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  2. The telephone number for the Cesme otogar is (232) 7126499.
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  4. Congratulations, Gabriel! Now it's just a matter of time for your residence permit card to arrive! I know how that feels.
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  6. They sell metal detectors in Turkey, so they're not illegal. Also, their not on any restricted list on the customs website, so it should be okay. It is illegal to use a metal detector around ancient sites. Also, if you find, are given, or buy any antiquity in Turkey and try to take it out of the country, it's illegal, and you could even go to jail for it. That includes any antiquity, even a coin, and even an old carpet. If you want to take something out of Turkey and you're not sure if it's an antiquity or not, you must go to a museum and get a letter stating that it's not an antiquity before you take it out of the country.
  7. Thanks for kind response. I was told by the people who work in evlendirme dairesi, that I need to file a lawsuit with a lawyer, and even if my petition is accepted, it is not for changing my marriage certificate, but just to give me permission to use my maiden name privately, and I still need to change my ID , ect. As a foreign student living in Istanbul , I can't afford few thousands dollar only for getting permission to use my maiden name privately. I also consult with lawyers, they told me it needs few thousand dollars to file the petition, and so far two women won the case. I am infuriated , and I do not know what to do. I still did not make any changes to my any official records. Regards,
  8. Getting an apostille is routinely done by post. You don't have to travel to Turkey. And you don't need a lawyer. You just have to send the diploma to them (and pay whatever fee is involved). When they receive the diploma, they'll verify its authenticity, attach an apostille stating that it is authentic, and send the diploma and apostille back to you. I know it sounds like it must be a very complex process, but it isn't.
  9. I just learned that some of the information above is incorrect. Yesterday I was reading the Sabancı University website. On its international student affairs page, it said that if you're already in Turkey, you can transfer from a short-term residence permit to a student residence permit. Just to make sure, I called the DGMM helpline at 157. The immigration specialist I spoke to said the same thing. If you're already in Turkey with a residence permit, and you've been accepted by a university or other school, and you have the acceptance letter, you can transfer from whatever type of residence permit you have to a student residence permit. I asked if this was mandatory, and if I could attend courses at a university to get a diploma with a short-term residence permit instead of transferring to a student residence permit. He said it depends on what the university wants. If the university allows you to take courses with a short-term residence permit, then there's no need to transfer to a student residence permit.
  10. If you're 65 and over, you no longer need health insurance to get a residence permit. It doesn't become free. However, you can still get the Turkish government's genel sağlık sigorta (general health insurance) plan. Just go to an office of the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (SGK) and you can sign up. You become eligiblle for the SGK health insurance plan after you've lived in Turkey for one year.
  11. I would recommend you to read a lot of the other posts in the Doing Business section. There are pitfalls and problems that you can avoid.
  12. Nothing has changed at all. First you need to go to your local Nufus office with a translated / notarised copy of your foreign licence to get started,assuming the country that issued your licence has an agreement with Turkey. Go here, https://treaties.un.org/Pages/ViewDetailsIII.aspx?src=TREATY&mtdsg_no=XI-B-19&chapter=11&Temp=mtdsg3&clang=_en ….to find countries that are included in the Convention. If your country is NOT listed then it’s not possible to make a licence exchange.. The only way to obtain a Turkish driving licence is to take driving lessons & the tes
  13. I asked a Turkish friend of mine about this. He's pretty well connected with these kinds of things, and he said he would help you, no charge. I'll send you his name and phone number by personal message.
  14. This isn't common practise at all with Turkish/foreign marriages. I'm afraid you're on the way to being scammed.
  15. Hello Gabriel, Congratulations to you and your dear fiancé ! Most important document that you need to collect from the Portuguese authorities is the one which states that you are single and there is no impediment for you to marry. This is one of the main papers that is to be asked by the Turkish Marriage Office (Municipality) Apart from that, of course, a notarized translation of the passport is another document that you need to submit. Some of the Marriage Offices (Municipality) in Turkey are experienced and know how to proceed with an international marriage, but some of them have no idea how to handle it. We have fixed a couple of arrangements here in Izmir, Turkey for our clients (who are wife&husband both Non-Turkish) and they were delighted with all the services here in Izmir Marriage office. Any questions pls feel free, Regards,
  16. If the imported vehicle is still on it's foreign plates & here on the 2 year import,no insurance company will accept you. You'll need to get Green Card policy for the duration. If you keep it here longer & apply to Turk Turing & pay the bond etc & have it put on Turkish plates etc,then all insurance companies will accept to cover as it will be on Turkish number plates.There are so many Turkish insurance companies here you'd need to just go round a few high street brokers with your Ruhsat ,passport & RP and get quotes.
