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  2. It's always frustrated me how little is included about the Kadikoy area, but then again it has provided me with the opportunity to fill the gap. When you do the tour let me know what you think.
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  4. Individual events in each country will have an effect too, attacks in London, accusations and counter accusations in the US, political-handbags-at-dawn between Europe and Turkey etc.
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  6. Even the Turks say that: "Burası Türkiye!" When you first get here, it frustrates you that things don't go as planned. Then you get used to it. Then you kind of get to like it. Then, when nothing goes wrong, you think something must be wrong.
  7. I am currently living in Mersin with my wife. We now want to get her a visa to live with me in the UK. In 2012 my mother in England became too ill to look after herself. I returned to care for her but my wife could only come to England on tourist visas for six months of the year. My mother died in 2015 and having sold her house last year I now meet the meet the financial requirements for my wife to get a UK spouse visa. We have got as far as filling in the online form at when that is sent there are more forms to complete for the UK Visa Application Centre in Turkey (Adana) There is also a VAF4A (APPENDIX 2) form to fill in to show we meet the financial requirements. I have printed a paper copy of this but am not sure if I need to send this in with the supporting documents or need to fill in an online copy. Does anyone know of any where in Mersin to get help with the application process that is not going to be excessively expensive.
  8. So officially closed Friday! Hi, yes it's In Izmir. Thank you. we are excited to be home owners.
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  10. Thank you for sharing your story and I am sorry to hear what happened to you. I don't understand why the marriage law was made in Turkey in such a way that one of the spouses might end being forced to stay married, it makes no sense to me. I don't want him to leave Turkey because he has to be there for his daughter and I would never agree to him leaving her behind (I adore my father and every girl should grow up with her father around). 2-3 years...that is so long...I guess I have to think about it really well, weigh the pros and cons and make a decision in the end.
  11. Have you been able to find a work since last year? around 500 foreign doctors are working in Turkey and only in private sector.
  12. No problems in a city like Izmir, the only thing that gets delivered here by hand are speeding fines!
  13. What they're asking for is an apostille. It is an additional certification that the document (birth certificate) was actually issued by the government office that issued it, and is genuine. To get an apostille, your country must be a part of the apostille convention. If it isn't, the legalization has to be done between the foreign ministries of Turkey and your country. Here's more information about the apostille.
  14. They are both too cute....did you manage to find a temp home?
  15. lol. I just returned from I miss that place!
  16. Thank you for your answer! I know I overstayed my touristvisa and I was told from Turkish embassy that I have two options to return Turkey as soon as possible: 1. wait for 90 days 2. Apply stickervisa from the embassy I will travel away from Finland (not to Turkey) and can't get the sticker to my passport when it arrives (coz i'm not in Finland). So, if they call me that visa is accepted (and I cannot go to embassy get it) is it still valid and I can enter Turkey? Do they enter it in some computersystem ? The way that they see it in passportcontrol? I need to apply residence permit for Turkey,but how can I do it if I can't enter the country? These things are really weird and even local people in Turkey didn't know how it goes with visas and other stuff...Well,next time I'm wiser and know the law and not gonna believe people 'thinking they know'.
  17. We don't control the website. You would need to talk to them. We'll update our guide as soon as we have the information needed to do so. I read the PDF document but it doesn't say what forms Italian citizens need to present to prove they are covered by the Italian-Turkish bilateral agreement. If you learn what forms are needed, please let us know so we can update our guides.
  18. Hello, We have been looking for an organization who can help us market our products to Steel Industry in Turkey. We will need support in generating leads and conclude business with local support and also during execution of Projects, if required. Our products fall under Heavy Engineering and offerings are specific to Steel Industry only. Our Technology is Japanese and we aim to provide new products as well as upgrades to existing technology in Steel Making in Turkey. Please let me know if anybody can help.
  19. Thanks for the great advise [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Hey, Yes It can be a problem and they can ask you to get another appointment with new address and if this is the case specially in Istanbul it may mean you have to wait another 3 months before new appointment date. If you have already taken the appointment the best action is to visit their main office in Eminyet Fatih and narrate them your situation and ask them for a solution possible; they will get you better. And if you are given a date and a time; it means you can not post. You should not post. When you need to post; the appointment date and time fields are left empty or dashes; Good luck.
  21. Hey friends, So here comes the moment about which I have been talking since long time; I am about to buy an apartment in Istanbul in this month. I have visited some Emlak and used Sahibinden website to find suitable options in the district I live in; I have short listed 4; Now I plan to ask their owners to give me the photocopy of their TAPU so I can visit the Belediyesi and get information on the age of property and when the demolition is due. The owners of property told me that age is between 16-20 years but to be sure I have to visit the Belediye which I will. I wish to know if anyone of you knows; what is the average age of a 5/6 storey residential apartment building in Istanbul? I also wish to ask the members and specially Ken and others who have knowledge to kindly guide me with basic process on what is going to happen on the day of purchase and at what stage do I pay to the seller the amount and at what stage I pay to Emlak and how many days it takes to get the TAPU? I need these basic information and in general I need basic procedure on what is going to happen on day of purchase and what to expect and how things will go? Looking forward.
  22. i agree .... Or if you go .... Respect the locals and their culture like I do with turks
  23. Thanks for posting, this was announced several years ago, but I cannot find any date for the opening of the Antalya link.
  24. Thank you Ken. I shall contact them as soon as I am able to.
  25. Seems to me they are saying basically the same thing: I read what was said by ExpatGuideTurkey, where they said people who over-stayed twice in turkey could not come back even on a visa. But when I read the law, the law says nothing about this. And I ever heard of anyone being permanently banned from Turkey because they had more than one overstay. I would suggest you contact the owner of that site and ask for a reference, a source from which they got that information. This is indeed a scary situation. But don't worry too much. I am seeing in your profile that you are a US citizen (as I am). I've interacted many times with the US embassy in Ankara, and consulates in Istanbul, Ankara, and Adana, and I have found the people there (practically all Turkish-American citizens!) to be very helpful and professional. They care about you and will look after you, and they are happy to help you. Also there is this thing about Turkey. What is written in law is not necessarily what happens. If you explain your situation, the Turkish officials are often flexible on the rules. I think the key is to contact the US embassy/consulate first. See if they can help you. If they tell you to go to a certain place, ask them to make a call for you to let them know you are coming, and get a name of someone to report to (as well as the name of the person you spoke to). When when you get there, and talk to the Turkish official, you will be coming to them after the US Embassy/Consular official has called them. I think that will make a world of difference in your favor. I really think you will be okay. But yes, please keep us updated! This is how we learn!
  26. A second video about ATM card skimmers. This one shows the different types, how they work, and how to detect them.
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