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  2. MCS Logistics provides an inseparable supply chain management and link between interested parties with a wide range of available services. MCS Logistics offers a strong sense of consolidation and distribution service through its commitment and vision. All requests are carried out from our Istanbul office and we determine the perfect and economic route by providing a single addressee, simplified and abbreviated process for the customer. Services International Movers MCS Logistics has been transporting to all parts of the world, domestically and internationally, for years. We deliver all your goods, small and large; we carry carefully and without damage to your new address. Our experienced staff also saves you a lot of trouble. You can transport your goods internationally with MCS Logistics assurance. Home to Home shipping fees are not as expensive as other shipping companies, whereas only high quality shipping service is high. The way of exclusive transport is through the MCS Logistics transport company. Call right away and get the perfect home and office transport service. If you are looking for fancy referance, you can get reasonable prices by taking advantage of various campaigns. Storage Services As MCS Logistics, we aim to reduce the total operating costs and improve the processes of our customers throughout the supply chain. We produce a variety of warehousing service in Turkey and in our Europe centers, or in our customers own repositories, such as single customer or shared warehousing organization export loading platform, cross loading platform, distribution center. Packaging and Installation All the goods we carry as great as you are, from the greatest to the smallest. Your equipment is carefully packed with our expert team and protected against external impacts. We are meticulous and careful because we can fulfill this responsibility in the best way possible. In this process our team takes full responsibility and delivers the goods to your desired address. We value our business as well as the value of your furniture. We are your happiness and our happiness. Intercity Home to Home Transport You can transport your goods internationally with MCS Logistics assurance. Home to Home shipping fees are not as expensive as at other shipping companies, only high-quality shipping service is high. The way of exclusive transport is through the transport service. If your are looking for fancy reference,you can get reasonable prices by taking advantage of our various promotions. 444 2 953
  3. Thanks Ken. I actually applied once before 2+ years ago and I was charged the Visa Fee then. I didn't apply again until recently, again I was charged. In these last 2+ years, I was in Turkey a couple of times. So do you think that I was charged for the "visa-exempted" days between these 2 periods? Might you know how the charge is calculated?
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  5. Hi everyone, Well as you read from the title we had applied for 2 years PR and today we got 5 months which is actually just 4 months because they included the wait time for the appointment which was one month. Considering all the headeach, confusion and expenses and especially the financial side of it all when it all adds up it acttually a lot to be invested for a short periode of time. The reason I'm posting today is not to complain about what happened to us(I feel like **** but let's put that aside for now), but to make future applicants aware that this could possibly be your result too. I have to include that during the interview we were asked whether we are going to buy a house here, we said not at the moment but maybe in the future, although we were advised by someone that we have to say that we want to buy NOW or else they might give us a short permit, we chose not to be put on the spot especially since we had never heard or read about this before. I don't know if it's worth it to stay the 4 months or just pack up and leave.
  6. Bibatulips

    One time visa entry?! TEK GiRiŞ ViZE HARCI

    Ok I see, So because my passport is European and his is not, he had to pay the 425tl fee. Thank you Redders!
  7. Bibatulips

    Proof of residence issue

    Every time you call the 157 line they ask for your first and last name, your nationality and the city you are calling from.
  8. I got private health insurance from AK sigorta in Tekirdağ for 1 year for only 209TL. 4442727
  9. Last week
  10. What an ordeal... well at least it was something simple that was fixed on the spot. Thanks for the update!
  11. I guess the specific question is the topic header, & I cannot figure it out either.....
  12. Ken Grubb

    Retirees not allow on İncirlik Base

    Thanks for the heads-up. Not so good news, but at least it might save someone the trip.
  13. Ignore him, stop replying. Eventually he will stop trying to contact you. It works in every culture.
  14. Ken Grubb

