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    Yes!!! Thanks very much.
  3. Yes! I think you are right. I am very grateful for your kindness Thanks again....
  4. Apparently no tax number is required when paying the fees online. In that case, it would seem to me that you could wait until you get your residence permit card, which will have your foreigner identification number on it. Then you could use your foreigner identification number instead of getting a tax number. But I don't know that for sure... perhaps someone else has done it that way who can help.
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  6. Hey all!! It's that time of year again! I'm a US Citizen so I'm okay with my odds, my concern is my wife who is not part of the OECD countries list. We've applied last year for 2 years and we only got 1 year (In Ankara), and still haven't got a refund. We plan to leave Turkey in 2021 but we'll need another year, is goc being lenient due to COVID? I know a friend that is from Ukraine and he was able to get another year. Thanks for answers in advance!
  7. Perhaps the Muhtar has permissions to update the system but I don't know. The only way you could find out is go to the muhtar, see if he or she can do it, then go back and see if the problem is still there.
  8. I don't see that Poland is on the bilateral agreements list, but AXA does have offices in Turkey, and they issue health insurance policies for residence permits, so you could go to an AXA office here in Turkey and find out if your policy will work for a residence permit. The policy is required to have a statement on it which says it meets the government's minimum coverage requirements, like this: Turkish: İşbu poliçe 10.05.2016 tarih ve 16 sayılı vize ve ikamet izni taleplerinde yaptırılacak özel sağlık sigortalarına ilişkin genelgede belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsama
  9. Event: The U.S. Mission in Turkey has received credible reports of potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against U.S. citizens and foreign nationals in Istanbul, including against the U.S. Consulate General, as well as potentially other locations in Turkey. U.S. citizens are advised to exercise heightened caution in locations where Americans or foreigners may gather, including large office buildings or shopping malls. All American Citizen and visa services at U.S. Mission in Turkey’s facilities (including U.S. Embassy-Ankara, U.S. Consulate General-Istanbul, U.S. Consulate-Adana,
  10. OK. If your appointment is in Antalya, then after your interview, you'll get a Residence Permit Application Document, which is your temporary residence permit. Rejections after getting one of these is rare. But if you are rejected, you'll be notified by SMS to go to the DGMM office. There they'll tell you your application was rejected and give you a form with an option to appeal the rejection. If you want to appeal you shouldn't go for a refund. But if you decide you no longer want a residence permit and want your money back, take your residence permit application form and your rejec
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  12. If you're outside of Turkey for health or educational reasons, it doesn't count towards the interruption of continuous stay in Turkey. So because you were getting education, and outside of the country for a reason you couldn't control, you won't have any problems when you apply for a long-term residence permit.
  13. Exactly. Banks have no interest to confiscate their customers properties. They exercise that right as a last resort when you fail to repay. Buying/selling property is not the type of business which the banks prefer to engage. It is a risk for a bank if they couldn't manage to convert property into cash on time.
  14. There isn't any fiancé visa, but there is a tourist e-visa. You can learn the requirements here: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ Click "apply" (twice) and enter your travel document information. Then click "Save and Continue." Unfortunately, on that second page it says they require citizens of The Philippines to already have a visa or residence permit from certain European countries, the USA or Ireland to before they can get an e-visa for Turkey. If you don't have one of those, you have to contact a Turkish embassy or consulate in The Philippines and ask them how you can get a
  15. OK I see. So you would just have to send your documents on time. That is correct. You can leave Turkey and return. Your exit won't affect your application.
  16. You need to ask student resources what you need. Not the notary. It is they who are asking for this document, so you need to find out what exactly they need first.
  17. Excellent! I'm glad you finally got your residence permit card. I know how that feels! Also thanks for the update.
  18. If you haven't exceeded the 90 days allowed on your visa exemption, you don't need the travel document. You can leave Turkey and return because you are, and still will be, under the limit.
  19. It seems to work with a non-smart phone too, I got a code number in reply. Thanks Ken
  20. Been 3 weeks since my application was approved and still haven't dispatched my card. My peers who applied for the same card (short term permit after graduation) after me have received theirs. People at 157 don't know anything and there's no update at all.
  21. It's my pleasure. Sorry I didn't think of that sooner. Have a safe trip, I hope everything works out okay.
  22. There will be no fine. And you can appeal a rejection. They should tell you what you need to do to appeal it if they reject it. If it's rejected (I hope it's not!), you have ten days to leave the country. You could leave for one day and return with an e-visa, and stay for whatever amount of time your visa allows. If you want to apply again, and if its for the same type of residence permit, you have to wait 180 days. But hopefully your application will be accepted!
  23. It may be that. It seems to work best with a laptop or desktop computer. It may also be that they fixed the system error in the time it took you to switch from one to the other.
  24. Thank you Ken like always.
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