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Shopping for Copper and Brassware in Turkey

Ken Grubb

Because copper and brass were often used for cooking and tableware during Ottoman times, it's still abundant today. But unless you go to an antique store, much of what you'll find will be a modern reproduction of an old design. But that's okay, because the copper and brassware you can buy is still quite suitable for practical use, as well as decoration. One of the most popular items made of brass is the Turkish coffee pot, in which coffee, water, and sugar (if desired) is boiled over a flame.

Important! Copper and brass is toxic, so if you buy a pot, pan, or anything else which will be used for cooking or presenting food, make sure any part which is to come in contact with food is covered in tin. The tin surface should be silver and shiny. If it isn't coated with tin, you can ask at the shop where you buy your copper and brassware where you can have it coated in tin. You can see the tinning process in the video below.

This video shows how a copper pot is made, including the application of an internal coating of tin.

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