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Pre-paid Mobile (Cell) Phone Cards in Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • After you buy a Turkish mobile phone or register your foreign phone, you can pre-pay for calls by using a phone card. Authorized outlets of the three major network providers (Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea) sell them. You can also buy them in shops bearing the logo of one of these network providers.

A Turkcell pre-paid mobile phone card.Their prices range from 25 to 200 TL, with a small amount added to pay for the issue of the card itself. You can buy them in various shops or anywhere you see the company logos.

Adding Call Credit with a Pre-paid Telephone Card

Follow the instructions on the back of the card. They are in Turkish, so if you don't understand them, ask the clerk to show you how to add calling credit.

Here is an example of how to add credits if you are using the Turkcell system (Avea and Vodafone will be similar):

  1. Remove the scratch-off strip which covers a 14-digit code you will need.
  2. Call the number indicated on the back of the card. With Turkcell it's 8090.
  3. A recording will prompt you to enter the code and press #.
  4. The recording will read the number you added back to you, and tell you that if it is correct, to press 2.
  5. The recording will congratulate you on successfully adding calling credits.

You can also add credits on the Turkcell system by entering the number as part of one long stream of digits, like so:

*122* (your 16-digit code) #

Enter this as if you were entering a telephone number, then click Send.
Your mobile phone will display the amount in call credit you have added, and your total call credit.

How to See How Much Credit Remains on Your Mobile Phone

On your mobile phone's keypad enter:

* 1 2 3 #

then press the call button. Your mobile phone will display the amount of credit you have left.

Monthly Billing for Mobile Phone Use

You can also arrange to be billed on a monthly basis for your mobile phone use. However, this requires a Turkish citizen to guarantee your payments. See your mobile phone service provider for information on this option.

Automatic Bank Payments for Mobile Phone Use

If you have arranged to be billed monthly, you can have the payment automatically deducted from your Turkish bank account. Just take one of your mobile phone bills to your bank, fill out the required forms, and keep enough money in your bank account to pay it automatically.

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