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COVID-19 in Turkey: Join Your HES Code and Transport Card

Ken Grubb

If you're a resident of Turkey and want to ride on public transportation, you must get a Hayat Eve Sığar Kodu (Shelter at Home Code, or HES Code). While it's called a "Shelter at Home Code," it doesn't mean you need a code to stay home. It's for you to be able to use public transportation and enter public buildings and malls. The rules apply not only to Turkish citizens and residents, but also to those temporarily visiting Turkey with a visa or visa exemption.

What is an HES Code?

An HES code is a number which is associated with your yabancı kimlik numerası (foreigner identification number, or YKN). If you come into close contact with others who later test positive for the COVID-19 virus, you'll be notified so you can get tested and/or quarantine yourself.

Learn more about the HES code and how to get one.

Connecting Your HES Code to Your Transportation Card

I'll explain how to do it using the AntalyaKart, which is the transportation card used in Antalya.

Go to the website of the provider of your transportation card. For example, www.antalyakart.com.tr.

In my case a popup appeared, instantly giving me the web address of a special page for this, at https://hes.antalyakart.com.tr/.

It's a simple form. It asks for your HES code, your passport or identity number (citizen or foreigner), and the number printed on your transportation card.

Fill in those three things, click the box which says you understand the terms and conditions (they're general terms about the transportation system in Turkish), then click Tanımla (Designate).

That's it. Now your HES code is connected with your transportation card.


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