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  2. The Daily Sabah featured one of our members in their "Legendary Expat Series." His name is Martin Redman. He goes by the name of "REDDERS" on Turkey Central, but he is more widely known as "Doc Martin" because of his Facebook group, "Doc Martin's Surgery for Expats." Martin is widely known for his work in sorting out those things expats need to know in Turkey, and his ability to explain complex issues in terms people can understand. I can personally attest to his painstaking attention to detail when it comes to providing correct information. And I am grateful to have Martin as a member of our community. You can read more about Martin in this Daily Sabah article: Legendary Expat Series: Meet Martin Redman Congratulations, Martin, for being recognized as a Legendary Expat. You truly deserve it!
  3. Ken Grubb

    Why Should I Move To Antalya, And Why Not?

    I have recently learned how ignorant I was in my perception of a "proper beach." I'm from the East Coast of the United States. To me, a "proper beach" has always been a big, wide, sandy beach. I hadn't even seen a pebble beach until I came to Turkey. Lately I have met a LOT of people who prefer pebble beaches to sandy beaches. Pebble beaches were what they were used to, or they preferred them because the sand didn't get into any uncomfortable places. I hadn't even thought about that before. Anyway, since my first and latest posts, I have changed my idea about what a "proper beach" is.
  4. Eglegal

    debts and marriage

    Hi Deb Altug, No. Debts dont become the woman as well. That would have been too harsh. Regards,
  5. Last week
  6. I want to know if it is illegal criminally to post someones picture and write about them in social medial and other online places. A Turkish man destroyed my life and did a lot of very bad things and is trying to use foreign women to get visas as he is very poor has alot of debt. I found out he is also writing other foreigners to try to befriend them to try to get Money. I posted his picture and wrote about what he did to me to warn others. He went to police and made a complaint and after 3 hours I was told that it was illegal in Turkey to post someones picture and write about them??? I asked for the law to support this and was given TPC. ARTICLE 134. I know he gave it to the police. The police basically forced me to remove it and didn't seem to care about what he had done, most recently telling me to go to Istanbul, promising to be waiting at the airport, have an apartment ready then not showing up and leaving me in the street in the middle of the might with no place to sleep and I had to foot a huge hotel bill. Prior to that he was trying to get a fiance visa and money for his debt. Are there any lawyers who could clarify??
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Advice needed before booking

    I think I would book a holiday in Greece instead.
  8. You must apply for your residence permit online, at For first-time applications, the online system will give you an appointment date for you to submit the required documents in person. Renewals are also done online, but instead of going to an appointment you can mail your documents to your local DGMM office. The online system will give you an address to which you must mail your documents, within five days. Turkey has a national helpline for foreigners who have questions or issues about residence permits. From any telephone within Turkey, call 157. More Information About Residence Permits in Turkey Here is a collection of articles about the different types of residence permits you can get in Turkey, with instructions to help you apply for one. Turkey Residence Permits Residence Permit Community Forum If you still have any questions, visit our Turkey Residence Permit forums. Browse the forums first to see if your questions have already been answered. If not, you can open a topic. Residence Permit Support Forum Health Insurance You must have health insurance to live in Turkey. You can buy this health insurance online. If you want a free quote, or to buy this insurance, click on the link below: Residence Permit Health Insurance
  9. Personally, I don't think it is possible to have a "relationship" on the internet. You have to have personal contact with the other person. And before any commitments are made, you have to know each other for some time. You should base your conclusions on people based on what they do, not on what they say, and this is not possible over the internet. For that reason, "love scams" over the internet are very common. I'm certainly not saying that this is going on here, but the internet certainly creates an environment for it. There are a lot of cultural and personal issues involved in a relationship between people from different cultures. It is not possible to know exactly what these are just by communicating on the internet. So I wouldn't take this "relationship" too seriously. Be ready to walk away, and don't create a lot of expectations on your part, or on his. You should let your brain take the lead, not your heart. Think logically, not emotionally. There are many dating sites where you can find, then meet someone who has similar interests and values, and spend time with them to see if there is any chemistry there, or if they inspire any feelings for you. And you can see what they are really like instead of what they think they are like, or what they say they are like. Even in person-to-person relationships people put on their best face, which means they display, or exaggerate, their positive attributes, and do or say what they think you want to see. And they hide those things that they don't want you to see. Only later in a relationship, after seeing what they do, and not what they say or show you, can you really get to know the person. On the internet, this is going to occur even more. My concern with internet relationships has also been creating a lot of high hopes before you actually meet the person. It is better just to be friends and correspondents, and that is all. Then when (if) you meet, you can take it from there. If you create a lot of high hopes before you even meet a person, then when you meet, if it doesn't click, then your, your friends, or both of your hopes, fall from an even greater height. And because you have created a lot of feelings for the person beforehand, you might tend to overlook things that would normally be "red flags" telling you they are not the right person for you. Not to mention that you may have wasted a lot of time that would have been better spent finding the right person for you, in the traditional way, under more realistic circumstances. Of course you need to decide for yourself, but that is my opinion.
  10. I have never run across this situation before. People who come on regular student visas (which might be different from what you have) can apply for residence. So it might work, you can always try. But I think you should call the helpline and get the information directly from the DGMM. The law isn't specific about people working online in Turkey if they are working for foreign companies. And the immigration specialists at the DGMM are probably not specialized in labor laws, but they are concerned about any foreigners working in Turkey. So if you are working, even if it is online, this may cause a problem during your interview. I say "may," because I don't have any specific information about situations like yours, and I don't know of anybody who has been in the same situation before.
  11. Lisaz

