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  2. Kimlik Time

    Sorry, forgot about this part. If you do that, your residence permit will become invalid, because you won't have health insurance which meets the requirements of the law. That could result in being caught with a very long overstay, like a year, which could result in your being deported and banned from re-entry. I wouldn't try it if I was you.
  3. George in Alanya Prison

    The end result for George is that after the court hearing they found him mostly innocent of the crime as it was self-defence ... he was being robbed ... however, he should not have been carrying a knife of course and that knife was probably not registered, so it was illegal ... let alone to have stabbed the guy with it! He is being released from Alanya Prison at the end of this month, October 2017. x Angela in Side x
  4. Retired US military

    Totally understandable and I wouldn’t expect anything less OPSEC is key. I have to visit wife’s family in Izmir anyways and I’ll just take a stroll there and find out thank you for the quick response though
  5. Refusal For Settlement Visa Appeal Timescales

    Dear Abi My UK settlement visa has been refused due to missing 2 pieces of supporting documents, could you please advise as per follows: 1. Regarding to submitting additional docs to Tribunal centre, do I have to submit to them with ALL the previous documents including the additional docs that the decision required after my application being refused? or just the additional docs with the refusal letter attached. 2. Do I have to submit with the original passports? or leave out the passport then wait for notice from the Entry Clearance Manager/ and later British consulate in my home country in order to re-submit the passport, once the decision has been granted. Thank you for your help, All the best/ Armchair4
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  7. Jobs for foreign doctors

