "Save," or your changes will overwrite the original.


7. The photo is now ready for upload:

New Dimensions: 800 pixels wide, 600 pixels high (was 4608 pixels wide, 3456 pixels high)

New File size: 236 kilobytes (was 6.40 Megabytes)

*Note: Not all photos have the same width to height ratio, so using 800 and 600 for width and height may result in a distorted photo. If that happens, select "Percentage," and enter a percent value (such as 20, which also re-sized the demo photo to a much more suitable size (922 pixels wide, 692 pixels high, File size: 303 kilobytes).


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