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  2. Surname after divorce

    Hi Ceren, Thank you for getting back to me. My accountancy degree and diplomas are all in my married name so it would really affect me if I lost my married surname. I also can't really see how me keeping it would hurt him in any way. We are not even in the same country at the moment and when I move back to Turkey we will be hundreds of miles apart. He is having the divorce papers sent to me in UK to sign. How can i add to them that I want to keep my married surname?? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really worried about this. Thank you
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  4. Historical debt collectible?

    Was this letter sent by e-mail? It could be a 419 scam, The scam being named after the number of the fraud law in Nigeria, where a lot of these kinds of scams come from.
  5. Historical debt collectible?

    Does he know what the debt is for?
  6. Historical debt collectible?

    Thanks for the prompt response, unfortunately he seems to have fallen for it. Apparently he's already paid half and intends to pay the balance today. We tried to tell him but he decided he'd rather pay than risk it getting worse.
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  8. Historical debt collectible?

    I don't know whether this is the same type of situation, but a few years ago we received letters (from a lawyer or some kind of agency I think) demanding payment of any debt we may have to a given business and mentioning some large sum. It might have been recorded delivery even. A lawyer advised us just to ignore them. He said that agencies or lawyers could buy up debts from a bankrupt business and then try to collect any payment due. They would send out hundreds of demands to everyone who had been a customer of the business, regardless of whether they had any debts. It all seemed a total waste of effort on their part. I can't believe anyone would be silly enough to pay up just on the strength of a demand letter.
  9. Historical debt collectible?

    My friend has a long term Turkish boyfriend who recently received a letter concerning a debt from 7 years ago that he doesn't recognise. On contacting the firm to obtain information about it, they just said he needs to pay, no info from them. He asked why it took 7 years to send the letter, they said because he had kept moving but he's had the same address since 2010. Since calling them he has had no further letters or requests for payment. is this a scam? Even does historical debt expire in Turkey? In the U.K. It is after 6 years. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. I think we are ultimately going to have to wait and see. This won't be the first time they figure out a new rule will have unintended consequences, then either selectively enforce the rule or not enforce it at all. And if worse comes to worst, the foreign embassies can get involved if it has an unnecessary negative impact. That is just my opinion.
  11. New Biometric Kimlik

    They will also take fingerprints as part of the new residency procedure at the interview and more photographes from the front, back and side.
  12. meantime people in Istanbul start to be rejected and they must leave the country in 10 days
  13. Deprem uzmanından korkutan açıklama: Bu ciddi bir tehlike https://t.co/taXdPaQ6Xp

  14. Sailing Dinghy Wanted

    Try this site, let us know how you get on. https://www.sahibinden.com/deniz-araclari-yelkenli?a4653_min=3&a4653_max=7
  15. In our case (also March 2018) they would not accept a bank statement printed out at home, they wanted a document printed stamped and signed by the bank. No problem in a small town but better if you know to get it in advance.
  16. My answer to What are some topics we need to avoid when talking to Turkish people? https://t.co/YRhhltra9d

