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  2. An important update on what I wrote above. On April 7th, 2021, I needed to send $10,000 US dollars to my Yapı Kredi bank account in Turkey. So I called my bank and arranged it. It would be a transfer that would automatically convert to Turkish Lira and be deposited into my Yapı Kredi Turkish lira account. That way, I wouldn't pay any fees. But while arranging the transfer, the person I was speaking to said they would send the money at the exchange rate of 7.2425. So my $10,000 USD would arrive as ₺72,425 Turkish lira. Oh, wait! I remembered looking at the exchange rate on t
  3. Woah! It is going to be a big pain in the head if most Turkish banks offer forced DCC or give an inferior exchange rate. It is really unethical that they skim the average tourist. Since it is a big pain in the butt to open a Turkish bank account without Kimlik, do you know any banks in Antalya that gives non-kimlik holders a green light to open an account? Have you tried to withdraw TRY using a US Debit Card in the past year? Schwab and Fidelity do not charge for ATM withdrawal, and it has no foreign transaction fees, they both also reimburse any ATM fee incurred by Turkish ATMs. Ha
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  5. I got Sinovac too (wasn't offered anything else since that's all they had at the Family Doctor's). I read today that China finally admitted Sinovac wasn't highly effective; only 3% after 1st dose, rising to 50.66% after 2nd dose (but only after 40 days). On the other hand, Sinopharm was rated 79%. Another article I read stated that Sinovac Phase 3 trials were being conducted in certain countries, including Turkey... so I guess we are apparently part of that trial... I wasn't keen on Pfizer because it's something totally new & hadn't been through the usual trials, whereas Si
  6. You can become a citizen after living in Turkey with a touristic residence permit. You just need to live in Turkey for at least five years with a residence permit or work permit. To become a Turkish citizen, you must show a close connection with Turkey. Foreigners typically prove that close connection by owning property, but owning property is not necessarily a requirement. If you're a renter, you would need to prove the close connection in another way. If you don't have any other way to prove a close connection with Turkey, owning property is the only way. I verified this with the Popula
  7. Thank you Ken for your information, it sounds reasonable especially at nowadays. I will let you know how it will be. thanks for your wishes.
  8. I hope the information here has at least been of some help. I wish you the best in your effort and success with your appointment at the consulate. This is something I'm not familiar with. Would you mind returning to this topic after your appointment to let us know how it goes? There's bound to be someone in the future who will be in the situation, and I'm sure whatever information you can provide will be of great help.
  9. Hi THY Congratulations it is very quick process. Have you been to an interview after applying in the system or you just sent the required documents by post?
  10. If you have exceptional education, skills, or abilities that the Republic of Turkey needs, you may apply for a program that will allow you to live and work in Turkey on a permanent basis. What is the Turquoise Card? The Turquoise Card is a work permit that enables a foreigner to live and work anywhere in Turkey, in a profession which benefits the country. It's given on a case-by-case basis to foreigners who have exceptional education, talent, or skills, have made significant investments in the country, or have promoted Turkey and Turkish culture worldwide. The Turquoise Card is i
  11. Opening a Turkish Bank Account Opening an Account for Your Residence Permit There's kind of a "catch 22" regarding bank accounts and residence permits, since you may need to deposit money into a bank account to get your residence permit, and some banks will ask you for a residence permit before they can open a bank account. Or they will ask for a utility bill in your name. You should be able to open a bank account with only your passport and a tax number. If the bank you go to tells you you need a residence permit or utility bill in your name, you can ask them to verify it with a
  12. If you go to the bank to transfer money into someone's bank account, you can do so for free, as long as it is the same bank, and as long as that person's account is with the specific bank branch you happen to be in. But if their account is at another branch, it will cost you. To deposit 100 TL for someone at another branch, for example, it will cost you a 40 TL fee. And if you use a bank machine, or "bankamatik," it's free. Here's some useful information about how to do it using the touch-screen bank machines, obtained from İşbank. Kartsiz Para Yatırmak (Depositing Money With
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  14. Ah! You're right, Çukurbağlı. I do have automatic payments set up. In fact, now I remember that when I first set up the account, Yapıkredi charged me a fee for my first two transactions. Then Yapıkredi re-deposited the money they had previously charged as a fee and hasn't charged any fees since. It was because I had set up my automatic payments.
  15. Wow Usama. I'm relieved. I really value your feedback on this. I can read this law or that law and talk to government officials, and I often get conflicting information. So I only know for sure how things really work when a foreigner actually goes through a process to verify everything. Thanks, and welcome back!