    Early 70's In Izmir

    I didn't get to Izmir until 1997, but heard stories of Izmir's "glory days" including when they had this big hotel on the First Kordon, the Kordon Hotel I think it was called. Also heard quite a few stories about the 1980 coup and the curfew. A lot of the Turks who were there when I first got there were also there during those days. We even had a clock from the Kordon Hotel in our office. It has since been turned over to the Turkish military I believe, who are running it as a regular hotel now.
  15. Excellent news! Looks like you are "out of the woods" then. Thanks for the update, I was wondering how it would go. What documents are you referring to? and by "native speaker," what language are you referring to? English or Turkish?
  16. Ken Grubb

    Short term residency application

    I can't answer that... since I cannot know when the DGMM will send your residence permit. You could give a friend power of attorney to pick it up at the PTT if it becomes necessary. You can get a power of attorney specifically for what you want another person to do for you at any local notary (noter). I don't know of anyone who has done this, but I think that would be the only other option.
  17. Ken Grubb

    Woud the 90 days rule still count if I have a Visa?

    Have a look at this article: Turkey Visa 90 in 180 Days Rule The visa validity period is 180 days. You could buy as many visas as you want, back to back, indefinitely. And you could come and go as much as you like during those 180-day validity periods. But your total time in Turkey, at any time, for the previous 180 days, must not exceed 90 days. The 180-day validity period, and the 180-day period in which you can stay in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days, even though they are the same number of days, are two different things. The first 180-day period, that is, the visa validity period, is fixed by calendar dates. It will always start with on the day you bought the visa and always end on the day the visa expires. The second 180-day period is a rolling range of days which must be counted backwards from whatever day "today" is. It will always start on whatever day it was 180 days ago, and will always end "today." As long as you have a valid visa, and your time in Turkey in the past 180 day period has not exceeded 90 days, you can remain in Turkey. See the article also for a link to a visa calculator in case you need it (at the bottom of the article). It is the simplest way of calculating total time in Turkey, validity dates, etc.
  18. retired master electrician shore based technical support marine yacht elevators electric & electromechanical systems boat & caravan electrical systems acdc off grid solar and wind electricity electric control boards electric machines & cooling electric installation, repair, maintenance, modernization electrician certificate certificate of amateur seaman VHF short distance radio certificate amateur long distance radio license TA WhatsApp and mobile phone: 90 555 5786812 Izmir -Turkey

    SGK Requirements?

    Hi AnjaL, this is true you have to have held an RP for at least one full year before being able to apply for SGK you have to be into your second year of RP validity before applying.
  20. Cukurbagli


    Hi Deandreo, welcome to Turkey Central. Interesting question but I think we need more information before anybody can make an educated answer. 1. Have you actually met in real life or is this an internet love story? 2. How long have you known each other? 3. How much time have you spent actually in each other's company? 4. What, in your mind, is the best outcome for this situation?
  21. Cornelia Gartner

    Three months wait

    İn Tuzla. Yesterday I have got a number to ring to find out what is happening.The lady told me on November 17 I will get the answer!!??? They will let me know where and when will I get my res. card. The Univ. applied for a "family card" because the short term card could be just six months so I am classified as a new applicant. Very confusing. Will let you know when it is eventuates. Your friend will need his application number and passport number handy, mother and father name and where he is staying now. They are very polite and helpful!!!!
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  23. TB1

    Income tax question

    Thanks for your help.
  24. IbrahimAbi

    Confusing message from Il Goc

    We also have tourist short term visas even though we own outright in one name. No worries
  25. Just to quickly report back here too, after a little delay involving a lovely four-day (!) health check at Göztepe Hospital, which I had been asked to undergo just before they scrapped that requirement, I also did get my residence permit today. It's for seven months, as requested (as my insurance wasn't willing to extend the coverage prematurely...). Of course, given how long it took, those seven months are almost over now...
  26. Ken Grubb

    Old Passport Number on appointment application

    I doubt it, as long as she is in the country legally with a legal passport. But she should get it updated as soon as she can.
  27. Vegasturk

    Turkey Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 86/100 and my time was 319 seconds  
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