  17. What was a busy main road past Konyaaltı Beach has now had a traffic calming upgrade and crossing the road is much much easier and safer than it was previously, lots of trees, traffic lights, car parks etc all over what was the main road so absolutely no problem to walk along there and cross the road.
  18. Yes but this changes might affect how things might continue from now on. I do believe we will start sending all documents and payment slips by post instead of taking them to a physical appointment at the migration office. Even for the tax payment and RP fee its possible to make the payment through a Turkish bank account (take noticed that it should be a national branch). One more thing that might be interesting for those avoiding going to migration offices the tax number for the foreigner applying for the RP can be provided by calling the number 189. It takes around 3 business days and the person should call back the same number after that time passes to request the tax number and the migration hotline will provide one. From that point the tax and RP fees can be paid with the foreigner tax number provided.
  19. Hey all, I'm curious about some formalities with the RP you get for owning a house/flat in Turkey. So if you own a flat and you live in another province (via renting) are you still able to obtain such RP? Or do you need to be 51% of your time at the owned property? Also can you still obtain such RP even though you rent it out to others or must you live there exclusively? Thanks all for your answers.
  20. I have made this request across quite a few forums and had good response. I am feeling more confident of success after reading the many replies. Thank you all.
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    Closing A Company

    Okay, Thank you for your help
  22. Theoretically we should just have to show the ikamet application form asking for 2 years, the card showing he got only one year and the copy of the receipt showing he paid for two years. However that didn't work. I will let you know if we are successful elsewhere or with another method.
  23. I was stationed to the US Army Detachment outside downtown Izmir 1972-1973. I was the Co. Clerk under Sgt Frank Tweed and then Sgt John Waller, Many fond memories of my 18 months in Turkey.
  24. Okay, great! Glad to hear you got in. Was there anything you did differently that made it start working again? That would be something good to know.
  25. Hi Meral, Yes, I have Turkish TV via Satellite here in the UK and I've been watching it since i was young (nearly 30 years) and i always know what is going on. Plus during all of my life I've been coming to Istanbul to see family nearly every summer. Well i don't know why Germany, France, Netherlands and other countries have to be so mean/nasty towards Turkey and not be supportive for the to become a EU member. I know with France the 'Armenian Issue' is the main reason why France is not supporting EU membership for Turkey and this annoys me even though I'm Pro-EU. Plus Greece is playing games right now over Cyprus and that's another thing that is stopping progression for Turkey to join the EU. My mum is Turkish Cypriot and i support North Cyprus and it should be recognized all over the world. Yes, I'm aware of the disgrace in the education system, i just wished it would get better in Turkey. I remember during the millennium Turkey was doing very well economically and the Lira was strong and when AKP came into power things went downhill from there Yes i hope the Turkish people doesn't make the same mistake again, but i would like to see a progressive party in power like CHP but fake news is going around about them and other progressive parities and i feel it's ruining their chances to get elected just because AKP want to stay in power. It's really ridiculous! I want to come to Turkey in 2023 to celebrate 100 years of the forming of the Republic and i hope it will be good.
  26. Yes, that would be so, Sonia. But now, because of COVD-19, that kids have had to do their schooling at home, online or via TV (with parental supervision), it might just catch on a bit more. Same might happen with jobs as people find it's plausible to work from home.
  27. Your request has been evaluated positively? Is it accepted or rejected? Pls tell
  28. @Selim1984uk, I don't think Ender could give you answer based on your personal situation, but yes, if a condition is such that it hinders you from doing your military service, you'll be excused. With autism or learning difficulties, it would depend on the severity of the condition, and only a doctor could diagnose that. I might suggest you use the links in the military service guide and contact the Turkish military recruiting authorities and ask them. Ultimately it is they who will decide who is fit for service and who isn't. @Omer Varol, thanks for the suggestion! I will add that information before publishing. It is good to know someone who recently went through the process.
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