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Independent Work Permits in Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • Learn about independent work permits and how to get one if you qualify.

An entrepreneur with an independet work permit.Independent work permits are also called "entrepreneurial work permits." If you have been living in Turkey for at least five years without interruption, and want to start a Turkish company, you can get a work permit as an entrepreneur. This involves making an application to the Çalışma ve Sosyal Güvenlik Bakanlığı (Ministry of Labor and Social Security). If they are convinced that your company can provide jobs or help the economy, they will grant a "Certificate of Application for Independent Work Permit." This is valid for six months, which gives you time to set up your company. Once the company is established and registered, you will be given an unlimited work permit.

Besides the application for the independent work permit, the documents required may vary, but must include at least a business plan which covers:

  • What business activities you will engage in
  • How the business will contribute to the Turkish national economy
  • How your company will make enough money to continue your activities
  • Shareholders involved with the company

Useful Telephone Numbers

You can contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Security using their national customer service number, which, from within Turkey, is 170. From outside of Turkey, call +90 216 170 1122.

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