  16. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that England will move to the second stage of easing lock down measures next week. In a news conference, he gave permission to shops, restaurants, pubs and hairdressers as well as gyms and other non-essential services to reopen their doors to the public on April 12. Johnson also announced a “traffic light system” that would categorize countries into classes of red, amber or green for people willing to travel abroad. Green destinations will not require quarantine, but red and amber countries will. Foreign countries will be classified
  17. At a moment when many countries around the world are considering developing a Covid-19 vaccination passport, the WHO spokesperson, Dr Margaret Harris, said: ‘’ We would not like to see vaccination passports as a requirement for entry or exit because we are not sure at this stage that the vaccine prevents transmissions’’, though this strategy, ‘’may well be important in the future,” she added. On the other hand, Dr. Harris said that the virus “has really exposed the stark inequities in access to and coverage of health services’’. ‘’Groups who already faced discrimination, poverty, social
  18. There are plenty of employment opportunities in Turkey if you have the right qualifications and know where to look. What Kind of Job Can I Get in Turkey? In Turkey, foreign language teachers are always in demand. So if you have a university degree and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, you can find work practically anywhere. International companies frequently hire non-Turkish citizens not just for their technical skills but also for their knowledge of their own country's culture and language, if they do business with that country. You can even find
  19. To work in Turkey, you must have a work permit. It's the employer who applies for the work permit, as you provide documents required for the application. In this article, I'll teach you how to get your first work permit while outside or inside Turkey, then cover other types of work permits you might apply for. I'll also cover the types of work permits available, the benefits of working in Turkey, and the restrictions you should know as you search for a job. What is a Work Visa? A work visa is a sticker issued by Turkish embassies and consulates. It's applied to one of the pages i
  20. This article is about the process of applying for a work permit from inside Turkey, after living in Turkey for a required six months. To learn about applying for a work visa and work permit from outside of Turkey, see Apply for a Work Visa and Work Permit from Outside of Turkey: Eligibility, Required Documents, and the Application Process. Turkey Work Permit Rules To work in Turkey, you must have a work permit. To apply for a job and get a work permit while in Turkey, you must be a resident of Turkey for at least six months. You must have a job offer before you can appl
  21. Many foreigners get jobs in Turkey and travel to Turkey for work. Briefly, it works like this: Find a job in Turkey. Apply for the job. Get a job offer from the employer. Accept the job. Take the job offer or contract to a Turkish embassy to apply for a work visa. Pick up the work visa and travel to Turkey. Get your work permit from your employer and start working. While you're applying for your work visa, your employer, in Turkey, will be applying for your work permit. These two things happen at the same time. You'll be providing documents suc
  22. After you've lived in Turkey for eight years, you become eligible to apply for an unlimited work permit, which allows you to work for any employer, or for yourself in your own business. What is an Unlimited Work Permit? An Unlimited Work Permit is a permission to work in Turkey for life, for any employer, without the usual restrictions imposed on foreign workers. It may be issued to any foreigner who has a Long-term Residence Permit or has worked continuously in Turkey for at least eight years. The Unlimited Work Permit also serves as a residence permit. They are issued by the Aile, Ç
  23. There are labor laws in Turkey designed to maximize Turkish citizens' employment opportunities, which restrict employers from hiring too many foreigners. The Main Rule A Turkish employer can't hire a foreigner to do a job that an unemployed and qualified Turkish citizen can do unless the employer has already hired five Turkish citizens. This restriction doesn't apply if the job requires specific skills only a foreign employee can do, for example, speaking or teaching a foreign language. It also doesn't apply to foreigners with an unlimited work permit or a Turquoise Card. Yo
  24. There are some career fields in Turkey in which only Turkish citizens can work. So unfortunately, even if you're qualified to work in these fields, you won't be allowed to work in them. Here's a list of the professions which are off-limits to foreigners: Dental medicine and dentistry Nursing Pharmacy Veterinary Medicine Private Hospital Director Advocacy Notary Public Private security officer Exportation of fish, oysters, mussels, sponges, pearls, corals, or working as a diver, explorer, guide, captain, or crew involved in these activitie
  25. It's illegal to work in Turkey without a work permit. Some employers may hire you to work illegally, since they won't have to register you with the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (Social Security Administration) or pay anything towards your healthcare, retirement, or other benefits. It's strictly a cash deal, paid after you provide your services. Your employer might not pay you at all. You'll be helpless to do anything about it, since you'll have no rights to assert. How You Can Get Caught There are three main ways you can get caught working illegally: A surprise inspection of yo
  26. With Turkey's e-visa system, the process of buying a visa is as easy as booking a flight or hotel. Citizens of Europe, the UK, the USA, and many other countries can get a multiple-entry e-visa with a validity period of 180 days, allowing up to 90 days in Turkey. Citizens of some other countries can get also get an e-visa, but with a shorter validity period and fewer days in Turkey allowed. Citizens of some countries don't need a visa to enter Turkey. You can learn if you're one of them by entering your travel document information into the e-visa application system as explained below.
  27. To enter Turkey you must have a visa unless your country has a bilateral agreement with Turkey which exempts you from needing a visa. What is a Visa? A visa is a permission to enter Turkey and remain temporarily. A visa typically has A Validity Period: beginning on the day the visa becomes active and ending on its expiration date. The validity period can be anywhere between one and six months. A maximum number of days you can be in Turkey: A visa also gives you a limited number of days you can be in Turkey during its validity period. So you could have a visa with
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