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Izmir City Bus Routes And Bus Schedule

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Posted 19 July 2008 - 05:20 PM

[color=#000080;]Izmir has its bus schedule online. You can find it here:[/color]


[color=#000080;]English translations for bus schedules:[/color]

On the main page, you’ll find:

    [*]Hat Numarasina Gore Sirala: Sort the list by bus route number
    [*]Hat Adina Gore Sirala: Sort the list by destination names
    [*]Hat Seciniz: Choose which bus route you want
    [*]Hat Yonu (Gidis/Donus): Bus Route (Departing/Returning). This indicates the time the bus will pass as it is leaving its starting point (gidis) and what time it will pass, on the other side of the street, returning to its starting point (donus).

    Use the scrolling menu to find which bus number you want. Next to that, you’ll see the locations the bus runs between. Highlight the bus number you want, and click “Haraket Saatleri” which means “movement times.”

    On the second page, at the top, you’ll see some of the intermediate stops on the route as well. Under that, you’ll see three column headings:

      [*]Is Gunleri: Work Days (Monday through Friday)
      [*]Cumartesi: Saturday
      [*]Pazar/Tatil: Sundays and Holidays

      Under that, you’ll see the names of the two end-points of the route, and the word:

      Kalkis: Departure

      Which tells you when the bus departs from that location.

      On some scheduled times, you may see an “E” after the time, which stands for “Engeli.” This means the bus is equipped for boarding handicapped passengers with wheelchairs.

      Cheers to Dixie and the people at the NATO garrison in Izmir for suggesting we make this available! Posted Image

      Happy travels! Posted Image

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