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What To Do If Your Turkish Residence Permit is Lost or Stolen

Ken Grubb
  • Learn what to do if your residence permit is lost or stolen.

A man worries about his lost or stolen residence permit.If your residence permit is lost or stolen, you must report it to the police immediately, and file a report. Take a copy of the police report to the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM) office. A list of what you will need follows. You can walk in, you won't need to make an appointment.

What to Take to the DGMM

  1. Copy of the police report.
  2. Two photos which meet the residence permit photo requirements.
  3. Your passport and a notarized copy of your passport, including the identifying information and photo pages, and the page with the most recent entry stamp.
  4. Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi (Place of Residence and Other Addresses Document), obtained from the Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşletme Genel Müdürlüğü (Population and Citizenship Directorate, or just "nüfus").
  5. A copy of the residence permit which was lost or stolen, if you have one (it is always a good idea to take a photo or scan of your residence permit and save it in case you need it).

Fees for Replacement

You'll have to pay a card fee of 58.50, and half of the residence permit fee (which varies according to your nationality). You can see the residence permit fees assessed by country using the link under "External Links" below.

Once your residence permit replacement application is accepted, the DGMM will send it to their Ankara headquarters to have a new one printed. Your replacement residence permit will then be mailed to the address you have on file with the DGMM.

Turkey's Foreigner Communications Center

The DGMM has a number you can call to speak to an immigration specialist. Call 157 from any telephone within Turkey. The call will be free. From outside of Turkey, call +90 312 157 1122. Long-distance charges will apply.

See Also

Residence Permit Forum: If you have any questions about Turkey's residence permit process, please ask them in our forum.

External Links

Residence Permit Fees by Nationality (PDF Document)
Nüfus Address Listings: The locations for all Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Citizenship and Population Directorates, or Nüfus) throughout Turkey.
Turkey Residence Permit Law (PDF): The Law on Foreigners and International Protection, Dated April, 2014. In English, this is the Turkish law which governs residence permits.

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