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What Happens After You Apply for Your Residence Permit in Turkey

Ken Grubb
  • Learn what happens after you successfully submit your application for a residence permit in Turkey.

The package which arrives containing a residence permit, as delivered by the PTT.Once your application package has been accepted, the local Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM) office will send it to the DGMM headquarters in Ankara. There, your residence permit card will be printed. This normally takes around two weeks, but it depends on the number of applications they have to process. Then they will mail it to the address you listed as your residence in your application. In the meantime, if you have gone to an appointment, they will give you a temporary residence permit, printed on a sheet of A4 paper.

When PTT receives the residence permit from the DGMM, the PTT will send you an e-mail and/or an SMS message letting you know your residence permit is in their system. The message will contain the package's bar code number. With that bar code number, you can track your residence permit package through the PTT system (see external links below).

Receiving Your Residence Permit

A courier will arrive at your door and ask you for identification. Once they verify that you are the recipient, you will sign for the package. If you are not there, the courier may call your mobile telephone. Or they may place a sticker on your door or mailbox letting you know a delivery was attempted, and that they will try again the next day.

Traveling Out of Turkey Before Your Residence Permit Arrives

If you have gone to your appointment and applied for a residence permit, but your visa or current residence permit has expired, and you need to leave Turkey, you can still do so with the temporary residence permit they give you. With your temporary residence permit and the receipts for payment of residence permit and the card fee, you can leave Turkey for up to 15 days and return without having to get a visa when you re-enter Turkey. If you stay out of the country for more than 15 days, you will have to get a visa to return. This doesn't mean you can stay outside of Turkey for as long as you like, because if there is a problem with processing your residence permit, they will contact you and ask you to report to your local DGMM office. And you must be present at your registered address when they deliver your residence permit.

While not a requirement, It will also help if you already have your Yabancı Kimlik Numarası (YKN, or Foreigner Identity Number). This is the number which will be on your residence permit card. You can ask to have your YKN assigned at your residence permit appointment or afterward. That number will help the immigration official when you return, since he or she will also be able to enter it into their computer to check your residency status.

Turkey's Foreigner Communications Center

The DGMM has a number you can call to speak to an immigration specialist. Call 157 from any telephone within Turkey. The call will be free. From outside of Turkey, call +90 312 157 1122. Long-distance charges will apply.

See Also

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External Links

PTT's Registered Mail Barcode Tracking System: After you receive an e-mail or text message from PTT with the barcode of your residence permit package, you can track it here. Just enter the barcode and the security code and click "Sorgula."
Turkey Residence Permit Law (PDF): The Law on Foreigners and International Protection, Dated April, 2014. In English, this is the Turkish law which governs residence permits.

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