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How You Can Help

How to Help the Turkey Central communitTurkey Central is a Turkey-wide Support Network

Besides being a website where knowledgeable expats and travelers of Turkey help each other, it is also an extended network which reaches out by e-mail. Members who "subscribe" to forum(s) about places or topics they know get a courtesy e-mail which alerts them to new posts in the forum to which they are subscribed.

Subscribe to a Forum!

You'll find a "Subscribe" button at the top right of every forum, sub-forum, and topic. All you have to do is click on it, leave it on its default setting, then click "Subscribe."

That's all there is to it.

When you subscribe to a forum, there is no need to keep coming back to that forum and checking for new activity (unless you want to). The courtesy e-mail will always let you know. It will contain the post that has been made, and a link to go directly to that topic, so you can see if the issue is something you can help with. Then you can pop right in and help the person with their question or issue.

Just be sure to click on the link in the e-mail rather than reply to the e-mail. Replying to the e-mail doesn't reply to the post in the forum, it just goes to the Admin, who will reply to you and politely ask you to go back to the e-mail and click on the link. The link will take you directly into the topic where the post is.

City and Town Forums

Even if you're new to a city and town, you can help. In fact, if you're new to a place, you'll need to find your way around just like everybody else, and your knowledge will be more up-to-date than someone who has lived there for years. The city and town forums can be found in the category "All Around Turkey."

Topical Forums

Have you rented an apartment? Bought property? Bought a car? Registered your mobile phone? Then you have knowledge that would be valuable to someone who hasn't done those things. The topical forums are in the category "All About Turkey." There are also forums concerning visas and residence permits.

If you work or do business in Turkey, we could certainly use your help in the Doing Business and Working in Turkey forums.

NO SPAM Policy

We don't spam. We might send out an e-mail to let members know about important changes, but that's all. By subscribing to a forum, you will only get e-mail alerts concerning posts in that forum.

Pass It On!

We've all been new to Turkey. It ain't easy. So let's all be there for the new guys.

Always at your service,




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