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  2. IbrahimAbi

    "Not Renting to Foreigners"

    The problem may not be your boyfriend's nationality, but the fact that you want to live together and are not married. Many people in Turkey (especially outside of touristic areas) have very strong views against co-habitation outside of marriage. In the past neighbours have called the landlord/and/or police when single girls have entertained male guests overnight.
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  4. nickoswampy

    Food 1

    View this quiz Food 1 A tasty delicious and interesting quiz to really sink your teeth into Submitter nickoswampy Type Graded Mode Time 15 minutes Total Questions 30 Category Food Submitted 25/06/18  
  5. Can you tell us why you were refused?
  6. The European Union welcomed Turkey’s lifting of the two-year state of emergency on July 19, but voiced fears it could be offset by other restrictive legislative measures.
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  8. Ken Grubb

    The Turkish citizenship by descent ?

    Unless something has changed that I don't know about, one cannot become a Turkish citizen based on the citizenship of their father or mother. Did you read or hear somewhere where this was possible, and if so, from where? This is all of the information I have on the subject:
  9. Amelia Ellis

    Documentary research

    Hello, I hope you are well. You might remember a few years ago, the UK broadcaster, Channel 5, released a hit series about marriage immigration fraud, called Holiday Love Rats Exposed. The series explored this little-known area and brought these scams, and the terrible impact on sometimes vulnerable men and women, to public attention. The contributors involved thanked us for giving their cases traction. You may have come across an organisation called Immigration Marriage Fraud UK (; we’re working with founder Dee and contributor Kim to make a further documentary. I'm keen to hear from someone who has been affected by marriage fraud to help me understand these horrible scams more. If anyone is available for a quick chat over the phone so I could explain a little better, and if you felt like it, you could explain your experience - you do not have to speak about anything you don't feel comfortable about. Ideally, this would be someone who went on holiday and met someone, perhaps married them, brought them home to the UK or America (or planned to do so), only to find that their partner was sadly only with them for a visa, money etc.. Does this ring any bells for you? You could be based in the UK or further afield. We do of course understand that discussing these matters is highly sensitive but I can assure you that any initial conversations will remain confidential and be for research purposes only. If you then feel comfortable taking it further, we can discuss it. Nine Lives Media, the independent television company making this documentary, has won two Baftas, an International Emmy plus RTS awards and prides itself on working with contributors on sensitive issues. If you think you fit the bill, please feel free to message me, call me on 0044 (0)161 832 2007 or email me on Our turnaround time is quite tight, and we’ll need to identify potential contributors swiftly, so it would be great to hear about your story soon! Many thanks!
  10. Djawhar Kalkan

    Dual citizenship military info.

    Thank you very much, I really really do appreciate it.
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  12. Anna Marie Fitzgerald

    Geography Quiz 2

    I just completed this quiz. My Score was 93/100 and my time was 433 seconds  
  13. GrahamN

    Nufus & Visa Extension Question.

    Hi. I don't why I assumed you were in the States. Anyway, in Istanbul at least, they don't normally ask for a Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi. A few years ago you could use one of these OR a copy of the rental contract but now they just ask for the rental contract notarised and copied. Again, at least for Istanbul this document is not on the list of required documents at the end of the application form you print off. With the extra stuff needed these days they may choose to ask you for it after posting in your forms. Either of the two options should work for you. BTW I didn't realize 90 day in 180 Visas were $100 for you guys. They are only $20 for UK citizens. One thing I forgot to mention with the Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi is that it only valid for a month I think - in Istanbul anyway - there's a small printed line at the top saying "valid until this date". So there is no point in getting one when you first register at the property if you won't need say for another 6 months, it'll be out of date.
  14. Not knowing what topic your qualifications are in..but they are looking for foreigners who can offer a contribution to science and technology and such like qualifications, assessed as qualified investors,those who have internationally recognized studies in the academic area, and those distinguished in science, industry and technology, etc,etc,just as it states above..
  15. Ken Grubb

    Tell me about Erdogan?