    Share in buying a property

    Redders, you are an absolute star! Thank you for your response and the info provided - much appreciated...
  12. IbrahimAbi


    Yes, be careful to make sure that he knows you want karaciğer and not akciğer (lungs)
  13. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term "humpty dumpty" referred to a drink of brandy boiled with ale in the 17th century. The riddle probably exploited, for misdirection, the fact that "humpty dumpty" was also eighteenth-century reduplicative slang for a short and clumsy person. The riddle may depend on the assumption that, whereas a clumsy person falling off a wall might not be irreparably damaged, an egg would be. The rhyme is no longer posed as a riddle, since the answer is now so well known. Here is the text of Humpty, Dumpty - - French style - - "Un petit d'un petit S'étonne au hall Un petit d'un petit Ah! degrés de folles Un dol de qui ne sort cesse Un dol de qui ne se mène Qu'importe un petit d'un petit Tout Gai de Reguennes." Homme petit d'homme petit, s'attend, n'avale Homme petit d'homme petit, à degrés de bègues folles Anal deux qui noeuds ours, anal deux qui noeuds s'y mènent Coup d'un poux tome petit tout guetteur à gaine
  14. Yes,thats the least expensive company to use.
  15. Earlier
  16. Thank you! It is indeed the first application i mean and not an extension. i guess it was a bit ambiguous. Great info and thanks again.
  17. Britpharaoh

    Islamic marriage

    Hi Anyone know imam in Istanbul would perform an Islamic marriage without any legal requirements please?
  18. Eglegal

    Child Maintenance & Changes

    Hi, There might be a little delay in the beginning since the court will send the official letters to him. But then it is fine, written notification would no longer be necessary during judgment. Regards,
  19. Lynny611

    Married and divorced in UK

    Thank you Eglegal that is very helpful!
  20. Hi Kimba,if not banned , you just have to stay out as per the 90/180 day that would be 90 days as you cannot have back to back visas. If you are banned [which is very unlikely] , then you can either appeal the ban via the Turkish Consulate in your home country,or if you decide to 'ride it out' you still have to apply to your Turkish Consulate at the end of your banned period for a special passport visa sticker to enter Turkey . This can take a while to be processed ,but if you attempt to enter Turkey after an official ban with an evisa you will be refused entry. But as i stated earlier, if you pay the fine on exit,there's very little chance you'll receive a ban, you'll just need to stay out 90 days as per the visa laws,then apply online for an evisa and return normally.
  21. Cengiz Kurt

