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Minimum Health Insurance Coverage Requirements in Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • Learn the minimum health insurance coverage levels required for a residence permit in Turkey.

A man with a magnifying glass examines the minimum health insurance requirements for a residence permit in Turkey.To apply for any type of residence permit in Turkey, you must have health insurance coverage meeting certain minimum standards for the type of treatment provided, and the percentage of the cost which will be paid according to your health insurance policy.

If you have been a legal resident of Turkey for one year or more, you can apply for the Turkish government's comprehensive health insurance plan, provided by the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (SGK), called "SGK insurance."

SGK already meets all minimum standards, as do private Turkish policies issued specifically for foreigners who are applying for residence permits (such as those offered by Ankara Sigorta and Groupama).

Health Insurance from Your Home Country

If you want to use a health insurance policy from your home country, the policy must state that it is valid worldwide, preferably specifying Turkey. Your health insurance company must also have a branch office in Turkey.

If in doubt about whether or not your insurance policy will be accepted, get a new copy of your policy, or a signed letter from your insurance company which says the following:

In English:

"This policy covers the minimum coverage stipulated in the circular no. 9, dated 06/06/2014, on private health insurance required to be taken out for residence permit applications."

In Turkish:

"İşbu Poliçe 6/6/2014 Tarih ve 9 Sayılı İkamet İzni Taleplerinde Yaptırılacak Özel Sağlık Sigortalarına İlişkin Genelge'de Belirlenen Asgarİ Teminat Yapısını Kasamaktadır."

The minimum standards your insurance policy must meet are as follows:

Turkey's Health Insurance Minimum Requirements
Treatment Type Insurance Company Share Insured Share Insurance Company Share Limit Coverage Type
Outpatient Treatment 60% 40% 2,000 TL Any Healthcare Facility
Prescriptions 60% 40% 2,000 TL Any Healthcare Facility
Medical Equipment 60% 40% 2,000 TL Any Healthcare Facility
Inpatient Treatment (All Illnesses) 100% 0% 2,000 TL Any Healthcare Facility

The pages of the policy which show this information, as well as your identifying information, start and end dates, and other information as described above, must be translated by an official Turkish translator and notarized by a noter (notary).

Duration of the Insurance Policy

All insurance policies must cover you until the expiration date of the residence permit you are applying for. If the insurance policy expires before that, the expiration date of the residence permit you receive will be the same date your insurance policy expires.

Two-year Residence Permits

If you are applying for a two-year residence permit, you will need to buy health insurance for two years, in advance. As of this writing, only Ankara Sigorta provides this coverage. They offer two one-year health insurance policies that can be bought together. When the first policy expires, the second one activates. Other insurance companies will likely begin offering similar two-policy plans.

If You Are Over 65 Years Old

If you are over 65 years old, there is no requirement to prove you have health insurance, unless you are applying for a long-term residence permit.

If you need health insurance, contact our English-speaking agent of Ankara Sigorta, which provides health insurance packages for residence permits (in English and Turkish), using our Health Insurance Inquiry Form.

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External Links

Turkey Residence Permit Law (PDF): The Law on Foreigners and International Protection, Dated April, 2014. In English, this is the Turkish law which governs residence permits.

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