    I think this video on CNN sums it up pretty well.
  16. angelaturkey

    Trying to locate a friend - Dave Martin

    Ah thanks Diane ... what a sweety you are with such nice comments to me ... much appreciated. I own 3 x properties in Side (pronounced See-Day) and am in the process of buying a 4th, so you are more than welcome to come and stay for free for a week or two ... just pay say £100 for the 1 or 2 weeks which would cover the cost of the cleaning, laundry, electricity and water that you would use during that time ... I will be in Side from 5th September until 30th November this year ... one I live in, one I rent out, one I am selling for £40,000 including all the furniture, 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies, big communal swimming pool, on first floor level in a block of 6 although the complex has 86 apartments in total, and a 10 minute walk to the beach. This 4th one I'm buying has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, all furniture included, on 2 levels in a complex of just 4 apartments yet there is a swimming pool for just those 4 ... also a 10 minute walk to the beach and the cost is £65,000 which is what I paid for 2 of the other 3 that only have 2 bedrooms! Quite a bargain eh?! And here's an email I sent last week to a guy who was enquiring about buying my apartment at Green Apart complex in Side QUOTE Hello Cansu - I enjoyed our chat - - thank you for your enquiry about my property in Turkey. Here are a few pictures of it ...|GglrdRMJBTGYhem.97 And here are some photos of Side ... And photos of Capadoccia, Turkey which you can do on a tour from Side (see below for ... ... for 100 Euros or £88.44 .. it is a 3-day/2-night trip and is amazingly cheap when you consider the distances to be travelled, the fact that the 100 Euros covers the cost of the hotel with breakfast and dinner each day, and all the tours ... ... it goes twice each week - on Tuesdays and Fridays ... I will be back in Side from 5th September until 30th November. Of course you can view the property any time. I have friends in Side who have the keys but you would only be able to buy it when I am there ... please see above dates... Umut Pide is only a 5-minute walk from that property and it's mainly the local Turks who eat there because the food is very inexpensive yet very tasty. It is open 24 hours a day - all 7 days of the week ... here are some photos of Umut ...!1s0x14c35971c393d273%3A0x893dd1faf3850175!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!!5sumut%20pide%20in%20side%20turkey%20-%20Google%20Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipP-Cox0_6tWpaKW_bxj_VGKhwKgNyKgvhlbNCBb&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQ-cqHhvfbAhVOKVAKHRrXAiUQoioIjwEwCg And here's the very best website for tours from Side ... you pay 10% when making the booking on-line and the remaining 90% on the day of the trip ... .. if you have not done it before, do try the white water rafting which is good for all ages and abilities ... see here ... It only costs 30 Euros per person = £26.52 - and that includes lunch of trout or chicken but drinks are extra ... The best place to check for flights from Gatwick to Antalya I have found to be - - for example, it would cost you £166 each return if you flew on Tuesday, 18th September until Friday, 5th October with Thomas Cook Airlines direct ... then you need a transfer from Antalya Airport to Side which costs £15 per person each way for one person or £25 each way for 2 people ... you will be offered free soft drinks and free WiFi for the 50-minute journey.... just email them when you know your flight times and dates with those and your full names etc to ... ...they will have a child's seat in the car/bus and can probably loan you a cot whilst you stay in Side as well ... just ask them when you have your dates fixed firmly please... OR also at £166 per person return, depart on Thursday, 27th September and go back to Gatwick on Friday, 5th October also with Thomas Cook Airlines direct flights that take about 4 hours each way Gatwick to Antalya. If you prefer to stay in Old Town Side in a lovely little bed and breakfast, look no further than Antonios Motel = £106 per person for 8 nights to coincide with the flights - i.e. IN 27th September and OUT 5th October ... - - or the Beach House Hotel is also in the Old Town ... If I can help any further, please let me know. Kind regards, and God bless you, Angela x UNQUOTE
  17. Davidmora

