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Turkey's Emergency and Customer Service Numbers

Ken Grubb
  • Here's a list of important three-digit national numbers for emergencies, information, and reporting. You can call these numbers 24/7 from any landline or mobile telephone.

A Turkish ambulance.National Emergency Number (All Emergencies)

Emergency: 112

Other Emergency Numbers

Medical Emergency: 110
Fire: 110
Police: 155
Jandarma: 156 (for rural areas)
Coast Guard: 158
Forest Fire: 177

Utility and Other Outages

Telephone Problems: 121
Radio or TV Problems: 125
Water Problems: 185
Electricity Problems: 186
Gas Problems: 187

Operator Assistance

International Calls: 115
Directory Assistance: 118
Domestic Calls: 131

Information and Public Services

Wake Up Call: 135
Traffic: 154
PTT (Post Office) Info: 161
Tourism Info: 170
Security: 174
Consumer Info: 175
Labor Exchange: 180
Environment: 181
Psychological Depression: 182
Women and Social Services: 183
Health Information: 184
Funeral Services: 188
Tax Information: 189

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