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  2. Great to hear that! That is a much shorter time than I expected, all the better for you. I hope you get the two years... it sounds like you have everything you need to get one. good luck!
  3. I didn't get the actual residence card yet, but I went today to the Immigration Department and asked for my Foreign ID number (kimlik). They printed out a temp residence document showing all the details, the whole thing took 5 min. So really, once you get the email, you don't need to wait for the residence card. As for duration, I had originally asked for something close to 18 months starting 1 April, but I got a bit less than one year with slightly different dates (28 March to 12 March 2020). Just to recap, this is the entire timeline of my process so far: 1) I submitted my application on 1 April and set starting date 1 April 2019 2) My appointment was set for 16 April 3) I got the approval by email on 2 May Now, I'm already thinking about next year's extension and how I can guarantee getting a year or more in Istanbul, or whether I should move to another city like Antalya to improve my chances or even buy a small apartment... It's never too early to worry Anyway... Best of Luck Fada!
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  5. Thanks Fener the attraction for Menderes is for direct flights to England and beyond all year round. Pegasus have let me down too often with onward flights.
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  7. Not sure about No 4 there Ted, maybe I have not been here long enough.
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  9. Strange... I have never heard of that before. It makes sense though, that is, even if you apply for a short-term residence permit, and qualify for a long-term one, they should be able to just give you one.
  10. Why would he be arrested? Do you mean to be conscripted into the army? I haven't heard of anybody being arrested for it, but if he wants to be a Turkish citizen, he will have to report for military service, and it will be up to the Turkish military officials to determine if he is fit to serve or not. It isn't committing fraud to have two names, so I don't see what the problem would be there. If I were to become a Turkish citizen I could choose a Turkish name, and therefore would have two names. There is a payment that can be made to do only a very short time in the military, but he will not be able to avoid it entirely. It sounds like the best thing to do would be to see about paying the bedel, that is, the money to shorten the military time to 21 days. Then do the 21 days and get it over with. See this page from Haber Turk. It has lots of articles about the bedelli military service time, costs, etc. https://www.haberturk.com/haberleri/2019-bedelli-askerlik-ucreti-ne-kadar
  11. I think it depends where you are based & at what level ranking wise as to mobile phone usage..my now husband had access to his mobile (old style one at the time) although officially it was forbidden initially in his 1st 3 wk training. After being transfered to his FT post he used it...often..or we probably wouldnt be together now! I wouldnt encourage helping to pay for anything for him in Turkey at this stage ...let him do his miltary service & if your relationship survives throughout then you know you are meant to be together ;-) having said that my phone bill was huge over 6m so i cant imagine a 12m phone bill but tarifs and the like have changed a fair bit now!! Good luck ;-)
  12. Excellent, Jallow! Good luck on your appointment, let us know how it goes if you have time.
  13. You should come and see our healthy life offering house: in the center of the nature, next to the forest. It is ready, nobody has lived up to now, you can have the titel to the land. Not only in the nature but also close to the workplaces that you can cover your needs. It is just five minutes from center of Ortakent, Bağla Bay, which is one of the most beautiful sea in Bodrum, Acıbadem Hospital and The TED College. It is sub-free, detached, outstanding Sea and Nature Landscape. Exclusive Design from Steel Door to the Kitchen 3 Rooms 1 Sitting room One Bathroom/WC in each floor 150 m2 160 m2 detached garden within lemon, olive and pine trees and bougainvilleas. Water container for 4 tones Floor heating Aluminium joint
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  15. I have been in turkey many time, an really love the country. Alana and Side is my favourite cities. Im also a huge fan of trips and adventures and because alanya and side is both by the sea there is a lot of things to do! My favorites are diving, day trips to small cities and rafting. So much fun! Last years i met this guy Pasha and he have one trip company called Nasa Tour. I booked my trips from Nasa Tour's website and I'm happy i did! Service was amazing, you can really see how good quality they have and how they really care about them customers. Also everything was included in price like promised, no cheating or changing the price. I really enjoy to visit in Pasha's office and just sit with him and talk a lot. He's such a great guy! Full of jokes and positive vibes. I highly recommend Nasa Tour company, this summer I'm gonna buy all my trips from him again and visit him office many many time https://www.alanyadailytrip.com
  16. Hello, I hope this will help you out. Semt: N/A (According to information above) Mahalle: Kumbahçe Cadde/Sokak: 2407 Posta Kodu: 48400 İl: Muğla İlçe: Bodrum
  17. Hello guys, We are on the verge to open a restaurant in Sirinevler a Pakistani/Indian one, can anyone guide me how is the area and surroundings ? What sort of people live there?
  18. We are able to help you. www.turkishlegalcentre.com AV. ELİFSU DİLEK ŞEN
  19. Thank you very much for your answer. have a good night !
  20. Thank you Ken and everyone for your comments. I only just saw this post today.
  21. Are you in Turkey now or will you be soon? If you are not in Turkey, or won't be, you will probably need to hire a lawyer to check the records for you. We have some lawyers listed in our lawyer directory, here: https://www.turkeycentral.com/companies/category/26-lawyers/
  22. Hi Raven! I saw your question about IELTS preparation course. I m a Turkish girl. On the other hand ı could give some advice and my experiences in Antalya. I went to Artı (Plus) Language school on Isıklar street many years ago. I advise that a teacher. His name is Fatih Şen. He is the best english teacher in Antalya. You should meet him about your target. I had some experience with the other language courses when ı tried to move to Canada as a physiotherapist. My life changed. I will not go there. Anyways, you could prepare the IELTS exam yourself or with private lessons from this teacher. Hope that this answer is not late :-) Goodluck. (Baron's IELTS Book, Collins IELTS book is good, too)
  23. It is probably because of Turkey's efforts to get into the European Union. Standardizing the visa procedures was necessary. So now Turkey uses the same visa procedures.
  24. Your official address would be in the records of the Nufüs ve Vatandaşlık işleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate of Population and Citizenship, or "Nüfus"). There are two ways you can get it. The first way: If you are a member of turkiye.gov.tr (also called "E-Devlet," you can log in and get a report called a Yerleşim Yeri ve Diğer Adres Belgesi (Place of Residence and Other Addresses Document). You can join E-Devlet by going to any PTT (post office) and telling them that you want to join. Take your passport, residence permit, and mobile phone with you. They will charge you a very small fee (just a few TL) to register you in the system and set up your password. After that you will be able to log in to E-Devlet and access the report. It will have your official address listed on it. The second way is to go to the Nüfus in person and ask for it. But first you have to make an appointment on the Nüfus appointments website, then go there and check in on the day, and just before your appointment time. They will give you a number. Then you have to wait for one of them to see you and give you that same document. The first way is a lot easier, even if you don't plan to use E-Devlet for anything else.
  25. Justin, As far as I know, the first message still applies to all foreigners. I'm working at a company whom my colleagues are foreign citizens are having the same problem and they are enrolling driving courses at least a paper that proves you're going to a course in case of police stop.
  26. Excellent news about the military clearance. I am glad to hear it! Thanks, Redders, and Kariuch, for the explanations. It makes sense to me now. Until now I had only heard of the valuation report being used to make sure a property met the minimum value for a foreigner to become a Turkish citizen. So apparently now it is required for all foreign purchases. And thanks, Kariuch, for coming back and updating us... I learned something I didn't know before.
  27. Great! What was the PIN number for?
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