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  2. Is Turkey a pet friendly country?

    The reaction to pets is varied. In cosmolpolitan areas of cities people are more accepting of pets. In the countryside and villages people see dogs as necessary to protect property but do not really care for them, food and shelter are not as I would like to see. the municipalities seem to be looking after street dogs better now.
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  4. Turkish name?

    You don't have to take a Turkish name, I did though and its Paşa
  5. I have been granted Turkish Citizenship so I was wondering about the benefits of obtaining this, I know a few like the visa now is no longer needed and I can vote but was wondering about any other benefits?
  6. That is not the case as many people ride their motorbikes through the country. I'm not sure of the details, but you may have to contact the Turkish customs department.
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  8. General Knowledge Quiz 9

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 33/100 My Time 604 saniyede  
  9. Moving to Turkey?

    Yes FenerEniste, Side is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. I feel very blessed, especially as I am now with Mike who is the most wonderful man I have ever met... he does all the cooking and cleaning ... and I do the washing up, the laundry and the shopping... it works for us at least! x Angela in Side x
  10. CELTA in summer

    Hi Leila, I'm Esen live in Izmir. Summer time izmir is awesome. I think the best idea in izmir for CELTA. I'm a English student at International House. My course has CELTA program. I'm a pre-intermediate student in Ih. Also I'm accompanying CELTA student program. CELTA program on my course 1.000£. you can join next summer program. If you still didn't come here. Is there any job availability after getting CELTA in Turkey? -Yes! Exactly. My some teachers came to izmir for Celta. And they found work. If you finish successful you can work in international house either other courses. Let's speak about izmir! The Izmir mornings you can go to the kordon. you can have Turkish breakfast at seaside. If you do exercise you can run seaside. I sometimes walk Alsancak to Göztepe almost 10 kilometers. The city has a lot beach. You can go to the beatiful beaches and you can swimming. you can go to thecable car in Balçova. I went to last september. It was fantastic experience. You can see nearly all city. At the end,Night life is enjoyable in izmir. You can go to the Alsancak at night.Then you can drink beer at pubs and at bars. You can go to the Çeşme. You have the option of swimming plus walking around enjoying little towns such as Alaçatı,Çeşme,Ilıca. Wish were here soon.
  11. Foreigners getting married in Turkey

    Can't you avoid all this & just get married in Finland?
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  13. General Knowledge Quiz 6

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 66/100 and my time was 273 seconds  
  14. General Knowledge Quiz 5

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 76/100 My time was 307 seconds  
  15. No problem. My wife is now a dual US/TUR Citizen. That process is also an extremely lengthy one as well. I don't think the tourist visa would have to be changed (because you will have the marriage cert), but again that's a good question for the consulate. Also ask what the advantages are of getting married stateside...I feel as though starting it in Turkey is faster & more streamlined than the US. There's too many factors right now w/immigration stateside. Let us know what they say...this is great info.
  16. Turkish Foreign Policy

    Yes Ibrahim Abi all the members on this forum must obey the rules and regulations of the forum so on my opinion presidnet Erdogan took step to strengthening the basis of peace and stability in the region creates an environment of mutually beneficial cooperation with states in the region and other states in the world so Erdogan is a great leader.
  17. General Knowledge Quiz 7

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 388 seconds  
  18. Alanya Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 341 seconds  
  19. Side and Manavgat Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 46/100 My Time 403 seconds  
  20. What do you need to have translated? And how many words is it?
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  21. American/Turkish Visa Ban Lifted?

    Thanks so much for the help everyone. It's greatly appreciated. I will try calling and or emailing.
  22. Residence Permit

    We recently helped a friend apply for residency. At the interview they insisted on a translation of the 'proof of funds' document even though it was from a UK teachers' pension fund. they did not require it to be authorised though. It still added 100TL to the bill though.
  23. LC...I'm married to a Turk...but I'm am a guy. My wife & I dated for over a year before I asked for her hand...also I lived in Turkey, I wasn't a tourist. Next year will be 10 years. It's 100% different for women who visit Turkey and "fall in love" while on holiday. Your story is a common one and your trust in this guy is pretty high. Naïve, maybe...but tread carefully. During my time on this forum, I've read many a story about your dilemma. I'll wait for the ladies that dated/married a Turkish guy they met on holiday to add. I hope for all the best...please keep us updated. *grabs popcorn*
  24. 88 Yes Old and WOWEE!!! ...

    Thanks Ken... yes, quite a remarkable lady is my Mum. When I asked her not so long ago how she managed to be so fit and look so great for her age, her reply to me was ... 1. I believe in God 100% and go to church every day to pray. 2. I try to do a good deed every day that nobody but me knows about. 3. I have a bath for about one hour every night and massage my body all over after. 4. I have used Baby Lotion on my face and body all my life ... if it's good for the baby, it's good for me! 5. I get up every morning at 7.30am and am busy the whole day long. 6. I take an interest in other people and watch the news avidly, paying attention to what's going on in the world. 7. I play chess once a week. 8. I love my 5 x children and 9 x grandchildren and every day at least one of them is with me for a meal which I cook - and I love cooking. 9. I always have a positive attitude - it helps in all sorts of situations - So there you have it ... the secrets of growing old gracefully Ken.... x Angela in Side x
  25. Getting help with UK spouse visa

    Just an update. We are still waiting for my wife's spouse visa to be approved, the Turkish consultant we employed said that we should get the visa sometime in January. The spouse visa is for 30 months, my wife will then need a 30 month extension to that visa before she can apply for the Indefinite leave to remain – ILR (settlement) visa. We were actually married in England in 2006 and lived there until 2009, I am trying to find out if that time will count towards the qualifying period for the ILR visa. Over the last few years getting a UK spouse visa for someone from Turkey (or any non EU country) has become increasingly difficult, expensive and bureaucratic. If that gets any worse we may, in a few years sell up in the UK and move back to Turkey. It seems that the British government now views visas as an extra moneymaking opportunity with no regard to the difficulties people are suffering. Home Office makes thousands in profit on some visa applications
  26. What Would You Do to Change Turkey?

    Awesome! I like that post a lot
  27. Microwave wanted in Side please...

    nice! Great find.
  28. Turkish news broadcasts in English

    No problem.
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