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  1. Old Orient Carpet Bazaar

    Recommended by Lonely Planet, the Old Orient Carpet Bazaar and its owner, Celal Çoşkun, has a strong reputation for his extensive knowledge of hand-made Turkish carpets, as well as his honesty in dealing with customers. Celal not only sells fine hand-made carpets and kilims, he also repairs them.
    If you're looking for this carpet shop and ask other shopkeepers in the bazaar where it is, don't listen to them if they say that the shop has burned down or that the owner has died. Unfortunately some may resort to this kind of dishonesty, and try to draw you to another shop instead.
    Note: If you see another nearby marker for the Old Orient Carpet Bazaar in a different place in Google Maps (or this map), it is incorrect. The location on this map was verified with GPS.
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