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Using a Mobile (Cell) Phone in Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • A guide for using a mobile phone on the Turkish mobile networks.

20_mobile-cell-phone-turkey.pngCall Another Mobile Phone

Dial 0 (zero), a three-digit mobile phone prefix (it always begins with 5) then the rest of the number, for example, 0 536 555 XXXX.

Call a Landline Phone (Residential or Business Phone)

Dial 0, then the area code, then the number, such as 0 242 555 XXXX.

Call an International Number

Dial 00, then the country code, then the area code, then the number, such as 001 717 496 XXXX.

Send an SMS Message

SMS messages work the same way. Just type out your message, then in the "to" block, enter the numbers as above. If the person you're messaging is one of your contacts, navigate to the contact on your phone and select the option to send an SMS message.

Note: You can bring one mobile phone into Turkey. If you buy a Turkish SIM card for your foreign phone, it will work for 60 days. To use it longer than that, you will need to pay a tax and register your mobile phone.

Get TurkCell SMS Messages in English

Send a text to 2222 and in the message, type ENGLISH in all upper case letters. Any messages you get from TurkCell after that will be in English.

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