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  2. Surname after divorce

    Hi Ceren, Thank you for getting back to me. My accountancy degree and diplomas are all in my married name so it would really affect me if I lost my married surname. I also can't really see how me keeping it would hurt him in any way. We are not even in the same country at the moment and when I move back to Turkey we will be hundreds of miles apart. He is having the divorce papers sent to me in UK to sign. How can i add to them that I want to keep my married surname?? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really worried about this. Thank you
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  4. Historical debt collectible?

    Was this letter sent by e-mail? It could be a 419 scam, The scam being named after the number of the fraud law in Nigeria, where a lot of these kinds of scams come from.
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  6. I think we are ultimately going to have to wait and see. This won't be the first time they figure out a new rule will have unintended consequences, then either selectively enforce the rule or not enforce it at all. And if worse comes to worst, the foreign embassies can get involved if it has an unnecessary negative impact. That is just my opinion.
  7. New Biometric Kimlik

    They will also take fingerprints as part of the new residency procedure at the interview and more photographes from the front, back and side.
  8. Sailing Dinghy Wanted

    Try this site, let us know how you get on. https://www.sahibinden.com/deniz-araclari-yelkenli?a4653_min=3&a4653_max=7
  9. Turkey today

    That's nice to hear about. Gave me a smile too. Thanks IbrahimAbi.
  10. Married and divorced in turkey

    Hey, Here in Turkiye, you have to wait 300 days between the divorce and the orher marriage; which is to be sure that youre not pregnant. if you are in that 300 days period; you can apply to family court (and they will send you to the hospital) then if youre not pregnant you can get marry again. First of all, you need to know the finalization date of your Turkish divorce decree. No idea about not registering them in UK. Feel free to ask more if i made it complicated. Good luck.
  11. Your gas consumption is recorded by your customer number or your meter number. So the gas company has records for your billing. If you have a gas meter, then the gas company knows how much gas passed through it. Yes, I am sure they know this.
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  13. Urgent

    Normally the Labour Ministry in Turkey supports the worker rather than the employer in most cases. I think you will get support from them.
  14. Moving back to Turkey

    Same buddy. Get well soon. Hopefully everything happens for a reason & you can return to beautiful S. Turkey.
  15. Please help mee

    Had the same fear when we moved from the US. Luckily, all of my wife's family speaks Turkish. He had been exposed to the language from a young age & indeed it was sink or swim. Son gets his English practice from my wife & I...although more from me obviously lol. But school teaches Turkish, German & some English. I think he could go to a public school now, but the curriculum is better on the private side IMO.

    Done! No need to make an appointment Here is Turkey! I went and they gave the ikametgah! address prove
  17. Prison sentence for not paying support?

    Hello My answer is yes, he may go to prison. But there are sone strict conditions and time out. In case of 90% not punished.
  18. Name Change

    Hey, No need to wait till 187 changes. - supreme court decided "women need no valid reason to use their own surname in marriage without husband's surname" in 2015. So you can change your name with just entering an action. Women are also allowed to change the childrens surname ( if they are living w mom) with their own surname after divorcing.
  19. Religious married

    Hi, it was forbidden untill 2015. i mean getting religiously married before the real marriage was forbidden. Now you can live with him without any ceramony called marriage or with just "religious marriage" Both means not to be married and no records about that type of marriages in governments official records. That means "religious marriage" gives no protection to you; he can still get marry with someone else; no hairdom; nothing to force to get marry officially. Religious marriage is something just about the morale. So i prefer you to wait till your documents arrival.
  20. Foreigner and public hospitals

    Not off-topic at all.. in fact, excellent information! Thank you, Meral.
  21. Changing name on Kimlik

    I think the only way you could do it from the UK is by going to the local Turkish embassy or consulate. They will need to see identification to do something like that.
  22. Thanks for that feedback. It's often the case that you hear one thing from one person in the government, and another thing from another. But here we have information about how it is actually working. I don't know what else to say... except to call 199 and let them know about the problem. Perhaps they will upgrade the system soon to accept foreign ID numbers.
  23. Oh thats a good thing to know thank you, in my next visit inchallah i will make sure i go somewhere different. For Marrakech it is really a very nice city with hot weather and there r so many places to go, tourists love it, i also recommand Chefchouen it is a very unique city as well.
  24. Turkish Postal Service

    In my experience it is totally trustworthy. You need to use taahutlu to have the receiver sign for it. It is a very reasonable price (compared to Europe).
  25. Academic jobs

    Im not looking for property to buy, so, indeed, it would be waste of time. I'm looking for job opportunities for now.
  26. Thanks for getting back to us, your experience may help others, or at least reassure them.
  27. George in Alanya Prison

    Does anybody here have the correct address for the Closed Prison in Alanya please ... so I can reply to George who has sent me 4 letters in total ... thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me ... I did have it but have lost it now ... thanks again... x Angela in Side x
  28. Have I "lost" my Turkish nationality?

    Thanks for your answers.
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