How to Find Out if Your Neighborhood Has High-speed Fiber-optic Internet

Ken Grubb
  • Here's how to find out if the place where you live in Turkey is wired for high-speed, fiber-optic internet access.

A high-speed fiber-optic cable for a faster internet connection.TTNet, Turkey's main internet service provider (ISP) has a page on their website called "TTNet Fiber Nerede?" or "where is TTNet's Fiber-optic network?" This enables you to see what areas have fiber-optic cables and which do not.

To use the tool, go to

TTNet Fiber Optic Network Locater

There you'll see a map of Turkey. By default it's in satellite view. To change to street view click "Sokak/Cadde Görüntüsü."

Zoom in to the location where you are, or where you would like to rent a place, then click on it to make an "inquiry marker" with a magnifying glass icon will appear. Then click on the marker. I had to do it a few times to get it to work.

A balloon will appear saying "Fiber İnternet Sorgula," or "Fiber-optic Internet Query." Click the balloon.

Next a "Captcha" image and a text box will appear. Captcha involves those distorted letters and numbers you need to enter to prove you're human. Enter the Captcha text into the box and click the button.

If that area has fiber-optic internet lines, it will say:

"Seçtiğiniz lokasyonda Hiper Hizli İnternet bulunmaktadır," or "the location you chose has hyper-speed internet."

I did some clicking around on places I was sure didn't have high-speed internet, and got this message:

"Seçtiğiniz lokasyonla ilgili bilgiye ulaşılamamıştır" which means they have no information on that area, which means that there is no fiber-optic network there.

TTNet is a sister company of Turk Telekom, which owns all of the lines. So as I understand it, no matter what internet company you go with, they all use the same lines. So even if you don't plan to use TTNet, you will still need this tool to know if your neighborhood has high-speed internet capability.

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