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#1 dalamanjane


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Posted 21 November 2007 - 09:52 AM

hiwe are thinking of planning a trip to izmir, could you tell me how far ikea is from the city centre and how easy to find, also how easy it is to find your way around the city centre by car, we are hiring a car and have never been to izmir before and have visions of driving around all day trying to find hotel!!!

#2 lozengelegend



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Posted 21 November 2007 - 10:25 AM

Well Ikea in Izmir is pretty unmissable as long as you're in the right general area - Bornova. It is next to a massive shopping centre called the Forum which also has a Kipa and a ... Koc, I think? The new DIY superstore anyway. And many other stores too.There's an IKEA Turkey website which has an English version and a map of how to find it: http://www.ikea.com....toresizmir.aspxAs for how far from the city centre, I'm an outsider and Izmir seems to me like a massive sprawl with several centres! But if the main centres are Karsiyaka, Konak and Alsancak, around the bay of Izmir, then Ikea is fairly near and you can have fun using the ferries to cross from one side of the bay to the other.And as for getting around Izmir by car? Well most people I know evoke it as an example of when driving is an awful, stressful experience! But I don't drive so I can't verify that :spacecraft[1]: It is a big, crowded city with lots of traffic though so if you're fine with that, you should be perfectly happy!

#3 Ken



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Posted 24 November 2007 - 07:27 PM

If you can tell me which way you'll be coming into the city, I can try to get you directions to the Ikea. I had a look at the map on the Ikea website and got confused, and I live here! :spacecraft[1]: Yes, there are several sections, but if you're near the city center, you can always find it (Alsancak) because you can see the Hilton hotel, which is the tallest building in the city, and a great navigational aid. A friend of mine and I went to the Ikea a few weeks ago, and he drove, so I can get some better directions from him.There are basically three options for hotels in Izmir. 1. A few are around the Hilton, which are pretty good, you'll be right in town center. 2. If you go from the Hilton (on the road in front of the Hilton) towards the bay, you'll find Cumhurriyet Meydani, a large square with a statue of Ataturk on a horse. On the perpendicular coastal road which intersects there (goes to the right and left), you'll need to turn right, even though you really want to go left. The reason for this is because the traffic flow pattern doesn't allow you to turn left there... you'll have to go right and turn around somewhere and come back again. Keep going on that road, passing Cumhurriyet Meydani again, and stay on the road. You'll be going into the city section called Konak. Along there and on the left, you'll see the Best Western Konak hotel. It's a four star. If you go further, on the outskirts of the city, is the Crowne Plaza hotel, a five star. You'll see it coming up on the right, it's a rather tall (and round) building, along the coast.3. There is also a road on which there are several hotels, ranging from two to five stars. Let's start from the Hilton again, on the road right in front of it. This time you'll go away from the bay, to the second traffic light, and turn left. You should find several hotels in that area, including the Palm hotel, which is a four star hotel. As I understand it, while not crime-ridden exactly, it's in a less desirable area. I only mention that since it might not be a good idea to walk down dark back streets there, but if you're driving or taking a taxi, you'll be okay. I say that only in an abundance of caution.There are two major hotels in Izmir which are closed for renovations right now, the Mercure and the Grand Efes hotel, so that probably puts additional burden on the other hotels. You might want to book in advance, depending on when you'll be there.Parking is usually a problem, but the Hilton has a multi-level parking garage, and there are several parking lots you can pay for. Additionally, most of the parking spaces on the street have a guy who runs around collecting money and passing out receipts. If you want to venture out around the city, I'd recommend a taxi, rather than driving, because it's difficult to find a place to park.

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