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How to Deposit Money into a Turkish ATM without a Bank Account

If you go to the bank to transfer money into someone's bank account, you can do so for free, as long as it is the same bank, and as long as that person's account is with the specific bank branch you happen to be in. But if their account is at another branch, it will cost you. To deposit 100 TL for someone at another branch, for example, it will cost you a 40 TL fee.

And if you use a bank machine, or "bankamatik," it's free.

Here's some useful information about how to do it using the touch-screen bank machines, obtained from İşbank.

Kartsiz Para Yatırmak (Depositing Money Without a Card)
1 Kartsiz İşletme Basınız Press "cardless transaction."
2 Para yatırmayı seçiniz Select "deposit money."
3 Başkasının hesabını seçiniz Select "someone else's account."
4 TCKN (TC-vatandaşlık) kimlik numaranızı (kendinisin) yazınız Enter your Turkish or foreign identity number.
5 Cep telefonuzu (kendinizin) yazınız Enter your mobile telephone number.
6 Para yatıracağınız kişinin hesap numarasını giriniz Enter the account number for the person you are depositing the money for.
7 Diğer tuşuna basınız Press "other"
8 Parayı veriniz A deposit slot will open. put the money into the deposit slot.
9 Açıklama istiyorsanız değiştire basınız If you want to provide an explanation for the deposit, press that option.
10 Ekrana gelen bilgileri kontrol ediniz (son kontrol) Check the information on the screen and make sure it is correct.
11 İşleme devama basınız Press "İşleme Devam" to execute the transaction.
12 Makbuz yazdırmak için makbuz tuşuna basıniz. To get a written receipt, press "Makbuz."



Recommended Comments

I recently needed to deposit money to someone whose account was at Akbank in Ankara. Having no account at that bank I applied to the teller inside, who told me it would cost 45TL to send 270TL, thus she recommended to send it via the ATM outside for a fee of 10TL.  Having never done it before, I followed the prompts (available in English) with trepidation, and it worked ! The ATM automatically deducted the fee from the amount deposited into the slot, & 2 options were offered for entering payee details :either the name, branch number & account number, or the IBAN number (in case of it being at a different bank maybe?)

I did once check the İşbank's ATM & found their system was slightly different. :)

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