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  2. hello to everybody and i wish to you happy 2020! this is a video from forgoten / abandoned natural steam baths of turkish hammam at north Greece. If you are in Greece and you are able to go at mountains of Rodopi,Xanthi city, dont miss this here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuaZnu6hkA4
  3. hi, i really need a help. Because I and my Girlfriend from Turkey are planning to live together in Turkey but we don't know what to do since I am from Philippines. can Somebody help me to know the things i/we need to do so I can get there and do our plans? Thank you. PS. I have my passport already.
  4. Has anybody transported a motorbike from Turkey back to uk we are in Fethiye and looking for the best way to take it back to uk. It’s a British bike registered in turkey many thanks
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  6. https://forms.gle/wTVZF4v1KSrhoScE8 This research is prepared for postgraduate thesis study carried out in order to determine perceptions of tourists on Bodrum. Your answers will be used for purely scientific purposes. Thank you for your attention and participation.
  7. Hello, I am co-producing a short documentary for YouTube on the experiences of expats in Turkey. I am looking to speak to a wide range of people from different backgrounds living all across the country. If you are interested in finding out more or being featured please get in touch. Filming will take place between the 7th and 22nd of October. You can contact me on whatsapp: +90 545 406 12 20.
  8. Hi I dont know if im in the right page Since im not a turkish national, but my fiance is. Hes been here in Philiplines for 3 years he love and like philippines i know that, now I supposed to go with him but i need visa but Immigration in philippines didnt give us a chance to arrange anything. they hold my fiance in airport even his exit clearance is feb 6 so he have enought time to fix everything. i didnt see him since they are not allowed to contact or talk or see anybody. Now what we Planned is im the one the one who will come but the im worried i stop already from my job. and what visa i need and information. someone have experience or any idea? thanks
  9. Hello there everyone so i recently moved to mersin from the U.A.E about 6 months ago because of my dads occupation as a trader and as a young 18 year old i just cant seem to find anything to do ive pretty much spent all this time inside or the occasional visit to forum or marina but surely there must be more to do here right?
  10. hi i have the same situation with Her..what requirments they ask for approval of visa .. i left my job since my fiance came here now he is in turkey and we think to marry there.since they are strict here. is there any reuirements they need ?for visa ..and what visa u took ? we really need guidance . we trusted already one stuff from BI and seems goes wrong.I dont know now what to do.
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  12. Hi Kim, I am sorry that things didn't work between you and your husband. Your statement is correct, that is quite a smooth procedure in Turkey if it is not a contested (disputed) divorce case. However, unfortunately, your attendance to the hearing is required for the judge to make a divorce ruling. You do not have to travel back and forth couple of times, your 1 time presence only would be enough to finalize the case. Your lawyer would be able to share court date with you months ahead and it gives you enough space to set up your flight schedule. For any questions/queries, please feel free. Thanks. P.S. Just for a clarification, your presence is required even if you hired a lawyer here in Turkey, as the judge raises a few simple questions directly to the couple but not to the legal representatives. Regards,
  13. In 2017 had to overstay on a tourist visa by two weeks for medical reasons. I had had influenza followed by secondary bacterial pneumonia with pleurisy. I spent five days in hospital in Istanbul, the hospital consultant said that I was not medically fit to fly for at least two weeks past the end of my visa. He gave me a covering letter explaining that. I showed the letter as I was leaving and did not have to pay any fines.
  14. Ken Grubb


    I went to their contact page here: http://www.aydinecik.adalet.gov.tr/iletisim_ulasım.html I was using the Chrome browser with the Google Translate Plug-in to translate the page. In the Frequently Asked Questions it said to send parcels (which I would assume includes letters), it said to send them to the address of the prison. You would put the address on the envelope like this: Prisoner Name, Number Aydin E Tipi Kapalı Ceza İnfaz Kurumu Tellidede Mevkii Merkez Yeniköy Uzeri Efeler Aydın 09100 Türkiye
  15. Thank you a lot of your replies. Much appreciated. I will try my luck for sure
  16. There is a lot going on, in and around Izmir. You also have the added advantage that you can scoot off to Çeşme at the weekends although it can get a bit hectic in the summer months. All round it is not a bad place to live, so long as you are outside of the city that is. The earthquake risk is what might put Worldtraveller off this area. Whilst there has not been any large earthquake in Izmir for over 300 years ( 1688 was notorious ) that is little comfort if one just happens to take place tomorrow. Interesting that both of you are interested in helping stray dogs. In Izmir there is a chap called Andrew Simes ( his family are from a line of Levantines ) who does exactly this and he regularly advertises dogs to good homes on Sahibinden.com. He is very careful about who he will give his dogs to, and quite rightly too. The adverts are in Turkish but you can contact him in English and ask him for more information. This is a list of his current selection: https://www.sahibinden.com/arama?userId=arHv8nWoB-G1JD6Jmu1dRYg
  17. You would need a tax number to pay the residence permit fees. According to the list of required documents for a family residence permit, no health check is required.
