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Cable and Satellite Television Services in Turkey

Ken Grubb

A multitude of satellite television dishes on the side of an apartment in Turkey.Turkey's television system uses the PAL (Phase Alternating Line) system. If your TV and DVD system is PAL or a multi-system which includes PAL, it will work in Turkey. Otherwise it won't work, and there is no converter which can fix the situation.

Türkiye Radyo ve Televizyon Kurumu (TRT)

TRT is Turkey's state television broadcasting company. It is the only broadcasting company in Turkey. Besides TRT's channels, there is also ATV, CNNTurk, and HaberTurk. All of these channels are accessible for viewing online.

Cable Television

Cable TV is available in some parts of Turkey with Turksat. Their cable system has over 50 channels including BBC Prime, CNN, Eurosport, and BBC News. Subtitles are often available for programs in Turkish or other languages.

Satellite Television

Two main companies provide satellite TV services in Turkey - Digiturk and D-Smart. both companies offer a basic or "entry" package, which includes a satellite converter to rent as part of the service agreement. You can then add packages to the basic package, up to the point where you have around 360 television channels.

To get satellite TV, go to a local Digiturk or D-Smart sales point. They are often in a TV sales or repair shop. There you can compare the Digiturk and D-Smart plans, benefit from limited-time sales promotions, and choose between them. Payment is normally done by a monthly bill sent to your house. After you get a bill, you can also take it to your Turkish bank and have the amount automatically deducted from your account.

English-language TV

In the basic satellite TV packages, English-language channels include The Discovery Channels, various movie channels, CNN, BBC, and Eurosport. TV shows which have been dubbed in Turkish may also be watched in English, if available, by navigating to and activating a language setting on your satellite converter. You can also activate Turkish subtitles on the English TV shows, or activate English subtitles on Turkish shows as an aid to learning Turkish.

Satellite Dishes

If your residential complex has a community satellite dish for the system you want, you don't need to buy a separate dish. Just plug the converter box into the cable TV outlet on the wall and you can receive the signal from the community dish. If your building doesn't have a community dish, you can buy one and have it installed for around 100 TL.

Satellite Internet

Both Digiturk and D-Smart also offer satellite Internet services. When using satellite internet, remember that your satellite dish is a receiver, not a transmitter. So if you are downloading (receiving) something, it will come at high speed using the satellite. But when you are sending something, it will go out over regular ADSL lines.

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