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Bringing Children to Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • Turks love children, and most of the tourist locations in Turkey are child-friendly. Here you'll learn some tips for bringing your children with you when you come to Turkey.

Children walk with their parents on a trail in Turkey.Turks love children. Even a passer-by might walk right up and admire your kids, saying Maşallah (mah-shah-lah) which is an expression of amazement of how beautiful something (or someone) is. It also serves to ward off the mythical "evil eye." Turks may show excessive attention to your children. For the foreigner not used to it, this can be unnerving, but it is intended only to express an innocent affection for children.


Many hotels in resort areas offer programs and facilities specifically for children, such as playgrounds, programs, children's clubs, children's pools, day care, babysitting, and even live entertainment. You'll see these mentioned on the hotel websites, or you can ask your travel agent for a hotel which includes programs and facilities for children. For sleeping arrangements, hotels are used to catering to families, offering family suites, cribs, and smaller beds for the kids.


Restaurants are especially welcoming to children, and are happy to let them run around and play during your visit – it won't bother other Turkish guests.

Other Child-friendly Places

Luna Parks (amusement parks) and water parks are often in or near resort towns. Some museums also have children’s exhibits and programs.
Turks take their children most everywhere along with them, even letting them stay up late at night.

Baby Care

You can get disposable diapers and baby food from just about any supermarket or eczane (egg-zah-neh), which is a chemist or pharmacy. However it probably won't be the brand you usually use. Hotels can make baby food from mashed vegetables and fruits if necessary, but if your little one has a favorite food, it would be a good idea to bring those foods in your checked baggage. Restroom changing facilities are rare in Turkey.


Buses in Turkey, including inter-city buses, don't have toilets. Make sure your children use the facilities before boarding, since journeys between rest stops can be an hour or more.

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