    Ajeets Turkey

    Ajeets Consultants is Turkey's leading recruitment services provider since 1991. Ajeets Group provides unique value to clients and candidates through a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions which cover an entire range of talent-driven needs from recruitment and assessment, training and development, and career management, to outsourcing and workforce consulting. With our cost-effective solutions and customized strategy we make a sense for specific needs and objectives of an organization, Our HR solutions provide an economical way to procure talent to your organization. We specialize in the search and Staffing of top-notch professionals at junior, middle and senior management levels across a broad range of industries including Construction, Engineering, Telecom, Hospitality, FMCG, Banking / Finance, Consumer white goods, IT, Media, Service Sector and other service-oriented fields across the Globe. Industry We Serve: • Hospitality Recruitment Services • Oil & Gas Recruitment Service • Civil Recruitment Service • Engineering Recruitment Service • Factory & Manufacturing Recruitment • MEP Recruitment • Refinery & Petrochemical Recruitment Services • Cement Plant Recruitment Service • Marine & Shipyard Recruitment Services • EPC Contracting Recruitment Services • Doctors & Health Care Recruitment Services • Medical Nursing Recruitment Services • Retail & Departmental Recruitment Services • Plastic & Fiber Plant Recruitment Services • Security Service Recruitment Services • Steel Plant Recruitment Services • Marine & Offshore Drilling Recruitment Services • Cruise Liner Recruitment Services • Aluminium & Glass Recruitment Service • Facility Management Recruitment Services • Infrastructure & Construction Recruitment • Catering Recruitment Services • Hotel & Fast Food Chains Recruitment Services • Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation Engineering Recruitment • Steel Sector Recruitment • IT & Telecom Recruitment Services • Finance & Banking Recruitment Services • Media & Communication Recruitment Services • Agricultural Recruitment Service • Dairy Farm Recruitment Services
  18. Hi hw21, unfortunately any time spent holding a Student RP or 'touristic' Short Term RP will not count towards the 5yrs.
  19. I don't think I have ever seen a fully-booked minibus. I've lived and traveled here for over 15 years, often by bus. If I need a bus to a nearby town or city, I just go to the bus station, buy a ticket, and wait. Within an hour max one will be departing for where I'm going. Sometimes one is departing at that moment and I have to run to catch it! With the destinations you mentioned you should have no problem. They are all close together and will have regular commutes between them. It's not like a bus sits there and waits for passengers... the buses are coming from, and going to, somewhere else. They are just stopping to let people off and let people on. Of course you can also book a seat in advance. One tip... go to the bus company's ticket sales office in town if you want. You don't have to go all the way to the main bus station. The bus companies often have courtesy buses which will take you to the bus station from their office in city center. Then when you get to the bus station at your destination, courtesy buses may also take you to city center. It depends on the town. The bus station is right in the heart of Kaş, so no need for courtesy buses... the one in Fethiye is technically in town but away from the center. I am not sure if they have courtesy buses or not. In Antalya, you can get on the Antray, or tram, which has a terminal at the bus station. That will take you to city center faster than anything. You'll see signs for it at the bus station. You'll have to buy a pass to use it, but it's cheap. Something like two lira per trip.
  20. Hoitsimolimo Mutlokwa


    thank you very, I will check them out
  21. Meral

    Military service

    Hi Fusun, welcome to the forum. I understand your worry for your son, especially as you say he has done his first yoklama. Your son may be taking a risk by just turning up with a British passport; you should check if his passport states anything about dual nationality in it. If they detain him at the airport there could be a problem (it has happened before). On the other hand they may not notice (depends on the vigilance of the passport control officer, either arriving or departing). To put your mind at rest, the Turkish Consulate should be able to advise on his current military status, best done before he leaves....... Good luck!
  22. Tilki

    New Biometric Kimlik

    Hi, Just an update. I've had an email from the Consulate saying my Kimlik has been processed. When I left the consulate before, the woman said I would have to collect it so I am assuming that I need to make an appointment to do so. My appointment is on 20th July so hopefully will come home with my new kimlik!! I realised in my earlier message that I said about the right paperwork but didn't say what I took! I took 4 biometric standard photos (must be 50mm x 50mm with face to be 30mm x 20mm), uk passport and photocopy, uk driving licence and photocopy, Kimlik and photocopy, marriage book and photocopy, council tax bill for proof of address and photocopy. Not sure if I actually needed it all but better safe than sorry! And lastly, money. It MUST be in CASH or they will send you away. I will let you know after the 20th how it went
  23. nickoswampy

    Food 1

    • Graded Mode
    • 15 minutes
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    A tasty delicious and interesting quiz to really sink your teeth into
  24. Jamie Moodie

    Buying A Boat In Turkey

    I am looking to buy a boat in Turkey and would like some avice I hear you can't unless you are a resident I am not a resident but I intend to move it to the EU Med, Greece, Italy et al and will do the vat payment when we do that and register it as UK off Maltese. Can I buy the boat in Turkey and then move it or are there rules pitfalls, government rules etc. Are any taxes or payments to covet due when buying a 2nd hand 17m motor boat? All advice will be greatly appreciated Regards Jamie
  25. it is already mentioned at above but rent'n connect is a great option for pocket wifi in turkey. it is small so you do not carry extra weight while you are traveling around. the connection is great everywhere in istanbul. It is much cheaper than to buy a new turkish SIM card.
  26. Eliza Luna Kaya-Mattey

    Changing name on Kimlik

    I asked my dad (Turkish) a few months ago about the whole thing and he said unofficially that it should be fine that the two names don’t match. Yours especially shouldn’t be a problem.
  27. Tilki

    Surname after divorce

    Hi, I recently told my husband that we must divorce in court in Turkey because of the name change issue. He has sinse come back to me and said Turkey have just changed the law which now says that the woman keeps the surname in the divorce. I'm getting very confused over it all. My ex isn't the most trustworthy of people either which makes things worse.
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