    Turkish Mythology

    See for more Turkish Mythology: or:
  22. Lonesome Cowboy

    Aygaz LPG

    The guys from Milangaz arrived at 9:45am this morning and were finished at 11:00am. My wife asked them if they were going to paint the pipe, they told here they didn't have any on board but would return soon to do it. They cleared debris from inside the pipe, tested for leaks and commissioned the kitchen hob. Job done and costing less than the nonsence Aygaz wanted to do.
  23. Ken Grubb

    Antalya storms

    If you have questions about any functions on Turkey Central, please post them in the "About Turkey Central" forum. That way we can keep things tidy.
  24. Hi everyone, here a question regarding fishing: is there any special permit I need to be able to fish in Alanya?. Recommended places to fish? Thank you very much in advance. Cok tesekkurler. Von.
  25. Thank you for the confirmation - much appreciated. This is a wonderful website and provides heaps of deeply useful info for foreigners!
  26. ASLMET

    Rent renewal

    Mr . Ken i m Aslıhan . Have a good Sunday
  27. I have found a few kiddies books here in England which I will be taking with me to Side when I fly there on 28th February and I'll be in Side until 26th May. These are the books for sale at 5 TL each ... (1) 5 x Little Miss small paperback books, 5" x 5" - each at 5 TL - (a) Little Miss Late, (b) Little Miss Splendid, (c) Mr Daydream, (d) Little Miss Trouble, (e) Little Miss Neat ... (2) A small, hardback book 5" x 5" with a little dog on the front cover; it's called Let's Learn About The Weather ... (3) A small paperback book 4" across x 6" down and the original price is still on there at £2.50; it's an I-Spy book called In The Street by Michelin, the tyre people... (4) A thin paperback book 7.5" x 7.5" written by Emma Lynch and printed by Pearson; it's called Go To Bed and has a girl with bunches in her hair laughing on the front cover. It is one of the Always Learning books... (5) A think paperback book 7.5" across x 10" down with the original price on it of £3.99 - written by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins; it is called Monsters and has a picture of a black and red scary monster on the front cover ... (6) An 8" x 8" hardback book with tabs to see the colour change; called Magaic Wild Animals by Anker Publishing and Entertainment in the UK ... (7) A thin paperback 8" across x 9" down called Jolly Phonics Workbook satipn by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham; illustrated by Lib Stephen with a red snake on the front cover surrounded by other animals; it explains in a fun way how to hold a pencil correctly and the first 6 letters that can form more simple 3-letter words than any other 6 letters ... (8) Another thin paperback book 8.5" across x 11" down, called Sky Flyers : Learn To Fly with Percy Pigeon and all his Feathered Friends... it says on the front cover "Happy Children Guaranteed" plus Games, Puzzles, Stories and Other High Jinks. Inside it has - Making, Folding, Drawing, Doodling, Scribbling, and Counting ... (9) A hardback book 7.5" across x 9" down with a smiley-faced airplane on the front cover called Planes, A Magical Story and published by Paragon in Bath, UK... (10) Horrid Henry - Halloween Goodies Lucky Bag marked as for Ages 3+ - - the thin plastic wrapper with the goodies inside it has a young lad covered from head to toe in bandages and making a grimace of a face - - and that plastic bag/wrapper measures 9" across x 12" down ... (11) 3 x thin paperback books/sticker albums as follows ... (a) Toys At Play from Disney Pixar's Toy Story 3 - - Sticker Album 6" across cx 4" down ... (b) Popstar Sticker Activity Book, 8.5" across x 10.5" down, with over 50 x Stickers; original price on there is £3.99 ... (c) Sweets & Treats Sticker Book, 8.5" across x 11" down, with awesome press-out masks and over 250 x stickers; original price on there is £4.99 - - there are also drawing and colouring activities within the book - - COLLECTION ONLY PLEASE in Side from 28th February onwards - - thanks for taking time out to read all this ! x Angela x
  28. Star

    Paying all the rent before inhabiting

    Thank you Meral No I made a mistake my grammar mistake!
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