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  2. enjoy the country but keep your money away in a safe place ... this is my advice
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  4. Ken, We decided to stay in Turkey, me as a student and my wife as a fiancee (like tourist residence permit). Just a question. After we go to the noter, issuing taahutname, we can make an appointment online for GOC. I mean she can. Could we go to the GOC in a same time? I mean I take a time and she also come with me. Do they process our application at the same time (with just my appointment time)? So, in this way, I stay in Turkey as a student resident permit and my wife as a tourist resident permit for 2 years, right? Thanks
  5. Hey Does anybody know about the interest of vadeli hesab in ziraat bankasi? Two years ago it gave me 8 percent as far as I remembered for 10000 tl. It means that, every month it pays extra money for my main account. 65 tl for 30 months with days. It is not a yearly vadeli and the advantage is that you could withdraw any time you want without fare (ceza) (ceza Please give me information.
  6. American/Turkish Visa Ban Lifted?

    The visas were only considered for immigrant purposes not educational and etc.
  7. Foreigner ID before residency

    Hi, Just ziraat bank opens an account for foreigners as far as I know, especially for the people without T.C. I have an account but mu wife has not had yet. What should she do? Just go to maliye dairesi with me and show rental house is enough? Thanks
  8. Procedure for Lost Ikamet

    Wow. What a wait. I hope something is in the works to fix it. In Antalya, the insurance company I work with gives me two originals of my insurance policy. Also a card with my name and insurance policy number. I recently went to the hospital, and the card was all I needed.
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  10. History Quiz 3 (expert)

    I just completed this quiz. Benim Puanım 80/100 Zamanım 424 saniyede  
  11. I don't know the story, so I don't know what was in the fish they ate. I think no matter how much you feed the cats or what you feed them, they will still eat food from the garbage. A lot of people buy dry cat food from the store, and put it out near the garbage containers in different piles, so the cats don't have to eat from the garbage and won't fight each other for it.
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  13. History Quiz 2

    I just completed this quiz. Benim Puanım 90/100 Zamanım 600 saniyede  
  14. Home School

    If the children are or may become turkish citizens or may have a future in Turkey then attending school seems unavoidable. certified completion of each class leading to graduation from each level of school is required for some surprising things like getting a driving licence. There is something called open primary and high school. it seems mainly aimed at adults who missed out on school when they were children. I don't know if school age children can register. it seems to consist of exam without a need to attend class. I am not sure about this though perhaps someone who knows can add.
  15. learning turkish language

    It's a good start to get familiar with the language. I've used a few of the courses available online, one from the US government, and even took Turkish I and Turkish II at a university. Then I started going to Tömer and took three classes there, then at the local Turkish American Association. I found the classes were getting away from me, because a lot of the other students worked in Turkey or were married to Turks and spoke the language daily. I didn't have that luxury. So now I am taking private lessons which go at my own pace. The way I see it, you need to get to a certain "critical mass" where you can understand Turkish television and radio, read the newspaper and Turkish books. At that point you can expand your knowledge of Turkish on your own. One problem I had with the online Turkish courses and books/recordings is that it doesn't really go into the breadth of how things are said. For example, for a situation you may only be given one conversation. But then when you are in that situation in reality, you will find that the Turk talking to you hasn't taken the same course! Also, the online courses, etc., will get you to the point where you can do stuff like order in a restaurant, ask for and understand directions, and talk small talk, but when you have to go and talk to someone at the electric company, the Turkish they use is a lot more advanced. So what I would recommend is doing the online courses, then go to classes, then if you have any trouble keeping up, get private lessons. Another big advantage of the classes and private lessons is that you'll be speaking and hearing Turkish the whole time, which will help a lot with your comprehension and speaking ability.
  16. Some Photos from Adana

    Do you miss living in Adana? How was your experience there?
  17. Looking for job in Izmir

    Have you tried the Turkish-American Association? Sometimes they have problems finding an American native English speaker. For example, the TAA in Antalya has been trying to find an American English speaker for some time, and can't find one. The TAA in Izmir might be in a similar situation. Besides, sometimes teaching jobs can come open which are not announced, so actually visiting some of the better schools might be a good idea.
  18. Statistics Residence

    The only one that I know of is through the government's own statistical website, but it is not as up to date as 2016. Stats always take time to be processed. http://www.turkstat.gov.tr/VeriBilgi.do?alt_id=1067
  19. overstayed

    James,the application number will not allow you to stay . You must complete the online application form, submit & either be given an interview date or informed where to post your application to , to consider your application entered into the system. This must be done prior to your present RP expiring. If you fail to do this you can't put in an application after your Present RP has expired.
  20. History Quiz 3 (expert)

    • Graded Mode
    • 15 minutes
    • 30 Questions
    • 1 Player
    An harder world history quiz to challenge you Or you can learn more
  21. History Quiz 2

    • Graded Mode
    • 15 minutes
    • 30 Questions
    • 2 Players
    An nice general history quiz to continue the topic
  22. Moving to and Working in Turkey...?

    hi, Have you decided on this issue? Turkey is very good Country for me but it's too tiring to work in this country. If you have decided to live, will you share your experiences with us thank you
  23. History Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. Benim Puanım 93/100 Zamanım 332 saniyede  
  24. Looking for a primary school in Antalya

    I think your experience would be very helpful to others, so if you would post about it and what you learn, we'll have some better answers here in the future. I wish you the best and hope you find the right school.
  25. Temporary visitor permit

    Thank you Ken. This has been very helpful.
  26. Science Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 76/100 and my time was 282 seconds  
  27. I went to the Antalya DGMM and asked their Director of Communications and Harmonization about this. He told me that for the first application, which always requires an appointment, that a notarized copy of the rental contract is required. However, for renewals, the document from the nüfus will suffice. I noticed that too. And have presented a non-notarized copy. However, because of problems with the system I had to go for an appointment, even though it was a renewal. I have yet to be able to mail my documents. Just a tip which has helped me in the past. On an notarized document there is a stamp on it with a number. Rather than getting a new copy, you can just show the original document to the noter, and they will pull up the original document and re-certify that. That is also a mystery to me! Neither of them are likely to have been trained in forensic document examination, so what's the use? I have no idea. I am reminded of an old military saying: "Just eat it and live."
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  29. General Knowledge Quiz 11

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 70/100 and my time was 333 seconds  
  30. History Quiz 1

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    • 15 minutes
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    A history quiz to get things started I wonder if anyone can get 100%
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