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  2. I forgot to mention this. I don't know how ready you are to create a business in Turkey, but there is a category of short-term residence permit for staying in Turkey to create a business or establish business contacts. I haven't used this type of residence permit and I don't know anybody who has. But you can call the Turkish immigration office at 157 from anywhere in Turkey, or at +90 312 157 1122. There is an option for English.
  3. Update 2021 10 25 02 8 Fibabanka on Adnan Menderes Blvd Does not open accounts for people without Kimlik 9 ING on Adnan Menderes Blvd Does not open accounts 10 Emlak Katilim on Adnan Menderes Blvd Does not open accounts 11 Ziraat Katilim on Kazim Ozalp Road Does not open accounts 12 PTT Uchkapilar Branch and PTT Charshi Branch Does not open accounts
  4. Stopped by 2 Turk Cell shops and 1 Turk Telekom shop to confirm. And yes Indeed that tourist passport-issued SIM card will be automatically cancelled unless we use our own kimlik card to update the information at a TurkCell store, so that the SIM card can be turned into a normal, permanent sim card. https://turkishliving.com/forums/threads/mobile-phones-sim-cards-in-turkey.90618/
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  6. Called TT and they told me that I cannot apply to get fiber installed and they have no timeline when they will install fiber network in Versak Kepez... Anything I can do? Is there an alternative company to Turk Telekom where I can apply to get fiber installed, or even a coax cable installed? Or TT monopolizes all of Turkey's physical internet cable network and we just have to passively wait until TT paves fiber network at my local neighborhood?
  7. I know it's not that much for a lot of people, but jumping from 265 TL a year to 10300 TL a year is like a 3887% increase...
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  9. Yes you can pay before the appointment, or after. The cashier is in the same building so it's very quick and easy.
  10. There is no need to register anywhere as your address is entered into the national system when your details are taken by the GOC officer at your RP interview. You only need to inform the GOC within 20 days if/when you move properties.
  11. And this is why I would never get surgery abroad.... I wouldn't even go to a dentist abroad, would rather pay 5 times the price here. Two of my friends (who are Turkish) had what I would call face changes while in Turkey last summer. One had surgery and fat injections, while the other one had botox. They both look like chipmunks. Also, one can tell on tv all the female personalities who have had something done. There is that similar Turkish chipmunk look. I would rather look old than look like a chipmunk. But more important than look preference is the safety issue. Of course one can get bad surgery anywhere, but it is safer having something done in one's own country where one knows the laws and is able to get more reliable references. Just my humble opinion.... Graceanna, you may have lost $500 but you can count your lucky stars that you didn't have surgery with that doctor...
  12. I believe you guys are right. He do have my contact information. He must have contacted me by now. You guys are right he must have cut me off... And it's right I should move on. But thanks guys for enlightening me.
  13. GNC Gench Plan you must be 26 or under. (26 included or not I don't know)
  14. So I see a charge of 3.11 TL on my temporary tourist SIM card, and I don't know if I need to pay it or not and the Turkey SIM card customer service assistant doesn't know either he said he getting back to me tomorrow. This fee is an amount that must be paid to the government for the “Telecommunication Service”. In accordance with the decision of the Information Technologies and Communication Board, the Radio Usage Fee for 2021 has been determined as 37.26 TL (this amount is 34.15 TL for 2020). Turkcell pays this fee to the state on behalf of its subscribers at the beginning of the year, but collects this amount monthly to provide ease of payment to its subscribers.
  15. For me, a Las Vegas to Antalya transplant, I am still receiving the Vegas local TV channel's YouTube recommendations, one is from Las Vegas Review Journal, which has 2 news episodes on 7 am and 7 pm 5 days a week. Also I watch PBS NewsHour and NBC Nightly News, which are national level news broadcasters, which provides 1 new episodes a day every day on YouTube. I don't find it a need to have a TV, a large iPad with an up-to-date YouTube application and WiFi gets the job done.
