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Forum Rules and Etiquette

Turkey Central

Forum Rules

1. Content posted on Turkey Central is for general information purposes only. Any information that pertains to professional topics, including medical, legal, or financial issues should not be taken as professional advice. Please seek independent and qualified professional counsel from someone who is licensed or qualified in the applicable area instead of acting on any information, opinion, or advice presented on Turkey Central. For more information, see our disclaimer.

2. Members are solely responsible for what they post in this forum.

3. New members have limited privileges. After you have made a couple of posts in the forums, you will automatically be promoted to full membership with full privileges. You will not be able to use the personal message system or modify your profile. This measure is necessary to help us spot people with bad intentions, before they do too much damage.

4. Don't post links in the forum topics unless they are in an attempt to help a member making a request or to improve the information in the topics. We did not create this site to be a pool of potential members for you to get to visit your website or your Facebook page. Links posted only for marketing a website (or a Facebook page) in the forums will be deleted.

5. Advertising is not allowed in the forums except for the classified advertising forum, and then only if you have a business in Turkey. It's free, and will remain for 90 days. Do not make posts which solicit business. If another member asks you about your product or service, it is okay to answer their question about your product or service. Do not send PMs to members about your business or service that are not requested.

6. Do not make posts which are knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, racist, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise a violation of any law.

7. Do not make posts which insult the Republic of Turkey as a nation, the Turkish Armed Forces, the memory of Ataturk, or "Turkishness" as an ethnicity, or which contain insults about anyone in the government of Turkey.

8. Turkey Central does not encourage, nor does it discourage, complaints or criticisms of people or businesses. If you post a complaint or criticism of any person or company, you are solely responsible for any resulting legal consequences. Read our policy on potentially defamatory posts.

9. Do not discuss the actions of moderators in the forums. If you disagree with the decision of a moderator, address it directly with the moderator in a private message or contact Admin. It is likely that you will be unaware of previous verbal warnings and offensive content an offending member has posted, because it has been removed. Out of respect for the member involved, we will not discuss individual cases in an open forum.

10. Do not use the forum as a chat room. If you like something, click the "Like" button. Short posts which don't contribute to the topic may be removed. If you want to chat, we have a chat room for that.

Forum Etiquette

1. Use descriptive titles for your topics. Posts which simply say "Help!" or don't briefly explain the topic may be edited to add keywords to make them more easily found during searches. For example "Help!" may be changed to "Help with my Residence Permit!" This makes the forum easier to search for those who would like to read your topic.

2. Write in plain English, not "texting" language. If you expect people to read your post, phrase your English properly, with correct punctuation and grammar. Use universal, standard, easily understood English. If your message is worth communicating, it's worth communicating correctly. Yet respect those whose first language is not English, there is a difference between those who are lazy with English and those who are having trouble communicating with it.

3. Use the forum standard font and font size, use colors and other text styling only for emphasis.

4. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for your entire post. It is okay if you intend to shout something in your post, but don't write your whole post that way.

5. Keep it nice, friendly and polite.

6. Keep things on topic. We certainly appreciate fun, joking, and good humor, but in the end we want to be a good place for people to find information about Turkey. We may delete frivolous posts which are not on topic.

7. Don't reply to trolls or spammers. A troll is a person who intentionally makes posts which are inflammatory or inappropriate. They may disguise the attempt as an innocent question or comment. Spammers, of course, post advertisements. Rather than replying, report them by clicking on the "Report" button.

8. Settle any conflicts with private messages rather than in the forums.


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