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  • A collection of blogs written by travelers, expats, and Turks. Blogs are a great way to learn about Turkey and what it is like to live in Turkey on a daily basis.


Ayak's Turkish Delight: My life in Turkey. The ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, the happy and the sad...not forgetting the often disastrous adventures of Mr Ayak.

Canım Istanbul: Your new source of inspiration for Istanbul

Easy Move to Turkey:  A blog primarily about moving to Turkey, among other things.

Empty Nest Expat: With her youngest daughter off to college, Karen moved to Turkey. This blog is about her experiences, and more.

Far from the Sticks: An American Expat in Turkey. Witness my struggles with the Turkish language and my love affair with the food.

Living the Turkish Dream: English girl. Living in Turkey. Life, love & long distance.

Love, Life, Istanbul: Expat tales of love and life in Istanbul.

Marie in Stitches: I was born and grew up in the American suburbs, went to a local school and a local university, then went to New York City for a job interview and got a job half-way around the world in Turkey! I planned on staying in Turkey for three years or so, just to gain some work experience, but ended up meeting my soul mate after one and a half of those years, and we were married a year after that! Our new adventure is raising our daughter, Moonpie.

Miss Expatin: How easy is it to turn your life around? I have a feeling that it's not as easy as I hope but also not as hard as people like to believe. If you ask me about the day I decided to change my life, I couldn't tell you. It wasn't a day or a moment even. It developed from years and years of running after lost dreams and visions of something I no longer miss into something new.

Özlem's Turkish Table: I love Turkish food and would love to my share my homeland’s healthy, delicious, easy Turkish recipes with the home cooks and foodies. Having lived in Turkey over 30 years, I am also very passionate about the amazing history, landscape and heritage that my country offers. I look forward to sharing photos and stories of my culinary and cultural trips to Turkey and some wonderful Turkish recipes that you can easily create in your home.

Perking the Pansies: Imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, married middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to a Muslim country. I chronicled our exploits with the mad, the sad, the bad and the glad in a blog for the whole world to ignore. Then came the book which became a critically acclaimed best seller.

Roving Jay: A world traveler, Roving Jay has written some excellent pieces about Turkey, especially about Bodrum, in her Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide.

Slowly by Slowly: Roadtripping through one Turkish-American marriage with a troupe of backseat-driving Karagöz puppets.

Seasonal Cook in Turkey: My story in Turkey goes back to 1984 when I first moved here and fell in love with the country, the food and the people. I can happily say that that love affair continues today and I am forever learning little things about the culture and about the food which I never dreamt possible.

Tasty Traveling: I’m living the life of my dreams, trying to think happy thoughts, be a good friend and a good daughter, remembering to say “Thank You” for wonderful things happening in my life. Some people get annoyed with my constant state of happiness and confidence, but I know it works – you just have to want something strong enough to overcome your laziness and start moving towards your goals.

The Turkish Life: Originally from San Francisco, I moved to Istanbul in early 2008 and have been blogging here at The Turkish Life ever since about my travels, linguistic misadventures, and random observations.

Tourism Turkey: Written by Recep, a Turk who shares the beautiful and interesting cities and sights of his home country, Turkey.

Turkey's for Life: A blog about a wide variety of topics and places in Turkey.

Turkey from the Inside: Anybody who knows anything about travel writing in Turkey knows Pat Yale. Besides co-authoring Lonely Planet's Guide to Turkey, she's written for Turkish newspapers and for various other travel-related publications. Visit her blog to find out not just about the most popular places to visit such as Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia, but also about off-the-beaten-track destinations few have heard of.

Turkey with Stuffin': I’m a Londoner by birth, a cockney in fact from Canning Town originally.  Aged 20, I moved ‘up west’ where I lived, worked and honed my office skills & telephone voice. London is and always will be one of my most favorite places in the world and I miss it.

Turkey has my heart. It’s where I lived for 10 years and where I learned all about unconditional love & close knit family.

Turkish Life Cafe: By Kerry Arslan, a blogging housewife and new Mum who lives in Turkey learning the lifestyle and culture and blogging about her life and Turkey.

Turkish Travel Blog: Tons of useful information about various places in Turkey and how to get there.


Alanya, Turkish Riviera, Turkey: The blog of a business owner and resident of Alanya.


Adventures in Ankara: Exploring the adventures, tourism, history, culture, and cuisine of Turkey.


Back to Bodrum: In early 1982 I boarded a Turkish Kibris flight to Izmir - my destination was a 29 foot sloop in Bodrum's new marina. At 22, my belongings fitted into a worse for wear sailing holdall. In 2012 I made a similar journey from Heathrow to Bodrum. Thirty years have passed and Bodrum has changed. There are plenty of very good blogs detailing the ex-pat journey through modern Turkey. The aim of this one is to catch sight of past Turkey through my experience of re-settling in modern Bodrum.


The Best of Bursa: Highlights the places and people of Bursa, Turkey. Photos, experiences, stories, musings, insights, travel tips, and more!


Captivating Cappadocia: We moved to Cappadocia in 2011 with the desire to create a blog that would introduce the amazing people of Cappadocia to the many foreigners who visit each year.


Art in Fethiye: Daily Paintings and Musings from Turkey


Bazaar Bayar: a chance encounter in a small Aegean town while traveling in Turkey refocused my direction in life, when I met my vintage textile expert husband Abit. I was a clothing and interior designer in my native California, with work stints in design centers around the world. Experiencing new cultures, seeing how others live and create is my best possible design inspiration. Seeking amazing textiles and the cultures which produce them is a joy my curious nature will never give up.

Drawing on Istanbul: Plein Air drawing in Turkey, blogging about the site and the process.

Inside Out in Istanbul: After growing up in Sydney, Australia, Lisa Morrow decided to go overseas. After hitchhiking throuhg the UK and traveling through Europe, she came to Göreme, in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. She returned to Australia to earn a sociology degree, then moved to Istanbul, Turkey. While she now lives in Lisbon, Portugal, she regularly travels back to Istanbul. Lisa has written a books about her experiences, including Inside Out In Istanbul, Exploring Turkish Landscapes: Crossing Inner Boundaries, and Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul

Istanbul's Stranger: 'Yabancı' in Turkish means both 'stranger' and 'foreigner.' And Istanbul is one of the strangest places I've ever been.

Postcards from Istanbul: I have a life far richer than anything I could have anticipated when I bought a one-way ticket to Istanbul 3 years ago. I have friends and colleagues from all over the world, with diverse interests and backgrounds. I have watched beautiful sunsets on top of rooftop terraces,  played soccer at 2 AM,  and tasted some of the most amazing flavors the world has to offer. I have negotiated (in Turkish) at the Grand Bazaar, and know how to use public transportation to get almost anywhere in the city.


Çükürbağlı's Blog: Some people call themselves "Ex-Pats", I prefer the word "Emigre", for no other reason than I like the feel of it when I pronounce it. My blog is about the things in my life here in a village on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, the "Land of Lights", the "The Turquoise Coast". I include some of the things I do, the things that I plan to do, the things I dream about doing and the things I never get around to doing, not necessarily in that order.


Janey in Mersin: Have a dose of what life is really like living here – from Turkish in 1000 easy lessons to learning the secrets to making the perfect kebab! Highs or lows this is our random observations from the melting pot of crazy that is my life in Mersin.


Adventure Ordu: A blog about Ordu and its environs.

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