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Turkish for Buying or Renting Property

Ken Grubb

A sign in the window of a real estate sales office showing property for sale in Turkey.Acenta Komisyonu: Agency Fee
Apartman: Apartment, refers to the entire apartment building.
Apartman Dairesi: Apartment flat, apartment.
Arsa: Plot, vacant lot.
Asansör: Lift, elevator.
Asansörlü: With lift, elevator.
Bahçe: Garden or lawn.
Bahçe Katı: "Garden floor," or ground floor.
Balkon: Balcony.
Banyo: Bathroom.
Banyo Sayısı: Number of Bathrooms.
Beyaz Eşya: White goods, appliances.
Beyaz Eşyalı: Includes white goods, appliances.
Bina: Building.
Bina Yaşı: Building age.
Binadaki Kat Sayısı: Number of floors in the building.
Bodrum, Bodrum Kat: Basement, basement floor.
Boş: Empty, vacant.
Bügünün Ilanları: Today's vacancies.
Bulunduğu Kat: Floor, floor that an apartment is on.
Çatı Katı: Top floor, attic.
Çelik Kapı: Steel door, with high-security deadbolt locks.
Çiftlik Evi: Farm house.
Dağ Evi: Mountain House.
Daire: Apartment unit, flat.
Deposit: Deposit, as in rental deposit.
Doğalgaz: Natural gas.
Doğalgaz (Kombi): Natural gas using a central distribution system.
Doğalgaz Soba: Natural gas heating stove.
Duş: Shower
Emlak: Property, real estate.
Emlakçi: Property agent, real estate agent.
Eski Bina: Old building.
Emlakçiden: From (for sale by) property agent.
Ev: House.
Ev Sahibi: House owner.
Ev Sigortası: House insurance.
Evet: Yes. In drop-down menus, used to select a feature or option.
Fiyat Aralığı: Price range.
Garaj: Garage.
Giriş: Entrance.
Giriş Katı: Entrance floor.
Güncelleme Tarihine Göre: By date updated (for sorting search results by date advertisements were last updated).
Güneş Enerjisi: Solar energy.
Günlük Kiralık: Daily rental.
Harita: Map.
Harita İlanlar: Advertisements with maps.
Hayır: No. In drop-down menus, used to indicate that you don't want a feature or option.
Hepsi: All, in drop-down menus, usually the default selection, as in "include all."
Isıtma: Heating.
İl: Province.
İlan Sahibi: Ad owner, advertiser.
İlan Tarihi: Advertisment date.
İlçe: County or district, within an il (province)
İlk Giriş Tarihine Göre: By date of first entry (for sorting search results by date advertisements were first added).
İşyeri: Workplace, property for use as an office.
Jeotermal: Geothermal, uses the earth's ambient temperature to moderate a home's temperature.
Kapıcı: Doorman, building maintenance man.
Kat Kaloriferi: Floor heaters, a heater on each floor.
Kira: Rent.
Kira Sözleşmesi: Rental contract.
Kiracı: Renter.
Kiracılı: With renter, rented.
Kiralamak: To rent.
Kiralık: For rent.
Klima: Air conditioner. Usually an inside unit attached to an outside unit through the wall. Some models have both cooling and heating functions.
Komple Bina: Completed building.
Konut: Residential housing.
Konut Projeleri: Residential housing project.
Konut Tipi: Residential type, as in "for sale," "for rent," or "daily rental."
Kooperatif: Cooperative.
Köşk: Mansion.
Köy Evi: Village house.
Loft Daire: Loft apartment.
Manzara: View.
MegaFoto: Very large photo.
MegaFoto İlanlar: Advertisements with very large photos.
Merkezi System: Central system, central heating system. In apartments, usually a coal furnace in the building's basement with radiators in individual apartments.
Metrekare Aralığı: Square meter range, your minimum and maximum size requirements in meters.
Mobilya: Furniture.
Mobilyalı: With furniture, furnished.
Mobilyalı Daire: Furnished apartment.
Mobilyasız Diresi: Unfurnished apartment.
Mülk Sahibi: Landlord.
Müteahhitten: Contractor.
Mutfak: Kitchen.
Müstakil, Müstakil Ev: Detached house, with surrounding garden or lawn.
Oda: Room.
Oda Sayısı: Number of rooms.
Oda Sayısı Aralığı: Range according to number of rooms, your minimum and maximum requirment for the number of rooms you want.
Proje: Project.
Projeler: Projects.
Sahibinden: From owner, for sale by owner.
Sahip, Sahibi: Owner, landlord.
Salon, Oturma Salon: Living room.
Satılık: For sale.
Seçiniz: Choose, select, usually the default of any drop-down menus.
Semt: Neighborhood or district within a city.
Soba: Heating stove, usually using coal for fuel.
Son 3 Gün: The last three days, as in "advertisements from three days ago until today."
Son 1 Hafta: The last week, as in "advertisements from one week ago to today."
Son 15 Gün: The last 15 days, as in "advertisements from 15 days ago until today."
Son 1 Ay: The last one month, as in "advertisements from one month ago until today."
Son 2 Ay: The last two months, as in "advertisements from two months ago until today."
Videolu İlanlar: Advertisments with videos.
Villa, Villa Tipi: Villa, Villa style.
Yakın: Close to, near.
Yalı: Waterfront house, house on the shore.
Yalı Dairesi: Waterfront apartment, apartment on the shore.
Yatak Odası: Bedroom.
Yazlık: Summer house, holiday house (older summer houses often have no heating or insulation).
Yeni Bina: New building.
Yerden Isıtma: Under-floor heating.
Yok: No, none, or does not exist.
Yönetici: Building Manager.
Yüksek Giriş: High or elevated entrance.
Zemin, Zemin Katı: Ground floor.

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Ken Grubb, author.

As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.


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