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Residential Telephone Service in Turkey

Ken Grubb

A worker from Turk Telekom works on the telephone lines at a Turkish residence.Turk Telekom is the only residential telephone service provider in Turkey. To set up a residential telephone line, go to a local Turk Telekom office. You'll need to show your residence permit, passport, and proof of residence, such as your rental contract or title deed. It's a good idea to bring an old bill from the existing line if you have one. If you want to have Internet access through TTNet, Turk Telekom's internet service provider, you can do that in the same office, but it's a separate process.

You don't need to pay anything to have your telephone service connected. The fee for connecting your line will be in your first telephone bill.

Your Telephone Number

Turk Telekom will give you a telephone number when you apply. You can ask that this number not be listed in the telephone directory. There is a fee for this service.

Telephone Charges

After you're connected, you'll pay a flat fee for the service, various taxes, and for the phone calls you make, by the minute. The price varies according to the time of day, the place of the number called (same area code, different area code, or international) and if you are calling another landline or a mobile phone. Calling a mobile phone is always more expensive, since you are not only using Turk Telekom's landline system, but a mobile services provider's cellular network as well.

Pricing Packages

There is a standard telephone service package that most people use. You will get that one unless you choose another one. There is a package for those who only use the phone during certain times of the year, ideal for those with summer houses. You can learn about the various package by visiting Turk Telekom's website.

Paying the Bill

Telephone bills are sent out monthly. You can pay them at the PTT (post office), or any bank listed on the back of the bill. Some banks have set hours for bill payments.

You can also open an account at a bank and have your telephone bill paid automatically. Take your passport, residence permit, and a telephone bill to a bank and fill out a form. Then keep enough money in the account to pay it.

If you don't pay the bill, your phone will be turned off. To pay a bill after your telephone service has been disconnected and to get it turned back on, you'll need to go to a Turk Telekom office to pay. There is a fee for re-connecting the phone.

Telephone Features

Your telephone will come with various features (unless you don't want them) which will enable you to do various things by pressing keys.
When you fill out the application form, you'll see these features in the section titled Telefonunuza Verilmesini İstemediğiniz Özellikler or Unwanted Telephone Special Features. That means that you select the ones you don't want, or they will be automatically included.

Tercihli Direkt Arama, or preferred direct dialing: Your phone will automatically dial a number of your choice if you don't enter a different number during a waiting time (ten seconds or less).

Konferans Görüşme (Üçlü): Conference calling for three people. To use it, call the first person. When you are connected, briefly press the hang-up button. You will hear a special dial tone. Enter the number of the second person. While it is dialing, briefly press the hang-up button again and press 3. When they answer, the three of you can talk together.

Uyandırma: Wake up service. Enter *55*, then the 24-hour time, such as "0615." Your phone will ring at 6:15 A.M. to cancel, enter #55#

Cevapsızlarda Yönlendirme: Call forwarding (if there is no answer). To use it, enter *60*, the number you want to forward calls to, then #. To cancel, enter #60#.

Kısaltılmış Arama: Speed dialing. With this feature you can call your favorite telephone numbers with a two digit speed-dial number. To associate a telephone number with a speed-dial number, enter *51*, then the speed-dial number you want to use, then *. Enter the telephone number you want the speed-dial number to call, then #. To use the speed-dial number, enter ** then the speed-dial number. To remove a number from speed dial, enter #51*, then the speed-dial number, then #.

Rahatsız Edilmeme: Do not disturb. Enter *26* to keep it from ringing. Enter #26# when you want to let it ring again.

Telefon Kilitleme: Telephone locking. You can lock your phone and prevent it from being used to make calls unless you enter a four-digit password. This is useful if you have someone staying at your house (like a renter), and you don't want them running up your phone bill. To lock your phone, enter the following:

Your four-digit access code
The "locking type" number

Your access code is set to 0000 by default. You should change this. The locking type number tells the phone which type of calls to restrict and which type of calls to allow. You should at least lock out calls to 900 "premium rate" numbers which bill your account for services rendered over the phone, such as sex talk lines. Locking applies to outgoing calls, not incoming calls.

The locking type numbers are as follows:

  1. Open for emergency calls. Locked for all other calls.
  2. Open for calls within the same area code. Locked for all other calls.
  3. Open for calls within the same area code and other area codes. Locked for international, 900, and mobile calls.
  4. Open for calls to the same area code, other area codes, and international calls. Locked for 900 and mobile calls.
  5. Open for calls to the same area code, other area codes, international and 900 calls, locked for mobile calls.
  6. Open for calls to the same area code and mobile calls. Closed for international and 900 calls.
  7. Open for calls to the same or other area codes, international, and 900 calls. Locked for mobile numbers.
  8. Open for calls to the same or other area codes and 900 calls. Locked for international and mobile calls.
  9. Open for calls to the same or other area codes, international, and mobile calls. closed for 900 calls.

Başka Telefon Numarasına Yönlendirme: Call forwarding (all calls). Press *21* , the number you want to forward your calls to, then press #. This feature is free.

Çağrı Bekletme: Call waiting. To enable it, enter *43*. If you're on the phone and somebody else calls, you will hear a beep. Quickly press and release the hang-up button, then press 0. Then you will be talking to the other caller. To switch back to the first caller, do the same thing. To cancel call waiting, enter #43#. This feature is free.

Meşgulde Çağrı Yönlendirme: Call forwarding if your telephone is busy. To use it, enter *60*, then the number you want to forward numbers to, then #. To cancel, press #60#. This feature is free.

Meşguldeki Aboneyi Bulma: Redialing. Used if the telephone you're calling is busy. While listening to the busy signal, enter *37* and hang up. Your phone will keep calling that number and when the other person answers, your phone will alert you. To cancel it, enter #37#.

A redial function is standard on all phones. To redial the last number you called, enter **#.

Transferring Your Telephone Number

You can transfer an existing telephone number from another person (like your landlord) to you. Both of you must be present and show identification during the application process. There is a fee for this service.

Turk Telekom Customer Service Number

You can contact Turk Telekom customer service anywhere in Turkey, 24 hours a day, at 444 1 444.

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Turk Telekom: Turkey's national telephone service provider. There is a link for English at the bottom of their web pages.

Ken Grubb, author.

As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.


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