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Turkish for Driving

A stop sign at an intersection in Turkey.Araç Çıkabilir: Vehicles entering roadway.
A.S. İZ (Askeri İnzibat): Military Police.
Askeri Bölge: Military Zone.
Benzin: Gasoline or petrol.
Bozuk Satih: Broken pavement, or rough surface.
Buz: Ice.
Çıkış: Exit.
Dikkat: Attention, be careful!
Dikkatsız: Careless.
Dinlenme Alanı: Rest area.
Dizel: Diesel.
Dur: Stop.
Düzensiz: Reckless, carless, erratic.
Giremez: Do not enter.
Girilmez: Do not enter.
Giriş: Entrance
Hastane: Hospital
Heyelan Bölgesi: Falling rocks/landslide area.
Kapalı: Closed.
Kar: Snow.
Karayolları: Highway
Kaza: Accident
Kaza Raporu: Accident report
Kurşunsuz: Unleaded gasoline
Lastikçi: Tire repair shop
Mazot: Deisel
Motorin: Deisel
Nakit: Cash.
OGS: Fast-pass lane for toll roads (you need a transponder which reacts to the toll booth to use this lane)
Otogar: Main Bus Station
Otoyol: Highway.
Park Edilmez: No parking.
Park Etmek Yasaktır: No Parking.
Park Yapılmaz: No parking.
Sanayi Bölgesi: Industrial zone (this is where the car repair shops can be found).
Şehir Merkezi: City center.
Servis Alanı: Service area.
Servis Yolu: Service road.
Sis: Fog.
Tamirat: Road work.
Taşıt Giremez: Vehicles prohibited from entering.
Tehlikeli: Dangerous.
Tehlikeli Madde: Dangerous material.
Tekyön or Tek Yön: One way.
TEM: Trans-European Highway.
Uzun Araç: Long vehicle.
Yaya Geçidi: Pedestrian crossing.
Yavaş: Slow or slow down.
Yol: Road or way.
Yol Boyunca: The entire length of the street, as in "no parking on this side of the street."
Yol Çalışması: Road construction.
Yol Kapalı: Road closed.
Yol Tamiri: Road repair.
Yol Yapımı: Road construction.

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Ken Grubb, author.

As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.


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