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Residential Internet Service in Turkey

Ken Grubb

A man uses his computer connected to his residential internet service provider.Internet Service Plans

Companies offer a variety of plans with monthly to yearly payments. There are quite a few regional internet service providers in Turkey, but the main ones in Turkey are:

  • TTNet
  • TurkNet
  • Turkcell Superonline

TTNet is the ISP branch of Turk Telekom, the country's telephone service provider. If you choose TTNet, you can set up your internet service in the same office as your telephone service. If you want to use one of the other ISPs instead, just go to one of their local offices and apply after you set up your telephone account.

Making Payments

Even if you go with Turk Telekom's internet plan, you will get a separate bill for your internet service. You can pay the bill at the PTT (Turkish post office), or at any bank listed on the back of the bill. You can also have your payments automatically deducted from your bank account. Just take your bill to the bank, along with your passport and your residence permit, then keep enough money in the account to make the monthly payments. If you miss a payment, your service will be cut off. With TTNet, this will be announced on your computer screen when you try to access the Internet after it has been cut off. The announcement will have a link to an online system so you can pay your bill with a credit card. As soon as you pay, your service will be restored.

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External Links

TTNet: Internet service provider of Turk Telekom. You can set up your internet service at the same time you set up your residential phone service.
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DSmart: Also offers satellite television services, so if you want satellite TV, you can combine your internet services with your satellite service.
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Ken Grubb, author.

As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.


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