  16. Put it in another way, you MUST at or before the insurance page, SWITCH to TURKISH, then fill out the insurance page, you can use the built in Google translate function of the Google Chrome browser to navigate through the minefield, then switch back to ENGLISH after the insurance page is over with. This is an IT issue with Goc Idaresi.
  17. I'm not sure but I think the prices are fixed. So are the taxes which make it more expensive. For example, if I buy alcohol at my local market, the guy actually takes out a list to see what the price is. Maybe some stores have lower prices than others but I don't know... Anybody else know?
  18. I hope you don't mind, I edited your previous post to make the abbreviations more clear. Once you get your residence permit, join e-Devlet (e-Government), at https://turkiye.gov.tr/. From there you can download a lot of documents you might need in the future. It also has lots of other features. After you join browse the site to see what it offers. Here's a guide for joining and using it: Another site to join is Yemek Sepeti. They have a network of restaurants which deliver to your house. Another one is the Migros Sanal Market. They deliver groceries to your house.
  19. Unfortunately, no. According to a conversation I had with a specialist a the immigration office, if you want to apply for a short-term residence permit as a property owner, you must live in the property you own. You can use a hotel as your address and apply for a two-year residence permit while you're still looking for a property to rent, then change your address when you move in to your new home. If you rent a place, you must provide a notarized copy of the rental agreement. This article covers the kinds of address you can use and the documents you'll need: Your Address and Changing Your Address
  20. Hi, I registered a company more than a year ago. I paid my taxes for first year fully, but in covid pandemic i couldn't come to turkey to do so as there were travelling restrictions and i reside in Pakistan. Also in this time couldn't do business through that company as well. Is there any option that we can freeze the company for some time and when ever situation is better i operate it again, or its better to close it down? I'm applying for visa and could come in a month or so as soon as flights are regular.
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  22. You also need original documents that prove that you have graduated from high school in your own country. Some older people find this a serious problem, particularly those from the UK, where they do not give a high school diploma as such. If you convert a foreign licence into a Turkish one (without the driving course) your original foreign licence is taken and returned to the issuing authority. I am not sure what happens if you take the driving course as US citizens are obliged to do.
  23. Will keep you updated on my sides of the story. Yes I don't think you even need a Turkish bank statement, a 6 month home bank statement in English should suffice. On Monday I'll go get the AC installed try to open a bank account at Kuveyt or Vakif Katilim. I also need to buy a silicone gun and a silicone caulk to seal the newly installed electric circuit breaker and the power switch that are both exposed in the open air on the top floor balcony.
  24. Read the policy to see what it covers and doesn't cover. The policies issued only to meet the minimum requirements for a residence permit are somewhat limited. They are even more limited in the first year, since the insurance companies use that first year to filter out any pre-existing problems. In the second year, the same policy covers a lot more. The policies issued for residence permits are all the same, regardless of what company you buy your policy from. The price changes from company to company depending on what the company thinks they can get for it. Again, these policies issued for foreigners needing residence permits only meet minimum standards and have limited coverage in the first year. If you want more comprehensive coverage, you'll need to buy a private health insurance policy that meets and exceeds the minimum coverage requirements. If you are interested in buying one of these more expensive policies let me know. We have a health insurance company who issues health insurance policies for Turkey Central members.
  25. Please read this article and ask questions if anything is unclear. This article explains everything I have learned from reading the citizenship law, the documents implementing the law, conversations with personnel at the Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, or "nufüs") and various foreigners who have gone through the citizenship process :
  26. I am so happy to hear stories like yours. And I'm happy that everything turned out okay for you. Congratulations on receiving the residence permits you requested!
  27. No I don't, we pay all bills by direct debit or occasionally internet banking. We pay the water bill cash to the guy who reads the meter.
  28. Thanks for the input. Looks like the plan is to have someone send the packages after I arrive.
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