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  2. May i just add to this regarding obtaining an HES code,is that by far the easiest way is to use the text service,no smart phone required for this.. It's been discovered by one of my Surgery members who did get his H.E.S number, that the information on websites regarding application details for HES codes maybe incorrect for foreigners with an R.P. For foreigners with 99**** number [as opposed to TC's with their Kimlik number] it does NOT accept the last four digits of your Ikamet card serial number. But it does work if you use your year of birth instead. How To Obtain An H.E.S. Code with a phone via sms.... Go to your sms [messages], for recipient type in 2023. In the message box... Type in HES [in capitals]. One space. Put your full 99**** number. One space. Year of birth [not card serial no.]. One space. Total of days validity required. So for example...message .....HES 9901234678 1950 7 . Then tap your send button to receive the code within 30 seconds...[ i personally tried the above & it works ,the whole process completed within 4 minutes]
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  4. Hi Omer, according to THY, International flights will resume on 10 June and Domestic flights on 4 June. Quarantine rules may apply for passengers travelling from certain countries.
  5. It is correct that there is a different pronunciation of the r at the end of a word than an r at other parts of a word. The normal Turkish r is a "tap" where the tongue taps against the top of the mouth, unlike in the English r. The word-final r that sounds like "sh" is, in technical terms, a voiceless alveolar non-sibilant fricative. It is actually more similar to the English r, but the main difference is that it is not voiced, which means your vocal chords are not vibrating as you pronounce it. For more information and some sound recordings of the different pronunciations of "r" in Turkish, see the alphabet and pronunciation page on TurkishTextbook.com
  6. Congrats on your move, Pete! And good luck with everything. I hope you enjoy your new place. I'd be interested in learning your opinion about the difference between Mersin and Antalya.
  7. Dear All, We, E&G Law Firm , advise our Non-Turkish clients and represent them at Residence Permit applications. For those who are willing to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months, are in need to apply Residence Permit to comply with the regulation. Please find the details under the link given below and also feel free to consult us for further communication; https://eglegal.net/en/residence-permits-for-foreigners-in-turkey/ Regards,
  8. Hi Alex,you cn import any age vehicle for either up to 2yrs or apply to keep it here permanently & putting it on Turkish foreigners'M' plates. To import for up to 2yrs & keep it on foreign plates ,you can enter on your 90 day visa exemption then when you have your RP go back to a border to extend the allowed time up to the expiry of your RP. If you wish to keep it here longer than the 2yrs and put it on Turkish 'M' plates then you must either be in receipt of a pension from your home country or have a Work Permit to work in Turkey. You will need to apply to Turk Touring to pay a financial bond ,be advised ,this might be as much as you paid for the car in your home country. [ The tax is calculated by the engine size and age of the vehicle]. To enquire about this you will need to email or phone Turk Turing to find this out [ Turkish only]. This will allow you to put the vehicle onto Turkish foreigners [M ] plates,tax ,MOT & insure it here, and allow you to sell within Turkey [ with restrictions] if required.
  9. Fees for an English language school will be very expensive (think 10 000 US$ or more per year). Check this out before going further.
  10. I am curious about this also. I presume no hospital will turn anyone away but what keeps them from assessing charges later? I have only found articles stating such as this: https://www.trtworld.com/turkey/coronavirus-treatment-in-turkey-is-free-35417 The first paragraph says "Turkish citizens who have contracted with Covid-19 will be treated free of charge." But then it goes on to say "As part of fight against coronavirus, all people in Turkey regardless of whether they have social security or not will be able to benefit from the equipment provided by the Health Ministry." But then says "Health Ministry also is authorised to determine principles regarding to the procedure."
  11. There is a myth that foreigners get "stuck" with higher payments than Turkish citizens. Ken is correct, enrollment in SGK bases payment on income, SGK has a web site, some of which is in English. I suggest you meet with an accountant who knows about taxes and other financial and income reporting obligations to determine what your SGK payments will be. Anyone who qualifies for a residence permit has to show income of 500 USD monthly which also puts them in the highest bracket for SGK payment. If you will be working in Turkey after citizenship, you should inquire about retirement and health benefit payments. If you pay into the system an adequate amount and qualify for retirment, you will no longer have to pay in to SGK as a retiree. Consult an attorney or accountant for all this. I fail to understand why anyone would want citizenship unless they need to work in Turkey. Turkey officially allows, but can decide not to "recognize" dual-citizenship if or when it might come to certain alleged offenses against the state. A NASA scientist who was born in Turkey but became a US citizen, returned to Turkey to visit his family, a disgruntled neighbour made a complaint, the scientist was imprisoned and is now under house arrest the last I heard. In these troubled times, many Turkish citizens have been imprisoned for publicly disagreeing with certain government actions. A non-citizen, unless accused of spying, would face, at most, extradition. A personal friend of mine who is a UK citizen and is a 25+ year resident was detained at the Istanbul Emniyet overnight for being in the crowd at a protest against the jailing of a group of academics. The next day he was released and as he left the Emniyet, immigration took him in to custody and that night they put him on a plane to the UK!! (True story). He returned a few days later with the help of the UK government. He had been involved in some minor acivism previously and it was obvious he was singled out for a stern warning. He was fired from his position at a university. He then applied for a retirment he was eligible for and they cut his pension payments in half. He is now in a very long court queue trying to get his pension reinstated. This is called a "chilling effect" not as stren as prison which is where he most certainly would have been had he been a citizen. Not saying you might be in the crosshairs of some government official but neighbours have been known to rat out people they do not like with dire consequences to those fingered.
