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Fines and Bans for Overstaying Your Visa or Residence Permit in Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • If you overstay your visa or residence permit for more than ten days, you can be fined and receive a ban from entering Turkey. Learn about it here.

A do not enter sign to signify being banned from re-entering Turkey.You can be fined for overstaying your visa or residence permit. If the overstay is for more than ten days, you can be banned from re-entering Turkey. Fines and bans are typically imposed by the border control officials (part of the Turkish National Police) at the border gate when you leave Turkey after an overstay. However, if you are caught by the authorities after an overstay of ten days, you may be arrested, fined, deported--and also banned from entering Turkey for a certain time.

This sometimes involves an unintentional violation of the 90-in-180 days rule. Visas issued to citizens of Europe, the UK, or the US may stay in Turkey for no more than 90 days in a 180-day period. If you lose track of the amount if time you've been in Turkey, or make a mistake in your calculations, you may find that you have overstayed your visa.


The amount of your fine will depend on the length of your overstay and what country you're from. They are in the equivalent of the below US dollar amounts except where indicated.

Daily Fines for an Overstay of a Visa or Residence Permit in Turkey

  Daily Fee Maximum - Minimum First Month Remaining Months
Albania, Philippines, Israel, Japan, Cambodia, Macedonia, Mali, Oman,Tajikistan $.50 $5-14 $14 $3.50
Belgium, Belarus, Algeria, Spain, Kuwait, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malta, Singapore, Taiwan $.40 $4-9 $9 $2.50
Ethiopia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Micronesia, Russia $.30 $3-7 $7 $1.50
Morocco, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Montenegro, Egypt, Tunisia $.20 $2-5 $5 $.50
Serbia, Fiji, Norway, Chile, San Marino (Turkish Lira) TL 13.30 TL 24.80-126.70 TL 126.70 TL 84.20
Other Countries $1 $10-25 $25 $5

Re-entry Bans

Duration of a Re-entry Ban

Depending on the amount of time you have overstayed, you can be banned from three months to five years. If the ban involves a threat to public order or security, a ban can be extended for a maximum of ten years. According to Article 9/4 of Law No. 6458, Foreigners and International Protection, if you apply to the authorities to leave Turkey before you are caught in an overstay, the ban will be a maximum of one year.

How to Know If You Are Banned from Entering Turkey

If you were banned, the immigration officials should have notified you about the ban and the duration of the ban. And just because you find that you're able to get an e-visa doesn't mean you're no longer banned. You'll still be stopped at the border gate and sent back home. If you haven't been notified that you are banned, but still think you think you might be, contact a local Turkish embassy or consulate and ask them to check your status.

Having a Ban Lifted

You can usually have a ban lifted by paying an additional fine at a local Turkish embassy or consulate. They will then forward your application to the ministry of the interior in Ankara, who will decide if the ban should be lifted or not. If you were banned because of a failure to pay fines, you will have to pay them at the Turkish embassy or consulate. There may also be additional fines involved.

It May Not Be As Bad as You Think!

Border control officials can use their own discretion on how much of a fine to assess, and how long the ban will be (if they give you one). Some travelers had overstays of several months, yet received a much lower fine than they expected, and no re-entry ban at all. On the other hand, Some travelers have became angry with the border control officials, and received a higher fine and a re-entry ban just because of their attitude. Being cooperative, respectful, and polite will go a long way.

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