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Crime and Safety

Guides to issues of crime and safety in Turkey, as well as the Turkish police and Jandarma.

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  1. Typical Street Crimes in Turkey

    Pickpockets strike wherever people are close together or distracted. They may even create these conditions by providing their own crowd or their own distractions while taking your wallet or bag. Their technique is usually honed to the point that you will not be aware of the theft until it's too late.

  2. Sexual Harassment in Turkey

    Sexual harassment is a worldwide problem and certainly not confined to Turkey. The majority of Turkish men are are respectful, even quite chivalrous to women, so it is very likely that you will visit Turkey and experience no unpleasant encounters at all. However, some women travelers do experience sexual harassment, especially in Istanbul.

  3. Mugging (Robbery) in Turkey

    Learn about muggings in Turkey, how muggers think and work, how to keep from being a victim, and what to do if you are mugged.

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  4. Crimes Targeting Single Male Travelers in Turkey

    Turks are naturally hospitable and helpful to foreigners, and quick to strike up a conversation with a stranger. But you may encounter someone who uses that gift of gab to get you into a bad situation, including taking you to a bar where you are left with an exorbitant bill or even drugged and relieved of your valuables. Some Turkish men patrol public transportation hubs, cafes, bars, and other places where people gather, looking for single male travelers to victimize. Here are the usual scenarios.

  5. Burglary in Turkey

    Burglaries are most common in larger cities in Turkey, but resort towns also have their fair share. Burglars look for the easiest targets, and foreigners who are complacent and use poor security precautions, including leaving doors and windows unlocked, make for the easiest victims.

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