    Merahaba arkadaslar; Im an algerian ophtalmologist and i want to work in turkeye, i already started the diploma equivalency proces. My question is : can anybody help me to find a good job there ? are there a website to post our CV ? or are there an another way to find a job there ? Thanks
  8. I had a phone call last night from my friend Paul Cox in Margate, England. He wants to come to Side for 3 months over the winter ... all of December, January and February ... returning to the UK around 1st March. He came a couple of years ago and did the same thing but rented an apartment at that time. This time he asked me to investigate which b and b hotels would be open over the winter and what the costs involved would amount to. I thought it might be of interest to some of you here, so these are my findings.. 1. Antonios in Old Town Side, normally 13 Euros per night per person b and b and no single supplement. 0090-5466-340-997 They will be closing on 1st November and will not open again until April next year. 2. Golden Star Hotel right on the beach and next to the promenade with big rooms, a swimming pool, free sun beds, and a lovely restaurant out the front overlooking the sea... normally £15.33 per person HALF BOARD ... 0090-242-753-3135 but, like Antonios above, they close on 1st November and open again in April 2018. 3. Tuana Hotel in Old Town Side on a quiet back street behind the amphitheatre - normally £11 per night b and b. 0090-242-753-3696 I spoke to Mehmet at Tuana Hotel and they are open all year and normally charge 65 TL b and b per night but as Paul would be there for 3 months, he would only be charging him 3,500 TL in total. 4. Guven Pension Hotel in Old Town Side is normally £12 per night b and b... 0090-242-753-1091...so I then phoned the Guven Pension Hotel and was surprised to hear an English voice. Joanne is English and she and her husband own the hotel. They will be open all year and would charge Paul £900 for b and b for 3 months. Joanne told me that there were several other guests booked for those months and that they had a wonderful log burning fire. 5. Kleopatra Hotel on the corner of Old Town Side where you walk down to the beach. Recently re-furbished and a bit nicer than 1. to 4. above. Breakfast is included but not on the premises ... a 2 minute walk at Aphrodite Restaurant right on the harbour in Old Town Side ... a lovely place. Normally £21 per night b and b. Phone 0090-242-753-1033 Ali at Kleopatra Hotel is open year round and would charge Paul £1,035 for 3 months b and b. 6. Side Miami Beach Hotel is an All Inclusive at only £25 per person and has one of the biggest swimming pools I have seen in Side... 2 minutes walk down to the beach and 10 minutes walk along the promenade into Old Town Side. Phone 0090-242-753-5352 I spoke to Oggy, the manager of this hotel and he told me they are open all year round and would charge £1,350 for 3 months ALL INCLUSIVE ... all you can eat and all you can drink until 10pm every night!!! But Jack Daniels, Captain Morgans dark rum, etc would be extra as their all inclusive only includes local alcohol but I usually have that anyway and it is actually surprisingly good and of course about half the price of the branded drinks. 7. Sunbird Hotel which is near Side Prenses 5-star hotel and Hanay Suite Apartments is normally £16 per night b and b and no single supplement, with a nice pool area and restaurant. Phone: 0090-242-753-3293 This time I do know the Receptionist. His name is Mohammed and he speaks good English and is a great fellow. He is a good friend and although normally it would be 1,500 TL per month to stay at the Sunbird, he said as you are a friend of mine, he would only charge you 3,800 TL for the whole 3 months. However, Paul then asked me if it would be OK to do self-catering to help save on costs. I checked with Joanne at Guven Hotel as she is English and has lived in Side for many years. She said definitely NO unfortunately because they have health and safety inspectors come round often and it is against all the rules. So, in summary, he has decided to go to the one All Inclusive - Side Miami Beach Hotel - and I have just had the price confirmed from Oggy there as above. It's a pity that I won't be here when Paul is as Mike and I return to the UK on 24th November and won't be back in Side until mid-March 2018. x Angela in Side x
  9. I went to meet a friend at Reception of the Sunlight Garden Hotel today and have never met such very impolite people working in a hotel. The Receptionist to begin with was downright rude to me, then ordered me to give her some ID. I said I would only be there for 5 minutes as I had my shopping with me and wanted to get back to my own apartment. She insisted. So be it. i handed over my ID. She said I could not go into the swimming pool area but should wait at Reception. So be it. i sat down and waited whilst my friend changed her baby's nappy in her room. Next thing I know, the manager appears shouting and shaking his fist at me and pointing his finger right in my face to GET OUT! Why I asked. I am doing nothing but sitting and waiting in Reception. He then called Security and marched me out whilst saying he would call the police if I did not go. Of course I was happy to go and asked that the receptionist let my friend know that I was waiting outside. She said, reluctantly and with a horrible face, ok. Outside were 8 English guests waiting for their airport transfer. Each of them told me they had had the worst stay at Sunlight Gardens ever. The food is apparently really horrible - the drinks that you do get are watered down - they don't even serve the local beer Efes but a watered down version - and although it says the hotel is an All Inclusive, they all had to pay extra for Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, etc etc - only the LOCAL alcohol is included there and they had not been informed of that until they placed their orders. 4 of the 8 said they were so put off that they would never return to Side and though the Turks were very ill mannered. The only saving grace, all 8 agreed on this, was that The Crown Restaurant/Bar was next door and Mustafa and Bekir who work there speak excellent English and are charming too. The food is fabulous and the prices are very inexpensive, also the drinks. They all told me, if they had not met Mustafa and Bekir, they would have though that ALL Turks were like the rude Receptionist and Manager and that the food in Turkey was very bad. Thank God for The Crown! I have eaten there many times and always had good food, especially their Gorgonzole Steak mmmmm! So please ... do not stay at Sunlight Gardens ... if you have already booked it, then change it or you will have a dreadful holiday. I am sorry to leave such negative feedback which I seldom if ever have done before now but truly the staff there are the very worst I have encountered and should not be in any form of customer relations. Mustafa Kaya is going to speak to the owner of Sunlight Gardens when he gets there later today to explain what has happened. Mustafa knows him well and says he is a very nice Turk - well mannered and well meaning - so hopefully things might change in the future. x Angela in Side x
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  11. You should call the Directory of Migration Management's help line, at 157. You can call this number from any telephone. They have language options including English, and probably Arabic if you need it. An immigration specialist can answer your questions over the telephone. You should have your application number with you when you call. The best way to get the correct information about this is to call the helpline.
  12. Short Term Resident Permit

