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  2. Hello again, I know I have asked many questions, but this is my 1st application and this is why I have a lot of doubts. Do you know if they speak English at the DGMM Fethiye? Or should I look for an interpreter to go with me? Thank you!!!
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  4. It should be the same as a regular work visa. You can learn about that in this guide to getting a work permit from outside of Turkey, this is just the introductory article, there are others in the same category. If there are any differences for domestic help, the embassy or consulate where you apply will explain them. I got one years ago and the process took around 40 days, but I understand it can be faster. The paperwork has to be filed more or less at the same time by the employer and employee, the paperwork goes to Ankara, and they decide if they will issue a work visa or not. If they do, they'll send it to the embassy or consulate where you apply. Then you enter with the work visa, and get your work permit after you are in Turkey.
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  6. Same to you!
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  8. Hey fellow, The new information as of 2017 and in Istanbul districts. If you have a Tapu on your name. You wish to add your spouse or any family (father, mother, sister) member name to the ownership. It is NOT POSSIBLE to do directly. There is only one way to do it. You will have to sale that property (transfer) to a third person other than you and the person your willing to add in the TAPU. Then wait for a month and then that third person (if still not greedy and remains loyal and willing to return you your property) will go to Tapu office and transfer it to you and the person you wanted to add in. Or there is a cheaper way; Make a will in Turkey that if you die the property will go to a person (whose name you wanted to add to tapu).
  9. Thanks for the info Cita. Turns out the color doesn't match the scheme we're going for. If you decide to part w/any other furniture items, please advertise here as well.
  10. Don't be disheartened...there's plenty of fish out there.
  11. Hairdressing saloon for sale in Didim
  12. Okay thank you will have a look at the text. Another question: if i overstay and my passport is getting checked(these days it happens quiet often) what will happen? Will they only check my name or also visa? And what will they say if i don't have a valid visa?
  13. If you get Turkish Citizenship will you get a reduction in the amount you pay the SGK as a foreigner ?
  14. Ok, thanks for the input! It looks like my best bet would be to save up $6000 before going there. But I am impatient so I may try giving them a letter of sponsorship and bank statements from a relative. I think they accept those from students but I don’t know about tourists. Will let the forum know how it goes insha’allah.
  15. It looks like they told you exactly what to do--you have to buy a health insurance policy in Turkey.
  16. Selling apartment in Izmir . I have a beautiful dining room set bought at Yenkur ( seldom used ) Dark wood, rectangular table 100cm. x 190 cm, six chairs ( 4 regular and 2 armchairs ), china cabinet 220 cm. x 190 hight .
  17. Now THAT'S awesome view. Nice Kedi by the way
  18. Blood is thicker than water...however its about YOU and not your parents...I'd say keep working on them...eventually they will come around. Lets see any questions you have. Best of luck otherwise!
  19. It's just a matter of recording the new number in the system. I would take your old passport with you as well. I have never heard of any charge, and don't see why they would charge you for simply keeping your info up-to-date.
  20. Absolutely LOVE Kusadasi!
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  22. Yes, if you already have it that should be enough to get the Nufus people to register you at your friend's address.Good luck.
  23. You can close the term deposit any time that you want and all that you lose is the interest for the month. I have done it several times
  24. Published on Jun 1, 2017 Eighteen stories below ground in Turkey’s Cappadocia region, the ancient city of Derinkuyu remained hidden for centuries. The underground city was rediscovered in 1963 when a man knocked down a wall in his basement and stumbled across a hidden room. From there, an excavation revealed the impressive network of tunnels connecting ancient churches, schools and living quarters. In total, the city likely could have protected 20,000 people and their livestock from wars and natural disasters. This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, we share this great big world with all manner of creatures, large and small. Come with us to faraway places as we explore our great big planet and meet some of its wildest inhabitants.
  25. Topkapi Palace, the imperial residence of the Ottoman Sultan, his court and Harem, was also the center of the state administration. The Topkapi Palace was the Ottomans’ second palace in Istanbul. Its construction was completed in 1478. As each succeeding sultan ascended to the throne, he added parts to the palace, indicating to us the different tastes and styles of architecture of four centuries. The Topkapi Palace housed each of the Ottoman Sultans from Sultan Mehmed II to Sultan Abdülmecid, covering nearly four centuries and 25 Sultans. In 1924 the palace was turned into a museum.
  26. One of the most important artefacts in the museum is the tablet of the Kadesh Peace Treaty between the Hittites and the Egyptians.
  27. Dear Sunnycal, Welcome to our friendly forum. Regarding to your investment in Turkey, you may both open a branch and/or a liason office. A "branch office" of a foreign entity does not constitute a separate legal entity. Special rules apply to branches of foreign banks and insurance companies. No minimum capital requirements apply, however the head office shall allocate certain funds as necessary for the operation of the branch office. The liability of the branch office extends to cover the assets of the head office. A branch office may only operate in the areas of activities of the head office. It has no corporate organs but is managed by a representative residing in Turkey, who is appointed to this effect by a power of attorney issued by the head office which defines the representative’s powers and authorizations. "Liaison offices" in Turkey cannot carry out any activity through their offices in Turkey to generate commercial revenue, but can do activities like; cooordination and management of some operations such as formulation of investment and management strategies, planning, promotion, etc. Also, the expenditures of a liaison office must be met entirely from foreign currency brought in from abroad. There are required documents to be provided for the establishment of both legal entities. You should also take a work permit as well. Kind Regards, Av. Merve Balin
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