  17. After thinking about this for a while, it makes complete sense, and I have already experienced this in Antalya. I've been living in Turkey for some 15 years. I have never bought a property -- I have always rent. I'm not married to a Turk. I'm retired, so I don't work in Turkey. I had my last short-term residence permit appointment in March 2018 at the Antalya DGMM. The immigration specialist asked me to explain why I am living in Turkey, and why I want to live in Turkey for another year. And I told him. He was satisfied with my reason. They have asked me this question at every interview I have had, going back to my first residence permit interview some 15 years ago. If somebody owns property, is married to a Turk, works legally in Turkey, etc., they have an obvious reason for being in Turkey. For those who don't, it makes sense that they would ask "why do you want to live in Turkey?" And if you were a computer system designer, and had to create a drop-down menu of choices for why you were in Turkey, in what way would you categorize someone like me? Perhaps "Just likes it here?" So they call the reason people like me live in Turkey "Tourism," even though it sounds like I'm on a never-ending sightseeing trip. With all of the immigration Turkey is experiencing these days, and no doubt, abuse of the residence permit system, it makes sense they would double-down on screening people. So if you are here for a good reason (and we all likely are), there should be no problem, other than the insistence on apostilled documents, if they even ask for them. Regarding apostilled documents, In my last two interviews, they wanted documentation to show my income. Last year, the immigration specialist just asked me to go home, go to my bank's website, and print off my bank statement going back three months. I did so, came back at the end of the day, went to his desk and handed it to him. That was that. In my last interview (in March 2018), I printed this out in advance of my interview and gave it to the immigration specialist during the interview. He accepted it. For proof of address, I just went to the local Citizenship and Population Directorate (Nüfus) and got the required address registration document. Just in case, I also went to the local Noter where I previously had a notarized copy of my apartment contract made. I just gave them the Noter's document number for that document. They gave me another notarized copy just based off the number they had stamped on the previously notarized document. I don't even know if that was necessary, but I gave that to the immigration specialist as well. I feel badly for anyone living in Istanbul if they are going to insist on all of the things on the list in the previous post. But at least up until March of this year, it is not like that, at least it wasn't for me, in Antalya. I received my residence permit card in the mail around 30 days later. I'm going to try to get an unlimited work permit this year. I don't know of anyone else who has gotten one of these. We'll see what happens.
  18. Turkey today

    That's nice to hear about. Gave me a smile too. Thanks IbrahimAbi.
  19. Marmaris Satılık Ev // Gönenç Emlak Marmaris | @scoopit https://t.co/NGBmSdNovr

  20. RT @Hadithoftheday: We simply couldn't resist... We just had to wish you Ramadan Kareem again :) #Ramadan https://t.co/WEkKq5jT7O

  21. Sailing Dinghy Wanted

    Sailing dinghy or catamaran wanted. Anything from a Laser to a Hobbie 16. Living in Manavgat, Antalya. Willing to travel to inspect collect. e-mail ybsorcm@gmail.com
  22. Turkey today

    No photo here, as I was driving, but congratulations to the Turkish White-van-driver who stopped in the road yesterday to lift a tortoise across the road as he was passing. It restored my faith in both Turkish drivers and White-van-drivers. yay
  23. Surname after divorce

    Using your ex-husband's surname is related to 2 conditions: 1.) there must be a benefit for woman about using that name, 2.) the usage should be non-harmful to him. You dont need his permission but he can apply if that 2 statements change in the future. Check that explanation from the supreme court: "It is understood from the evidence collected that the parties have been married for 26 years and that the plaintiff has graduated from various universities during this period and that she uses her marriage last name in diplomas, master's thesis, participation certificates, certificates, banking transactions and pension transactions. The evidence proves that the plaintiff's use of the surname of the defendant would not harm the defendant, and that the plaintiff's surname had the benefit of the defendant's surname "
  24. Married and divorced in turkey

    Hey, Here in Turkiye, you have to wait 300 days between the divorce and the orher marriage; which is to be sure that youre not pregnant. if you are in that 300 days period; you can apply to family court (and they will send you to the hospital) then if youre not pregnant you can get marry again. First of all, you need to know the finalization date of your Turkish divorce decree. No idea about not registering them in UK. Feel free to ask more if i made it complicated. Good luck.
  25. Map of global population via @MatadorNetwork #travel https://t.co/AmpEhtgShd

  26. My answer to Where is Tuzla located in Turkey? I have heard that it is in Istanbul. If it's so, then is it in Asian… https://t.co/XncfjskZgg

  27. Married and divorced in turkey

    Hello, can anyone help I was married in turkey 7 years ago and I got divorced in turkey last year. I want to re marry again in turkey to a Turkish man. Can you confirm if this will be ok ? I never registered the previous marriage in the uk so I never divorced in the uk
  28. I can assure you that at present this is only for applications in Istanbul,no other provinces are affected..
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