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  2. Ken Grubb

    Income tax question

    Ok, I believe what you are trying to get is a work permit, since it is in the free zone the ministry of finance is involved in that. So you would have to come with a work visa (not a tourist e-visa), which your company arranges, while you provide information at your local Turkish embassy or consulate. The embassy or consulate then creates a barcode which is then supplied to your employer, then they apply for your actual work permit. Once your work visa is ready, you pick it up from the embassy or consulate. Then you travel to Turkey with the work visa. After you arrive, you'll get your actual work permit. Your work permit also serves as your residence permit. From then on you would renew your work permit each year.
  3. Aaron Dennis

    Early 70's In Izmir

    While I was there the country was placed on martial law for several weeks. There was a 6:00 pm curfew which didn't fit in with none of our plans for the evenings especially since there was no TV or radio to entertain you. So we moved about carefully avoiding the Turkish Military standing with weapons on many street corners. However one evening we were caught by surprise rounding a corner when we had two machine guns pointed in our faces by a couple of Turkish military. I quickly flashed my NATO ID badge hoping they would buy off on some official business excuse. They didn't speak English and we only had learned a few Turkish words none of which I thought would help in this situation. After much non communication we decided to raise our heads and keep walking like we were suppose to be there. They followed us to our apartment and that was the end of it. I was also there when they were conducting a census it was forbidden to leave your dwelling at all during that day. Imagine if that was tried in the US.
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Confusing message from Il Goc

    We also have tourist short term visas even though we own outright in one name. No worries
  5. Just to quickly report back here too, after a little delay involving a lovely four-day (!) health check at Göztepe Hospital, which I had been asked to undergo just before they scrapped that requirement, I also did get my residence permit today. It's for seven months, as requested (as my insurance wasn't willing to extend the coverage prematurely...). Of course, given how long it took, those seven months are almost over now...
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  7. LeahMiddleton

    Going Back To School - What Would You Do?

    The choice of your school should not be based only on geographic coordinates, it will depend on what specialty you want to get. You should not look for something in Los Angeles, just because you want to live there or you just like the city. Just think about what specialty you want to get and look for the best university that can give you this specialty. It may not be in LA, but it can give you the best. So think what is more important to you. And then you can work with resume prime reviews to get a resume that will help you in your career development.
  8. Ken Grubb

    Old Passport Number on appointment application

    I doubt it, as long as she is in the country legally with a legal passport. But she should get it updated as soon as she can.
  9. Vegasturk

    Turkey Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 86/100 and my time was 319 seconds  
  10. Ken Grubb

    Urgent need help

    Did you receive a card which serves as your work permit? That would be your ID card as well. There is no separate ID card. Or are you wanting to know how to become a Turkish citizen?
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  12. Burdie

    Turkish Culture Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 20/100 and my time was 564 seconds  
  13. kking

    Short term tourist permit

    Thank you Ken for your help, very much appreciated, will let you how it go. Regards
  14. Ken Grubb

    Does short-term residency lead to citizenship?

    Yes. Residence based on a work permit also counts.
  15. Bibatulips

    It wouldn't happen in........

    I agree that there are extremely helpful and kind people here and we met a lot of them, but I think there is a huge problem bubbling under the surface here, I think it has to do with the Syrian refugees, we don't look Caucasian and often people come up to us and ask us whether we are from Syria, once they hear we are not their demeanour immediately changes and they instantly become friendly. I'm starting to understand a few Turkish words and oftentimes I hear things like onlar yabancee, Syrianlar. I have also searched in the past Bursa news and learned that their was a huge riot against Syrians here in September, I'm not saying that all Turks are rejecting people that they might think are Syrian but at the same time I want visitors to this forum to be aware of our experiences here in Bursa in particular.

    UK Birth Certificate for short-term

    They were totally wrong in keeping any original documents issued by another country....they will insist on seeing the original, apostilled ,translated & noterised document BUT should only keep a photocopy of it. The British Consulate will not 'legalise' any document issued in the UK,so you'll need to send it off to the FCO,or any private apostilling company to have this done.
  17. ambersanne

    Divorce and remarried in US

    Great, so long as I don't have to do anything. Thank you for the clarification!
  18. They may not understand it completely either, because it is quite confusing. As long as she doesn't exceed 90 days in Turkey during the previous 180-days, she will be okay.
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  20. Benard

    African origin

    Hi people.? Just moved to Izmir from Nairobi Kenya and I am staying in Goztepe, Izmir. Are there some African expats around here we can catch up?
  21. Bibatulips

    Lost wallet

    It should work, it's a normal post shop.
  22. Thank you again mali35, Ok I see, so this basicaly means that we are in big trouble. I find this weird to just show up one morning without notice and cut off water supply. The guy was kind enough to come back and check to see if we were able to reach the landloard, he was still unreachable, so he gave us until Monday to sort the paperwork, if not he will cut it off again.
  23. Eglegal

    Certificate of inheritance

    Hi, Here is a quite complicated situation due to the fact that Turkish law does not recognize civil partnership and therefore does not grant inheritance rights to the alive partner. Based on this information, it seems that State of Turkey would be the ultimate successor for the assets, unless a will has been written. Regards,
  24. mali35

    Putting a piano in an apartment.

    Dear Mr. Sharpe, I have sent some photos of a house by direct message. I didn't want here looks crowded with photos. Regards, Mehmet
  25. Ken Grubb

    Moving to Izmir

    The main platform would probably be a group on Facebook, so you could search for one there. And of course feel free to mention Turkey Central or link to us there.
  26. Ken Grubb

    american resident permit

    You would need to get a short-term residence permit. It is issued for a period of a few months up to two years, then it has to be renewed. Each person, married or not, must get their own residence permit. You can learn more here: Short-term Residence Permits in Turkey After you have read the articles, if you still have any questions, feel free to post them in the Residence Permits forum.
  27. I will contact UPS, thank you for you advice IbrahimAbi!
  28. mali35

    Best area to live

    As Mr. Grubb mentioned and as a real estate agent I higly recommend you thst do not rent or buy a property without seeing.
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