Turkey Expat Residence Permit Health Insurance

3_expat-health-insurance-turkey.pngBuy Expat Health Insurance Coverage from a Trusted Leader: Ankara Sigorta

You can buy the required health insurance for your residence permit using this form. A fluent English-speaking agent of Ankara Sigorta (Insurance), Turkey, will reply to you directly with a price quote based on the information you enter on the form below. If you are happy with the price, you can purchase the policy online using your credit card. If you need the policy to start later (up to 60 days after purchase), you can do that too.

Ankara Sigorta expat healthcare insurance policies meet all of the medical insurance coverage requirements mandated by the Turkish government for foreign residents of Turkey,and is accepted by the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management), which issues residence permits for foreigners living in Turkey.

One or Two-year Health Insurance Policies

If you are applying for a one-year residence permit, you can get the normal one-year health insurance policy. For a two-year residence permit, you will need to buy two one-year policies "back-to-back" (health insurance policies can only be for one year at a time). That way, when the first policy expires, the second one activates. This will keep you covered for the entire two years of a two-year residence permit.

Buying a Policy In Advance

Since you will be applying for a first-time residence permit or extension up to 60 days before your visa or current residence permit expires, you can buy a policy with a start date of up to 60 days in the future. Just make sure the policy is active on the day of your residence permit appointment.

Applying for Your Residence Permit

Once you have your insurance policy number and the dates of coverage, you are insured. You can then enter this information into the online residence permit application system when you apply online for your residence permit. The Ankara Sigorta agent will then provide you an original policy, in English and Turkish, and an insurance card you can present at a hospital or other healthcare provider.

Do not use this form just to ask questions. If you have questions about health insurance for your residence permit, or about any other kind of insurance in Turkey, please ask them in our Health Insurance for Expats Forum

    If you are applying for a two-year residence permit, you can get a two-year policy package to cover the duration of your residence permit. After the first policy expires, the first policy starts.

  • You can specify a date up to 60 days in advance for your insurance coverage to begin.

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