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Fake and Counterfeit Goods in Turkey

Ken Grubb

Although the laws concerning the sales of counterfeit goods in Turkey have become much stricter in recent years, you'll still see counterfeit goods for sale, since passing laws is one thing, and enforcing them is another. And counterfeiting in Turkey is a big business in itself.

The usual fakes are name-brand clothing, designer underwear, designer handbags, perfume, headphones (especially the Beats brand by DJ Eric), and watches. They often sell at around ten percent of the price of the real thing, or more, if the seller is presenting it as genuine.

For the buyer, it may be just as good to wear a fake brand as a real one. But after several months of use, metal surfaces and colors may fade, stitches may come apart, and zippers may foul up so bad it makes the item useless.

If you want to buy fake products, Turkey is the place to be. But if you want to avoid them, especially being ripped off when you think you're buying the real thing, go to an actual name-brand store or to a shopping mall.

Fake pharmaceuticals (especially Viagra) are even more of a problem, since they can contain anything, including toxic substances. To be sure you're buying the real thing, go to an eczane (egg-zah-neh), or pharmacy. Don't take a chance in buying any kind of pharmaceutical you aren't sure of.

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