  18. Ken No need to go to the tax office. Pay to 9207 code in ziraat bank 110 tl for 2020. That is it! Of course, students need to pay just this amount
  19. Hi Marcus! Well thanks very much for that update. I'm not so familiar with the rules for foreigners who can enter without a visa and what happens in such cases. I hope you don't mind giving me a bit of an education! Was that a "single entry visa fee" they charged you? Was it the receipt for the single entry visa fee you had to show when you returned? I can't figure that one out, since if they let you leave and there was no ban, I would assume you would be free and clear, and not show anything receipts when you returned. I would think you could just come back and sign the Şartlı Giriş Belgesi (Conditional Entry Document) and that's all. Concerning your friend, this may also be something I've never heard of before. Normally after an appointment, in Istanbul, they give you one of two documents: An İkamet İzni Müracaat Belgesi (Residence Permit Application Form) which has the foreigner's photo on it. It serves as a temporary residence permit, has a start date and an expiration date with 90 days validity. With that the foreigner can exit Turkey for up to 15 days and return without a visa by showing that document and the receipts for paying the residence permit fee(s). An Application Received Communique, which is an untitled document saying only that the foreigner's residence permit is being processed. There's no rights to leave Turkey and return with this. If the foreigner leaves, they have to return with an e-visa or sign a Conditional Entry Document when they return. In the cases I've heard of this being issued, the foreigner had plenty of time left on their current residence permit or visa, so they could depart and return with that. I've never heard of anyone having to pay for an "exit paper." So I'm curious about what this could be. The only thing I've read (in the official rules) about this is that if a foreigner misses their appointment, their application is canceled. If they're still in the country, and have no time left on their visa or current residence permit, they have to leave in ten days. I've never seen anything about a penalty if someone is out of the country and then returns as a tourist. But the visa system and the residence permit system are two completely different things, so I don't see why that would have any effect on a future visa. As long as you haven't been in Turkey for more than 90 days in the previous 180 days, you should be fine, and should be able to enter Turkey again as a tourist as if nothing had ever happened. One thing I think you should do is, after you leave, cancel your appointment. That way it will leave time for another foreigner to have their appointment, and would be a nice courtesy for the DGMM and whatever immigration official is assigned for the appointment. You can call the DGMM from outside of Turkey at +90 312 157 1122, and cancel using the application number on your residence permit application form.
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  21. Just an FYI to everyone interested in the Urla area...it's getting crowded and prices are getting up there. Have family that lives there currently and I have been visiting the area since 2007. But chances are, if you've been looking anywhere around Izmir...you already know its getting expensive & a lot more crowded just about all over.
  22. Thanks for the replies everyone. So it's been a while since I last logged in...but I'm back! So I've been here since Aug and it is small, but close to everything (at least in N. Italy/South of the Alps). Family loves it...it's typical Italian but since it's such a small city, i frequently run into other Americans somewhat often. Venice is close & so is Milan, Bologna, Florence etc. Anyway...it sure beats Afghanistan lol.
  23. The new rule is that you can't use touristic reason more than once for a residence permit. It's only once per person for the first time application. If you are renewing, your reason has to change to either work or real estate owner, student or business.
  24. If you can post the actual questions, Mr. Ender, our community lawyer, will come in to answer them. Or if you would like to contact him directly, you can use his contact form: Legal Services, Mr. Ender Keleş
  25. I recently had a conversation with one of the immigration officials about this. Here's what they told me: If you get a new passport, and thereby a new passport number, you must report the change to the Göç İdaresi (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM), within 20 working days. The DGMM will update the e-Devlet system with your new passport number. So the only reporting you have to do is at the DGMM. When you apply online for your residence permit extension, enter the number and issue date of your old passport, and the expiration date of your new passport. When you go to your appointment for your extension, take both your old passport and your new passport with you.
  26. Issues regarding citizenship, if you are outside of the country, would be handled by a Turkish embassy or consulate. So you should contact the one nearest you and see what needs to be done. Here is the consular appointment website: https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/Appointment/SearchAppointment At the upper right is an option to create an appointment. You can use this system for any Turkish embassy or consulate in the world. There's no need to go to Turkey, the embassy or consulate will coordinate this for you.
  27. Yes, you're right, they shouldn't have given it to anybody but you. Well at least you found it and got it. Thanks for letting us know what happened, and for the advice!
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