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Frequently Asked Questions about Long-term Residence Permits in Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • Here are the most frequently-asked questions about obtaining a long-term residence permit in Turkey.

A retired couple who have long-term residence permits sit on a bench looking at the sea on a beach in Turkey.What is a long-term residence permit?

A long-term residence permit is only issued to foreigners who have been legally residing in Turkey for at least 8 continuous years. It doesn't expire, but may be canceled under certain circumstances (see below). Also, when you apply, you only have to pay the fee required for printing the card-- and not the additional tax required for other types of residence permits.

What requirements must I meet to apply for a long-term residence permit?

You must:

  1. Have been legally residing in Turkey for at least eight years.
  2. Have not received social assistance from the Turkish government in the past three years.
  3. Have a sufficient and stable income (such as a pension) to support yourself and your family (if you have family members living with you).
  4. Be covered with a valid medical insurance policy which meets minimum requirements.
  5. Not pose a threat to public order or security.

Do I have to wait for my current residence permit to get within 60 days of expiration before I can apply?

No. You can apply for a long-term residence permit at any time. It is a good idea to apply well in advance of your current residence permit's expiration date, since it can take up to six months for it to be approved and sent to you.

Why does it take so long for a long-term residence permit application to be approved?

Because it's tantamount to Turkish citizenship, except for a few restrictions (see "rights" below).

How much income do I need to meet the financial requirement?

A continuous monthly income at least equivalent to the minimum wage in Turkey for the year you apply. And for each family member you support, an additional amount equivalent to one-third of the minimum wage in Turkey.

What rights will I have with a long-term residence permit?

You'll have the same rights as a Turkish citizen, except for:

  1. Compulsory military service.
  2. The right to vote and to be elected.
  3. The ability to work in an office providing public services.
  4. Exemption from customs duties when importing vehicles.

When can a long-term residence permit be canceled?

It can be canceled if you:

  1. Pose a threat to public security or public order.
  2. Stay outside of Turkey continuously for more than one year, except for reasons involving health, education, or compulsory public service in your home country.

If my long-term residence permit is cancelled, can I  apply for another one?

If your long-term residence permit is canceled because you were out of Turkey continuously for more than one year, for reasons other than your health, education, or compulsory public service in your home country, you may apply again without accumulating another eight years of residence. But you must submit a separate justification explaining why the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) should approve your application. For more information, see Cancellation of Your Long-term Residence Permit.

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Foreigner Communications Center

The DGMM has a number you can call to speak to an immigration specialist. Call 157 from any telephone within Turkey. The call will be free. From outside of Turkey, call +90 312 157 1122. Long-distance charges will apply.

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