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Turkey Residence Permit: How to Cancel Your Application

Ken Grubb

If you have a residence permit application in the online system, whether it's in progress or complete, you can cancel it.

If you know you're going to miss your residence permit application appointment, please cancel your application, since it will be canceled anyway if you don't attend your appointment. If you cancel your application early, another foreigner can use the appointment time, and you won't waste the immigration specialist's time waiting for someone who isn't going to come.

How Can I Cancel My Residence Permit Application?

There are two ways to cancel your residence permit application. You can do it using Turkey's online application system or by calling the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or immigration office) Foreigner Information Center.

Cancelling A Residence Permit Application Using the Online Application System

Go to the online residence permit application system at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/.

Click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page, according to your application type:

  • First time
  • Extension, or
  • Transfer.

The second page will give you the option "I want to continue my application."

Click on that and log in using your

  • Application number
  • Mobile (cell) phone or e-mail address
  • Foreigner ID or passport number

That will take you to the next page. On that page will be an option to cancel your application in progress.

Cancelling a Completed Residence Permit Application

If your application is already complete, use the same process described above. The only difference between the in-progress application and the completed application is that you can't change or add information to a completed application. But you can still cancel it.

Canceling Your Application by Calling the 157 Foreigner Information Center

You can also cancel your application, either in progress or completed, by calling 157 from any telephone in Turkey. The international number is +90 312 157 1122. Press 2 for English. Have your passport and application number with you when you call. An immigration specialist will cancel it for you.

Ken Grubb, author.

As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He's now retired and living in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.


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