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  2. @ Ken Grubb Thank you for your detailed response and information.
  3. From 4am on Monday 18th January 2021 all travel corridors to the UK were suspended. This includes travellers arriving by boat,plane or train. If you arrive from anywhere outside the UK you need to self isolate for 10 days. You must also have proof of a negative coronavirus test. This test must be taken within 3 days of travelling to England( there are separate guidelines for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).You can choose to take the test in Turkey or in another country en route to England. However, if you plan to do this you must make sure this is possible before you set out on yo
  4. Renowned British film director, Guy Ritchie, is shooting his latest film,formerly known as Five Eyes, in Antalya. His previous films have included Sherlock Holmes franchise, The Gentlemen and Snatch. The film,a spy thriller, will star British actor Jason Statham. This will be their fourth collaboration together. The filming will take place in the giant botanical park where EXPO 16 was held. Also in Kaleici, the old town, in the centre of Antalya. Other possible locations are Kemer and Koprulu Canyon.
  5. Congratulations on your new car 'Güle güle kullanın . Foreigners who own cars in Turkey must have 'MA' plates. When the MA series runs out they move to MB, MC etc. It does not matter that you have paid full price including tax. You can sell it to a Turk, but then they must change the plates to normal Turkish ones. The important think for you to remember is that only you and your immediate family can drive a car on MA or MD plates.
  6. I must confess that international drinks and cocktails are not really my area, i am more of an Efes man myself, but look forward to trying some History Geography and science quizzes.
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  8. You didn't say who told you you need a customs broker. Sometimes people just talk off the top of their heads without really knowing what's involved. Information can also change when it's passed from one person to another, or one government official to another. In the past I've followed up on information I was told and found out it was wrong. So if I was in your daughter's situation, I'd definitely follow up and go to the source. I'll give you an example. I had overstayed my residence permit once. The border policeman said I had to leave the country for three months. I called my embassy, w
  9. For citizenship by marriage, you must be married to a Turkish citizen for three years. You don't even have to live in Turkey. To become a naturalized citizen, you have to live in Turkey for at least five years. So you can become a Turkish citizen based on that. For citizenship by marriage, you just have to prove your marriage. For naturalization, you have to prove that you intend to remain in Turkey and that you can speak Turkish. See these articles: Turkish citizenship after five years of residence Turkish citizenship by marriage
  10. Good luck with it all. I hope you'll let us know how it went for you.
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  12. Turkey suspended all direct flights from the UK effective from 2nd January 2021. This does not include transit passengers.Travel to Turkey via a third country is permitted. However, passengers who have been in the UK within the last 10 days will be quarantined for 14 days on arrival in Turkey. In addition, any passenger over the age of six, will have to show a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated recently that all travel abroad is not allowed, unless there is a legally permitted reason to do so, such as for essential
  13. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the third national lockdown in England. He stated that this was necessary following the spread of the new variant. these measures are expected to remain until at least the middle of February. From Tuesday all schools and colleges closed to most students . Remote learning is now in place. Early years settings such as nurseries will remain open. People can not leave their house except for essential medical needs, food shopping , exercise and if they are unable to work from home eg construction workers. Restaurants can continu
  14. The SGK office confirmed that the monthly premium payments have increased to 858.60TL. This took effect from 1st January 2021.
  15. I haven't seen it before. It reads like an error someone would get if they were applying for the first time, and the system can't find the travel document information (the passport or ID card info) that would be in the system if they recently entered the country. You said your residence permit was a touristic one previously. What kind of residence permit do you have now? I'm thinking it might be because you're applying as a first-time applicant instead of extending your residence permit. You can always call the 157 helpline and ask them what the error means and why you're getting it.
  16. A new Facebook group has been created to share photos and videos of animals in Turkey - street animals, domestic animals - all are welcome! Please join to share your images or simply to enjoy the content. Please tell your animal loving friends. http://www.facebook.com/groups/775619003027331
  17. I'm happy you got an answer to your question, but disappointed with the answer, as you are. In my previous attempts to learn what constitutes "working in Turkey," I talked to three different lawyers about it. They all said it has to do with being in Turkey, and doing business with other people or businesses in Turkey, receiving money from them and cutting invoices. Yet that definition of "working in Turkey" wasn't in the working laws, it was in other related laws. So that makes me wonder. If you were in another country and decided to do it, would you still need a work permit? It might be worth
  18. When I talked to an immigration officer about missing documents, he said the time limit is 30 days. But they may give you less if, for example, it's some document you can get in one day. If you can't get the missing document you need to let them know and explain the situation. It's important because if you don't get the missing documents in time it will result in a rejection, not a cancellation. With a rejection, you can't reapply for the same type of residence permit for another 180 days. With a cancellation, which the foreigner makes, you can reapply any time. There seems to be an issue
  19. Only the previous week was it reported that all passengers coming to Turkey must show a negative test result carried out in the 72 hours before boarding, or they would not be allowed to fly. And yet, passengers can still develop the virus, which then only shows up after arrival ..? Either some people can carry infection without the test picking it up, or the test itself is faulty. And then these individuals can pass it on... I'm still in 2 minds about the vaccinations because no-one really knows how things will work out..
  20. Flights from Gatwick to Antalya return in April and May 2021 are amazingly cheap right now, e.g. from 19th April to 10th May (3 weeks) @ £82 return OR 19th April to 3rd May 2021 (2 weeks) is the same price @ £82 return. The transfer from Antalya Airport to Side takes 50-minutes but only costs £9 per person each way from the company I use ... NOTE: More than double that amount if you don't book and take one of the airport taxis standing by. I have lived in Side (pronounced See-Day) for 14 years, so contact me if I can help further. x Angela x
  21. Thanks @Ken Grubb! Yes I still have that page with me, I’ll use it. Thanks for clarification
  22. Hi Vu8, welcome to Turkey Central. I have sold two houses in Turkey, both a few years ago now. The Estate agent who was advertising the first property for me guided the buyer through the process and we both signed the contracts at his office, he then came with us to the TAPU (Title Deed) office where we signed over the property and he received his new TAPU. After that we went back to the Estate Agent's office and I received a large bundle of English Pounds. With the second property the buyer and I were friends so we went to the TAPU office, signed over the property then sat in a conv
  23. Unfortunately, foreigners can't be pharmacists in Turkey. It's one of the professions only Turkish citizens can do. Have a look at the work permit articles to learn more about working in Turkey. among others, you 'll see an article about working restrictions and prohibited professions https://www.turkeycentral.com/guides/work-permits/
  24. The first thing I would do is get a tax number and apply for your residence permit. Once you successfully apply online you can download your Residence Permit Application Registration Form. Then you can use that, with your passport, to stay legally in Turkey until your appointment or until your residence permit is approved. Then see the realtor. I mentioned in another post that you can use a hotel as an address until you find a place to buy (or even rent). So you don't have to worry about time limits as long as you have applied for your residence permit, and you don't have to rus
  25. You can apply for a residence permit while staying in a hotel. So you could come to Antalya, stay in a hotel, get your residence permit explaining that you're looking for a property. They'll even give you a residence permit for one year or more that way. Then when you find the property you want and buy it, take the property title deed to the immigration office and change your address. To use a hotel as your address, you'll need a letter from the hotel management, on hotel letterhead, explaining that you're staying there with the address and room number, and your dates of stay. It must by
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