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About Turkey Central

Ken Grubb

This article is about Turkey Central. If you want to learn more about its founder, see About Ken Grubb.

Turkey Central's Mission

To inform, educate, and empower everyone who travels to or lives in the Republic of Turkey, through the sharing of accurate information, practical know-how, and expert advice.

What Turkey Central Offers You

Turkey expats gathering for a meal at a restaurant in Antalya.You'll get the finest investigation and reporting on issues affecting your life in Turkey, expert advice from Turkey Central community mentors, and assistance from other members who have already done what you're trying to do or experienced what you're experiencing. Here's what our community offers:


The guides are usually written by me, Ken Grubb. I'm a retired investigator and teacher. I go to the original sources of information and never rely on hearsay or what's published on other websites. I always double-check information so I can be sure the information is as accurate and current as possible.


The community forums are a searchable and cross-referenced collection of questions and answers about most any situation you could encounter in Turkey. There you'll find experienced community mentors who volunteer their time to help others, and members who report their real-time experiences.

Photo Galleries

Nearly 10,000 photos of the cities, towns and sights in Turkey. You can also contribute photos to our photo albums or open your own.

Video Galleries

Have you seen a cool video about Turkey on YouTube or another video sharing site? You can easily add it to our video directory and share it with other community members and guests.


Various companies support the Turkey Central community by providing residence permit application assistance, health insurance policies (which you will need to get a residence permit), travel insurance, legal services, and property (real estate) services.

Turkey Central's Values

Accuracy: I strive to publish the most accurate and dependable guides possible by going to the original sources of information and consulting government officials and subject matter experts to be sure everything on Turkey Central is correct and current. If any inaccurate information is posted by a member in the forums, it's corrected or removed.

Empathy: I know what it felt like when I was new in Turkey, starting from zero and knowing, well, nothing! In our community, you'll be treated with empathy and respect.

Trustworthiness: Your trust is a something I earn, through repeated demonstrations of accuracy, due diligence, and reliability.

How You Can Help

  1. Join Turkey Central. It's free!
  2. Spread the word! If you belong to any Facebook or other social media groups about Turkey, let them know about us.
  3. Contribute your knowledge and expertise. Pop in from time to time to check out the new topics and help others with questions or issues about something you've done or experienced.
  4. Subscribe to a forum. Click the "Subscribe" button at the upper right corner of any forum(s) you want to follow. You'll receive a courtesy e-mail any time there's a new topic or reply. The link in the e-mail will take you directly to the latest topic of the forum you're subscribed to. You can also "unsubscribe" at any time by clicking the same button (which will have changed to "Unsubscribe."
  5. Become a community mentor. If you've lived in Turkey for a few years and want to share your experience with others who need it, contact Ken Grubb by private message or by using the contact form, and ask about joining the community mentor's group.

Contact Us

If You're a Turkey Central member and are signed in, you can send me (member name: Ken Grubb) a personal message by clicking on the "envelope" icon at the top right of any page on Turkey Central. Then click "compose" to open your messenger. My member name is Ken Grubb.

If You're Not a Turkey Central Member, You can use the contact form. The contact form works whether you're a member or not.

Registered Address

Turkey Central LLC is registered in Delaware, USA. Send legal documents to our registered agent at this address:

42 Read's Way
New Castle, DE 19720 USA

Administrative Address

The administrative office is run by partner Nancy Galloway. Send routine documents (not legal documents) to this address:

17224 General Custer Way
Poolesville, MD 20837 USA
Tel: +1 (301) 842-6565


You can also reach me using the Skype name, turkey.central.


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