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  2. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction where would I or who would I email in relation to my birth certificate I was registered in Turkey at the Turkish courts there embassy and adopted by English parents I was given a British citizen that allowed me to live and work in UK I no longer have the birth certificate who can I ask about getting a copy of my birth certificate please
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  4. Going to Turkey and Marry my Fiance

    i have a contract but I did not finish it because of my father critical condition and I want to come back to Turkey as tourists visa, can I get Tourist visa to marry my fiance in Turkey?
  5. Dogs barking in morning please help

    Quote from their website ... The BarkStopper does not require external power and is powered by 2 x AA batteries. Because the noise is deactivated once the button has stopped being pressed its very economical. All orders are tested before they are sent out and are CE approved.... Best wishes, Angela x ... So you should get at least 2 x AA batteries to be prepared, probably 4 would be better still, then you will have a spare set of course ...
  6. Hi Nicole,i'm assuming you are in Istanbul. If so,automatic rendevu is the norm there...You don't get the option to chose your date & time ,the system makes this for you. Applicants in Istanbul usually make a postal application for renewals, unless you have any changes on your application form from the last application. So you just need to print your application off and you should see the interview date & time automatically generated for you.
  7. eating out? check your receipt

    How about restaurants and university dinning hall? Do they cook with bottled water? I don't think so! Wooow we cook everything by bottled water? Could we cook with tap water after let it go for a while? I read somewhere filter is not so much good
  8. Ikamet _ renew

    I have discovered that nothing is normal, everything changes every day.
  9. Finally, if I want to take money from ATM of the same bank but another branch is it applied fee or the fee is just applied when i want to take money from atm of another bank? Thanks
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  11. Arykanda, Turkey

    From the album Arykanda

  12. Arykanda Bastions, Turkey

    From the album Arykanda

  13. View from Arykanda, Turkey

    From the album Arykanda

  14. View from Arykanda

    From the album Arykanda

  15. Walls of Arykanda

    From the album Arykanda

  16. Why Should I Move To Antalya, And Why Not?

    I have been going through old topics and found this one about my thinking of moving to Kaş or Antalya. Since then, I have lived in both! One day I was in Istanbul, and Cukurbagli called me. He said there was a one-bedroom apartment available in Kaş for 450 TL per month. By plane and bus, I went from Istanbul to Kaş. I immediately fell in love with Kaş. I just had to live there. Within four hours of my arrival, I found and met with the landlord, and signed a one-year contract. I still had a few months left on my apartment contract in Izmir, but I didn't care. I straightened it out. Kaş is, indeed, an enchanting place. I would go into the town square and sit at a tea garden, and go into what I came to call the Kaş trance." Just looking around, taking in the beauty and charm of the town, while thinking "wow. I live here." I loved Kaş. But the winters were indeed dull. Most everything closed. And the expats were usually twice-retired. A restaurateur told me "you have come to Kaş fifteen years too early." Oh I loved Kaş. But I needed more activity year-round. So after three years of living in Kaş, I moved to Antalya. Antalya, where I still live, has a much younger and more active expat group. Everybody has a day job. And Antalya definitely doesn't die in the winter. Even late at night there are a few restaurants open. I now live in the city center of Antalya. I don't like the traffic and the crowded-ness, but I do like the transportation system. I can go anywhere in Antalya cheaply. And to any city in Turkey, especially to Istanbul, in an hour on a flight which costs less than 100 TL. Like in Izmir, no proper beaches except for the pebble beach in Konyaaltı and the soily-sand beach at Lara. Compared to Izmir? Hard to compare. Two similar, yet different, cities. After being here now for five years, I now think Antalya has a slight edge over Izmir. Since I have been here for five years, it's probably time to move again. Now I am thinking of moving to the Marmaris or Bodrum area. Maybe İçmeler or Gümbet. I am going to İçmeler and Gümbet this summer to get a feel for those places. Will I next move there? We will see. And one day, I might just move to Istanbul.
  17. Marmaris Quiz

    View this quiz Marmaris Quiz This quiz is about Marmaris's history, surroundings, culture, events, and more. Take this quiz to see how much you really know about this beautiful seaside town. Submitter MaryP Type Graded Mode Time 15 minutes Total Questions 30 Category Turkey Submitted 02/18/2018  
  18. Marmaris Quiz

    • Graded Mode
    • 15 minutes
    • 30 Questions
    • 0 Players
    This quiz is about Marmaris's history, surroundings, culture, events, and more. Take this quiz to see how much you really know about this beautiful seaside town.
  19. A bit dated, but a great all-around travel guide for Istanbul, with useful information about Turkish culture, places to go in Istanbul, things to do, and history.
  20. Also please see attached file below. What does ıt mean by kartsız? ıt means we just put the money ın ATM wıthout the card right? So, what ıs the dıfference? if we use our cards what wıll be happened more penalty? consider I dont have ınternet card. ı have zıraat card and want to pay for a person who has IBAN ın guarantee ıs ıt better for me to put nakit money in guarantee ATM?
  21. Changing surname

    My wife and I have been married for 29 years and have lived and worked in Turkey for many years with different names. i cannot forsee any problem that you will have by not changing. Best wishes.
  22. Work Visas and Work Permits Articles

    Dear Sir, I have working permit until 2019 but there is an emergency in my family regarding the health condition of my father that I need to go home and I do not know when I can come back to Turkey so I requested my employer to cancel my sigorta. Could you help me to answer my question " Can I use my working visa in going back to Turkey next year before the expiration of my working visa 2019?

    Even if we could open an account they do not give credit card. Just ziraat told me if you work here and your company or institution gives you monthly stipend after 6 months you could have a credit card again it is possible my friend in akbank inside university applied and it is rejected
  24. Looking for some help please

    yilmazavukatlik@hotmail.com Phone +905322776716 Sabahattin Yılmaz (Attonet at law)
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  26. Ikamet

    Thank you sooo soo muchhhh ! this is absolutely helpful i hope to try and can pay fees by their own website .
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