  12. Hey there thanks for the response. My Turkish is ok for 80% of daily interactions but if was instructed to drop and do 50 push ups. All I would understand is 50. Which would be a challenge because Turkish people would not take kindly to people born in Turkey and not being able to speak the language. And if there's written or reading assignments, then that's going to be a problem. Did you recall your friend mentioning any missions/assignments where reading and writing were involved? Thanks.
  13. In that case, it would probably be best to call your local Turkish embassy or consulate and ask them what you will need, since they are the ones who will be providing the service.
  14. MEIzmir.... I actually saw it on HalkTV night before last....
  15. According to the Turkish Government Q&A page " Question: After I had stayed with my private vehicle for 730 days in Turkey, I re-exported my vehicle. Without staying abroad for a while, can I enter Turkey with another vehicle registered to my name? Answer: You have to stay abroad for 185 days. It is not possible for you to bring your vehicle again without staying abroad for 185 days even if it is another vehicle. HERE is a link to that page. In your case you can substitute "scrapped" for "re-exported"
  16. Thank you so much!!, and yes!! You are absolutely right!. I most wish him well and move on, and hopefully he won’t ever come around, he left me a bad after taste. thank you again appreciated.
  17. There are some schools that teach trades eg electrician, plumber. They are found in almost every large town. They are called Meslek lisesi.
  18. Hi Randell, I am a licensed attorney in Turkey and registered to Izmir Bar Association. Let me briefly answer your queries given above; As you ask the implementation of law in the US, we need to address US legal sources. It states that; There is no treaty in force between the United States and any country that requires the recognition of foreign divorces. However, a divorce decree issued in a foreign country generally is recognized in a state in the United States on the basis of comity (Hilton v. Guyot, 159 U.S. 113, 163-64 (1895), where both parties had notice of the divorce proceeding and an opportunity to be heard within these proceedings. Under the principle of comity, a divorce obtained in a foreign country under the circumstances described above generally will be recognized by states within the United States. States also may consider the jurisdictional basis upon which the foreign decree is founded and may not recognize the foreign divorce if the court is not satisfied that at least one party was domiciled in the country at the time of the divorce. Many state courts which have addressed the question of a foreign divorce where both parties participate in foreign divorce proceedings but neither is domiciled in the foreign county have followed the view that such a divorce is invalid. Questions regarding the validity of foreign divorces in particular U.S. states may be answered by office of the attorney general of the state in question. However, you may also need to retain private counsel. What i can tell you is, in Turkey, these pre-conditions given above (namely, both parties had notice of the divorce proceeding AND an opportunity to be heard within these proceedings) are two main considerations taken into account by the family court. So I don't think you would have problem with the Turkish divorce decree as to the recognition in the US. Normally, a legal counsel here in Turkey would be in help of you doing that easily, but as the case finalized by 1970s, that would be really hard for the court clerks to find the physical papers out of the archives. Sometimes some documents might be partially or totally missing if they are over 20 years old. Assuming that your divorce decree has been succesfully found, then papers need to have a certification (Apostille stamp) here in Turkey to make it qualified as an enforceable legal document by the US authorities. Should you tell us in what city court your divorce case has been held, attorney members here in turkeycentral might be interested in following that engagement. Regards,
  19. I'm researching various sitesi around Calis beach in Foca Mh and Akarca Mh to purchase a detached villa. Which sitesi do you recommend for high built quality, modern, family oriented and quite (as opposed to a sitesi that most of their villas being rental holiday homes, noisy and popular for late night parties)? We have a small dog, are most sitesi pet friendly? Is bbq allowed in our backyard? Thanks
  20. Thanks for your reply. I've contacted the local and home country govt reps and no help is forthcoming. I posted here after various attempts at getting some "official" kind of assistance but had no luck from that. In any event, your reply and advice is appreciated.
  21. Hi Mirolol, welcome to Turkey Central. I can't help with your first question but I will ask a Turkish friend. I found the series with English subtitles HERE
  22. As things stand today there have been no concessions stated by the Turkish authorities to those abroad with RP's that will expire before flights to Turkey resume,so you may need to enter with your evisa or passport [ if visa exempt] & simply make a 1st application as opposed to renewal for your next Residence Permit.
  23. Tez, Pleased to hear you are sorted out for now. Good luck with all that is going on in Turkey these days.
  24. Olivia,if not married to a Turkish citizen then you need to either have held Residence Permits for a period of 5 full years or more uninterrupted or own property in your name here valued at the Kadestro for a minimum of $US 250,000. A full Work Permit again of 5yrs or more is another route,but you don't hold one To start any application for Turkish citizenship you first contact your local Nufus office for an appointment to collect the paper showing the documentation required in your province. Paperwork required will vary depending on your province.
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