    If you want to do it yourself, there is a series of guides here: Residence Permit Guides I have a name and number of someone who reportedly helps people with residence permits. I'll send that to you by PM.
  13. Given my previous experiences, I would say people should take several years to learn about each other before getting married. The first year is a trial period where you start to understand your partner and make a decision about whether or not they are really right for you. A lot happens in a year and it should help to see how a person behaves and changes. You are absolutely right about actions. I have heard many broken promises and apologies so words have little meaning to me at this point. Maybe this is a cynical view but I would like to see someone act in a consistent manner - respectful, carrying, kind, open, etc for an extended period of time. I have only had a few one night stands. While they are fun, they bring little joy to one's life. My hope is for a long lasting and fulfilling relationship. It is difficult to find a present and conscious partner. This is why I think it is so important to audition a person for at least a year before making a serious commitment. Since April I have read 20+ books on the subjects of emotional abuse, domestic violence, narcissism, alcoholism (my mother), physical abuse (mother again), and the psychology of women like me. I am in therapy with two different therapists and also see a sexual assault prevention and awareness advocate at my school on a weekly basis. This team effort has been going strong since April. I am learning about why and how I got into such relationships in the first place. My goal is to prevent such things from happening again which means taking responsibility for my life. Self care as well as the path to becoming a whole person important aspects of the recovery process. It will be a never ending journey but at least I have started now. Absolutely! He is already taking pleasure in explaining parts of Turkish culture to me in class. There is a fair amount of questioning about how things are in America as well. I am sure that the exchange of information will be stimulating. Having absentee parents is something that I am all to familiar with. It is incredible that you worked with the social tools that the military opened to you and used them for growth. Thank you for recommending this. I have been repeating some of this advice to myself to remember that stepping out of ones comfort zone can be where the most exciting things occur. What a great motto to have in your life. I think I will have to adopt this a bit myself. It seems like lots of people around me have social anxiety. Many of us are scared. If I just let go and continue to face those fears, I imagine that it will get easier for me too. Wonderful! I wish you the best of luck. If you set your mind to it, It can happen. I am sure that living in Turkey helps. Turkish is such a fascinating language. I finally enjoy conversing with others. It used to be a sore spot. I can speak it almost fluently though writing large papers can be a challenge. Sometimes it is difficult to explain everything but native speakers have offered compliments before. It is something that I am still self conscious about because my mother always criticized me. You have also helped to teach me about the positive power of rejection. Thank you for the practical examples. I am doing more things in my life that could result in rejection and expecting a negative outcome. In many cases, there is a pleasant surprise! I will work on practicing this more with people in my daily life including this young man. Many of half listen to what the other person is saying and then project things onto them from our own minds. This really does a disservice to interactions. It allows doesn't foster a real connection. Yes, he seems to like to fill the vacuum as well. He mentioned that in social situations where there isn't a clear leader, he is happy to take control. Though of course I will be paying attention to his actions and checking to see what is consistent. For now it is clear that he enjoys steering the conversation in particular directions which I rather enjoy. Usually people cannot keep up with me when we speak. For the first time there is this person across from or next to me who has lots of questions and answers to share. I'm so used to potential partners being closed off. They usually expect me to steer the conversation and draw things out of them. This man is very welcome change. This is something that I am training myself to do with school work as well as daily interactions. Over the years there has been a lot of emotional growth. Learning how to be an excellent student took a backseat. Finally getting some good grades in math after studying helped to cement the idea of repetition and creating situations that would result positive change. It has taken years to learn this concept. It is still a bit of a struggle to see that everyone is just as worried about rejection as I am. I guess understanding that is part of being an adult (I am in my early 20s with many years of growth ahead). After pushing so many people away, I've decided to stop forcing situations that are not reciprocated. It does little service to my nervous system or the other person. One particular person comes to mind, I was 19 at the time: It all started when I went to visit my friend at his place (a house full of men ages 19-21) while working on planning my wedding. There was very attractive young man who lived with him and immediately caught my attention. I felt an almost electrical pulse when around him. It seemed like we had a crazy connection and I may have been the only one to feel it. He is a man of integrity and did not allow things to get out of hand because I was engaged at the time (divorced now, marriage lasted about a month - clearly a bad choice in hind sight ). I basically used the idea of this man to get out of the bad relationship I was in without him clearly reciprocating any feelings. We hung out several times and had a few nice conversations about his job and our mutual interests. He invited me to a convention but I could not go at the time due to my engagement. Instead I continued to dream about what could have been. When I tried to have a chat with him about feelings, he made it clear that nothing could happen. That didn't seem to stop my mind from having interesting thoughts. Even though the man rejected me, I built up the idea of him in my mind and continued to get rejected over and over again. That situation taught me a valuable lesson about not pushing myself on to people who are not showing mutual interest. Cultivating self love is one of my major themes for the rest of my life. There has been this hole in my life since my father left (when I was 5) and my mother spent my entire childhood physically and emotionally abusing me. Now I get to be my own positive nurturing parent. Hopefully this will result in becoming more attractive on the inside which is what truly matters. It would be fantastic to find other people who are working towards the same goal or already have a strong foundation.
  14. Moving to Turkey?

