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How to Get a "No Social Support" Letter in Turkey

Ken Grubb

Once you've lived or worked in Turkey for at least eight continuous years, you'll be eligible for a long-term residence permit. While the application process is the same as for a short-term or other type of residence permit, there are some additional documents you'll need to include with your application. One of them is a letter from the Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Vakfi (Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation), which states that you haven't received social welfare assistance for the previous three years.

What is a No Social Welfare Support Letter?

The No Social Welfare Support Letter is a simple statement, with the letterhead of the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, which contains your name, your foreigner identification number, and a sentence saying that you haven't received any social assistance for the previous three years.

Where to Get a No Social Welfare Support Letter

Go to the Sosyal Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Vakfi (Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation). It's in the kaymakamlık (district governor's office). You can find it by searching Google maps (maps.google.com) using your province's name and the above Turkish name for it, or with the word "kaymakamlık."

What to Tell Them

You'll probably talk to a receptionist first, then wait until you can see the manager. After they print the letter, you'll see the manager, who will stamp and sign it.

If there's any confusion, show them the text below, which is exactly what the Turkish government states in its requirements for a Long-term Residence Permit.

In Turkish:

"Son üç yıl içerisinde sosyal yardım alınmadığını gösteren e-imzalı/imzalı ve kaşeli/mühürlü belgenin aslı (Valilikler/Kaymakamlıklar bünyesindeki Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Vakıflarından alınabilir)."

In English:

"Original of e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document which shows that no social support is received during the last three years (Can be obtained from Social Help and Solidarity Foundation of Governorates/District Governorates)"

What the Letter Should Say

Here's the text of one of these letters provided to me by a Turkey Central member.

In Turkish:

12345678910 yabancı T.C. kimlik numaralı (yabancının adı) son 3 yıl içerisinde (il) Sosyal Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Vakfından hiçbir yardım almamıştır.

In English:

12345678910 foreigner Turkish ID number (your name) has not received any assistance from the (province) Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation in the last 3 years.

The whole process, not including waiting for the manager to be available, will take around 30 minutes.

The Fee

There is no fee.

Learn more about long-term residence permits.

Assistance and Support

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Ken Grubb, author.

As a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and teacher for the University of Maryland, Ken Grubb has lived and worked in Turkey since 1997. He now lives in Antalya, where he researches and writes guides to help others live skillfully in Turkey.


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