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  4. A bit dated, but a great all-around travel guide for Istanbul, with useful information about Turkish culture, places to go in Istanbul, things to do, and history.
  5. Also please see attached file below. What does ıt mean by kartsız? ıt means we just put the money ın ATM wıthout the card right? So, what ıs the dıfference? if we use our cards what wıll be happened more penalty? consider I dont have ınternet card. ı have zıraat card and want to pay for a person who has IBAN ın guarantee ıs ıt better for me to put nakit money in guarantee ATM?
  6. I encountered problems as well, and they are aware of it, and they are still working on it. I'm not sure what the guy did at the café did, but there were blanks, that all got sorted at my interview.
  7. Changing surname

    My wife and I have been married for 29 years and have lived and worked in Turkey for many years with different names. i cannot forsee any problem that you will have by not changing. Best wishes.
  8. No in my case it is not related to pray I really hate this they are annoying S...t fu...
  9. Ikamet _ renew

    My pleasure mate
  10. Work Visas and Work Permits Articles

    Dear Sir, I have working permit until 2019 but there is an emergency in my family regarding the health condition of my father that I need to go home and I do not know when I can come back to Turkey so I requested my employer to cancel my sigorta. Could you help me to answer my question " Can I use my working visa in going back to Turkey next year before the expiration of my working visa 2019?

    Even if we could open an account they do not give credit card. Just ziraat told me if you work here and your company or institution gives you monthly stipend after 6 months you could have a credit card again it is possible my friend in akbank inside university applied and it is rejected
  12. Looking for some help please

    yilmazavukatlik@hotmail.com Phone +905322776716 Sabahattin Yılmaz (Attonet at law)
  13. Ikamet

    Thank you sooo soo muchhhh ! this is absolutely helpful i hope to try and can pay fees by their own website .
  14. Where Turkey foreign policy towards?

    As Turkey become a great influence to the neighbors countries like Syria, so how do you think it?
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  16. Animals 2

    View this quiz Animals 2 Another fun quiz about animals. Have fun Submitter nickoswampy Type Graded Mode Time 15 minutes Total Questions 30 Category Animals Submitted 02/07/2018  
  17. Exactly because of that I asked a lot here and one of my friend here in this website got irritated!!! I asked a lot about ziraat bankasi, the only bank you could open an account with just passport and tax ID. Tax ID (JUST with passport and residence address) Unfortunately, Turkish official works are really weak!
  18. eating out? check your receipt

    do not eat out!
  19. Sure The fake insurance I named
  20. Dear Loszka; You don't need to apologize for your English mistakes, we all make them, even us native speakers. This is a friendly community, We are here to help, not judge, not to criticize, nor hurt anyone's feelings. I appreciate your bravery! for making the attempt and that is what is important. I assure you though I'm learning Turkish I make far more mistakes than you. I wish my Turkish was as good as your English. The only thing I can say about your situation is that you are not alone! My wife of almost 15 years does the same thing. We used to spend almost every minute together when I wasn't working. SOmetimes we would take trips together to visit fellow Turkish friends who lived in a Turkish community. I figured she was lonely after all she was in MY country and I know she loved to get a taste of home every once in awhile. But in the last 2 years we had to do the long distance relationship. I had to stay in the U.S.A. because I was selling our house, She came back to Turkey to help take care of her father who is sick. We skyped or What'sapp'ed every day. Every few months she would fly back for a visit. I couldn't leave until the house was sold, and I had to tie up a few loose ends before I moved here. I thought she was seeing her friends every days for comfort because she was alone, Now i'm here and she still visits her friends and / or family every day. Sometimes I'm invited, Sometimes it is Women only. My thoughts is that perhaps we were separated too long and this is the new lifestyle she got used to it. It does seem crazy but it is what it is, I would rather be here and stay her and my son, and see her part time than be alone in the USA without either of them. I don't know if time will change, but I have accepted it as the new norm.
  21. Animals 2

    • Graded Mode
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    Another fun quiz about animals. Have fun
  22. Yes, I am American. He assures me this is not an issue with his parents. His family lives in Istanbul, on the Asian side (not sure what that means, it’s what he’s said). His sister (3years younger)was divorced about 8 years ago and lives in Istanbul. His ex-wife and family quit speaking years ago (5-6) and never got along well. His divorce finalized two months after I met him. We met in a business setting with no hidden personal agenda. He did not persue me for several months, and it wasn’t until a month of him trying that I agreed to speak to him outside of work, well after his divorce was finalized.
  23. short residence permit extension

    thanks for the replies. good news: finally I received my card before 6 weeks. it's valid for 2 years. thank you.
  24. Hmmm, i feel your dilemma. Question: if he couldnt tell the woman that he was dating you because of the boss (sounds kind of lame), how is it that he can post pics of you on his phone now? Also, turks have a strange relationship with money I find, they dont seem to mind borrowing it from others...
  25. I got Power of Attorney to one of my friend in Turkey for an opening company but I think she opened 3 other company in my name and how I can find out how much taxes I have to pay?
  26. Overstay - different case

    I got a job offer recently and they offer to apply me a work permit but I must have a residency permit 1st and I can’t leave turkey for more than 2 days , does neccecary to leave to Jordan and back again ? Can leave to a visa free country like Cyprus or Lebanon then get back and apply for my RP ?
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