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About Turkey Central


Turkey Central is “tech support for Turkey.” Our cadre of experienced members (Turks as well as expats living in Turkey) are ready to help with any issue one might have.

Our Membership

You might have heard the tired saying "our people are our greatest asset." Besides the requisite software sitting on our server, our membership is our ONLY asset. We have a "cadre" of long-time members who stay on and continue to help others. If you're around in our forums for a while, you'll see who they are. They're the ones who make it work. And we hope you'll become one of us and pass your knowledge about Turkey forward.


We focus more on serious talk about Turkey than banter, and are more about the exchange of useful information rather than being a chat room. While Facebook is great for short blurbs about one's status and cat photos, it isn't suitable for the more complex information the typical expat or visitor might need to understand. For that reason, we use Invision Power's Community Suite to power the Turkey Central community.


Our articles are constantly updated. We don’t publish a new article every time some circumstance changes. In our articles you can find the answers you need quickly. And if our articles don't provide you with the information you're seeking, you need only to open a topic in the forums to ask a question or make a comment.

Photo Galleries

We have nearly ten thousand photos of hundreds of cities, towns, and sites in Turkey. If you want to know what a place looks like, our photo galleries are better than anything else you’ll find on the Web. You can also open a personal photo album, or contribute  to our geographic photo categories while retaining your own copyright on your photos.

Our Address

Turkey Central LLC is located at 17224 General Custer Way, Poolesville, Maryland 20837 (USA).


You can contact Turkey Central by using our support form, here. Please use it only for issues pertaining to Turkey Central. If you have a question about Turkey or any thing in Turkey, please open a topic in our forums.

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