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I want to expand a little on the topic I mentioned in my earlier posting.When over in June I noticed bunk beds set up in the lounge of an apartment near ours in Coral.I also noticed that workmen were digging a trench around the whole block and inserting new yellow plastic pipes-it didn't take long to realise that the pipes were connected to the sewage system, which had been blocked by the said VT staff placing loo paper down the loo(contrary to explicit instructions passed to all owners)In fact owners are warned that if the sewage pipes have to be replaced then they,the owners,are liable to be charged!I visited the VT office to ask who was paying for this repair and was informed that it was us the owners who were paying!But surely they are your staff and therefore VT are liable to pay-no I was told they are your staff-surely something not quite right here-or is it yet another example of VT's form of(incompetent)management?!I have recently had an angry exchange of emails with Fahrettin Cettin(who is obviously a big shot in the VT mangement structure!)It was on an unrelated matter to the above but he spoke to me in a way that nobody should to an owner-he said something along the lines of "you really don't understand do you??" and then in another email "I worded it in such a way that a kid could understand!"both comments I took exception to-who do these people think they are- the sooner we get rid of VT and have a decent management company in their place the better!

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