    Yes Istanbul is too crowded- even the people that moved out to the single villa suburbs a decade ago to places like KenerBurgaz are now leaving- mostly for foreign shores- recently there is some movement into Riva on the black sea coast...but along the south western coast you should maybe try an area near Foca north of Izmir, or maybe Dalyan near Dalaman or maybe even Kemer near Antalya (if you do not mind Russian neighbors); other more remote places include the Datca peninsula outside of Marmaris, or outside of Kas either up in the hills or on the way to Kale/Demre.. these places all have natural beauty in abundance, clean environment and reasonably good local produce, tranquility and natural habitat ideal for dog, and access to some reasonably sophisticated civilisation nearby (by Turkish standards)... Definitely dont buy in Esenyurt, Beylikduzu... these are not actually in Istanbul but some distance away, you can find much better prices than that offered, and you will never rent it at the rates mentioned- it will be the biggest mistake you ever made, buying in one of these satellite construction sites they call suburbs of Istanbul... and centre of Istanbul like Taksim or Sisli is no place for a dog...finding green space for a doggie walk is a real endeavor- forget free running...
  15. DuoLingo Turkish Club

    Oh,no, the club is full I got this answer
  16. Bimcell

    That's great! I haven't made the switch yet, but it sounds so easy to change over, and so much more economical I think I will now. And thanks for coming back to let us know how it's going with Bimcell. It's a nice bit of info to make our lives here easier (and cheaper).
  17. Information about Turkey

    We have not seen anything on this in the news. I will keep an eye out for it.
  18. Native German woman is looking for work in Antalya

    Welcome to the Forum. I think that you may do well changing your user name if you are looking for work.
  19. French schools in Izmir

    Probably best to contact them directly and ask:- http://www.izmirsj.k12.tr/index.php/tr/
  20. Overstayed because of RP mistake

    You should call the DGMM helpline and ask them in that case. They are the experts.
  21. Basically, yes, it is approved. It will be sent to Ankara to be printed, then the card will be sent to you by registered mail to the address you put on your application. I don't know if their office in Ankara does any further investigation. I doubt it, because you were just sitting in front of an immigration specialist and he or she asked all of the questions which needed to be asked, and already reviewed your package. I have never heard of a case where a residence permit was approved locally then rejected after it went to Ankara. The time it takes for you to get it can vary according to how busy they are. The last time I got one, it took a month for them to send it to me. When it arrives the postman will come to your door, ask for identification, have you sign for it, then give it to you.
  22. Third Party Liability Insurance

    You are correct.There would be zero chance of him making a contribution .We have just come to accept the situation now and any additional costs incurred from time to time are picked up by the British Owners - this would be the same with any insurance costs. thanks again, peter
  23. it's not true. "zenci"(comes from arabic language to turkish) already means "siyahi"(black people) in turkish and it's not an insulting word. there is no word in turkish which insults black people.
  24. Tapu in the name of a minor

    Thank you. Could you also tell me the approximate cost of using a lawyer for my purchase transaction? you can pm me if you want.
  25. Moving to Turkey with Family and Residence Permits

    Some cities have more foreigners and therefore more applications than others. The system is the same everywhere and RPs are now issued from Ankara, not locally. there is some discretion allowed so there may be minor changes from one area to another, for example some cities may be more lax about proof of funds needing to be translated etc.
  26. No plastic bags in Turkey allowed from 1st January 2018

    I have replied to your PM, We have not been to Side for many years, but were in Alanya 3 years ago.
  27. Residence permit for my partner

    Hi Ken, Thanks for this detailed answer. Its clear and reassuring. I think we are moving one step forward to Turkey then !! Antoine.
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