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  2. Marrying a Turkish Fiance

    You should just need an e-visa, which you can get online, and pay for it with a credit card. Here is an article which explains it. Turkey's e-visa system Citizens of the Philippines can get an e-visa which is valid for 180 days, which means you can use it any time you want during the 180-day period. But you can only be in Turkey for a maximum of 30 days during the 180-day period (you can stay 30 days in a row or come and go as much as you want as long as your time in Turkey doesn't exceed 30 days during the 180-day period. If you want to stay longer (which you do), you have to apply for a residence permit. You should do this as soon as possible after you arrive. If you get married immediately, you can apply for a family residence permit and live in Turkey. Your husband will be your sponsor for the family residence permit. Here is an article called "An Introduction to Family Residence Permits" which explains the concept more briefly. If you are not going to get married in the 30 days you are allowed in Turkey on the visa, you will need to apply for a short-term residence permit. That will allow you to live in Turkey for up to two years, as long as you can prove you have enough money to support yourself and you have an address. If you have any problems or questions feel free to post them, we will try to help.
  3. Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

    See the link in the second post in this topic. Have you seen that article? That is everything I have learned about it.
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  5. if only renting?

    Thank you REDDERS
  6. As I mentioned elsewhere I intend to return to live in Turkey later this year. I have some furniture, antiques and tools that I would like to get shipped to Turkey if possible, does anyone have any experience of shipping companies?
  7. Hello. We messaged togheter and you did not answer my last message. We found out, it is not the same man. My future boyfriend does really not need to be a turkish guy! The easiest would be a man who does not need a lot of paper and different religion. But, heart wants what the heart wants. Check ur inbox, maybe U'll see my last message.
  8. Name Change

    Hi Ceren! Thanks for the reply, you are right. I've found a dava example in which it says exactly what you mentioned above. http://www.hukukmedeniyeti.org/ornek-incele/513/
  9. 10 days holidays ang learnt English by the way

    I know of two places in Muratpaşa where you can take courses. Muratpaşa is the city center. If you are in Lara, east of the city center, or Konyaaltı, west of city center, there may be a place in those places. The first is Tömer. This is a part of Ankara University. They have daily Turkish classes in classroom. Click on the link, then "İletişim." Then select the "Antalya Şubesi" for the address and a map showing where it is. The second is the Turkish American Association. Click on "Bize Ulaşın" Then "İletişim." That also has directions and a map. This school is right next to the Antray tram, so if you are elsewhere along the tram route, you can easily take the tram to the school. They have smaller classes so that might be a plus. They are right next to the İsmetpaşa tram stop. Both schools also have English courses, but I don't think either has any native English speakers. You would have to ask them about this if it is a must-have.
  10. Historical debt collectible?

    Thanks for letting us know what happened. At least this topic can serve as information for anyone who searches in Google concerning a similar situation. I do know for a fact that this kind of"debt collection scam" happens, usually by e-mails which are sent out en-masse. The scammers do have a telephone number, and you can call them and talk to them as they continue the scam over the phone. I didn't know about people buying old debt and trying to enforce it. So I learned something here as well.
  11. Surname after divorce

    Hey, "He is having the divorce papers sent to me in UK to sign." Signing them is not enough; if you both want to divorce - you need to come here or have a lawyer from Turkiye. Divorce agreement should sign infront of the judge. Surname can be added to agreement as well; if he does not want you to use his name; you have to divorce "contentiously"
  12. I think we are ultimately going to have to wait and see. This won't be the first time they figure out a new rule will have unintended consequences, then either selectively enforce the rule or not enforce it at all. And if worse comes to worst, the foreign embassies can get involved if it has an unnecessary negative impact. That is just my opinion.
  13. New Biometric Kimlik

    They will also take fingerprints as part of the new residency procedure at the interview and more photographes from the front, back and side.
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  15. Sailing Dinghy Wanted

    Try this site, let us know how you get on. https://www.sahibinden.com/deniz-araclari-yelkenli?a4653_min=3&a4653_max=7
  16. Turkey today

    That's nice to hear about. Gave me a smile too. Thanks IbrahimAbi.
  17. Married and divorced in turkey

    Hey, Here in Turkiye, you have to wait 300 days between the divorce and the orher marriage; which is to be sure that youre not pregnant. if you are in that 300 days period; you can apply to family court (and they will send you to the hospital) then if youre not pregnant you can get marry again. First of all, you need to know the finalization date of your Turkish divorce decree. No idea about not registering them in UK. Feel free to ask more if i made it complicated. Good luck.
  18. Your gas consumption is recorded by your customer number or your meter number. So the gas company has records for your billing. If you have a gas meter, then the gas company knows how much gas passed through it. Yes, I am sure they know this.
  19. Urgent

    Normally the Labour Ministry in Turkey supports the worker rather than the employer in most cases. I think you will get support from them.
  20. Moving back to Turkey

    Same buddy. Get well soon. Hopefully everything happens for a reason & you can return to beautiful S. Turkey.
  21. Please help mee

    Had the same fear when we moved from the US. Luckily, all of my wife's family speaks Turkish. He had been exposed to the language from a young age & indeed it was sink or swim. Son gets his English practice from my wife & I...although more from me obviously lol. But school teaches Turkish, German & some English. I think he could go to a public school now, but the curriculum is better on the private side IMO.

    Done! No need to make an appointment Here is Turkey! I went and they gave the ikametgah! address prove
  23. Prison sentence for not paying support?

    Hello My answer is yes, he may go to prison. But there are sone strict conditions and time out. In case of 90% not punished.
  24. Religious married

    Hi, it was forbidden untill 2015. i mean getting religiously married before the real marriage was forbidden. Now you can live with him without any ceramony called marriage or with just "religious marriage" Both means not to be married and no records about that type of marriages in governments official records. That means "religious marriage" gives no protection to you; he can still get marry with someone else; no hairdom; nothing to force to get marry officially. Religious marriage is something just about the morale. So i prefer you to wait till your documents arrival.
  25. Foreigner and public hospitals

    Not off-topic at all.. in fact, excellent information! Thank you, Meral.
  26. Changing name on Kimlik

    I think the only way you could do it from the UK is by going to the local Turkish embassy or consulate. They will need to see identification to do something like that.
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