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I thought I'd start another topic since I sort of highjacked the other thread.

My question was how to check on Bag-Kur payments made or owed. Sunny kindly gave me a link http://www.devletana...u_sorgulama.htm

and in parallel I got the same information from the all.experts.com site (which incidently is also quite useful). In order to see your account you need to go to the PTT with your kimlik number, pay 1TL and they will give you your password in a sealed envelope which you can use to access the e-devlet site.

SO yesterday we went to see Mrs Yok in the PTT who not surprisingly said "Yok!" and sent us to the other counter (there are 5 counters in the Urgup PTT, plus all the offices behind, although the place is usually deserted, nobody is stupid enough to use Turkish postal services apart from Western Union! Generally there are more staff than customers.)

The guy tried several times to enter my yabanci kimlik number into the system, managed to access one page where he could see my mother's and father's name, etc. but told me the system didn't want to give me a password. He advised me to call the 160.

Which I did and if I understood correctly the guy on the phone who was rattling off explanations, yabanci kimlik numbers son't work in the system because the algorithm doesn't recognise numbers beginning in 99. So foreigners can't use the e-devlet system.

Can anyone confirm this?

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